Weather In Algarve In November + Photos

Are you thinking of visiting The Algarve in November and want to know what to expect then let me share with you the good and the bad of the Algarve November weather and let me help you decide.

The weather in Algarve in November, can be amazing, but it can also be terrible. Let me share with you the various November weather we had over the 13 years we lived in The Algarve.

Weather In Algarve In November

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Algarve Weather In November

I can see what draws so many people to The Algarve in November. Its no longer mega hot, the crazy tourist season has come to an end and its also the time when the winter motorhome owners come to town and stay until Easter.

But its also the month we have experienced the worst weather, yet other years we have had such amazing November’s that we have had to pinch ourselves that it is the winter and not the summer. 

But first let’s share the average temperature for the Algarve for November.

Temperature In Algarve In November

In November in The Algarve you can expect temperatures of 22c during the day, which is 72c. Or in the evenings it is often 14c or 57f.

If you compare this to the UK its like what you would expect in June. And just like June in the UK you can have your colder days and you can have your heatwaves and you never know which direction it is going to go in.

Well, the Algarve in November is exactly like this.

We can have Algarve weather in November that is so amazing we are walking the dog in shorts and tshirt. Next thing we know we are a week later and walking the dog with a hoodie on.

Its never cold as in we must wear a scarf and gloves, but it can swing very easily between 10c and 25c. This of course means packing for Portugal holidays can be annoying as you have to mix up a winter wardrobe with a summer one, but a lot of people do get lucky and get some beach and pool days in.

And like I said, biggest benefit is that you don’t have the crowds and the prices are a lot cheaper.

But before you book your holiday to The Algarve let me share with you the worst Algarve winter weather we have experienced and both start with a story…..

The Tornado – November 2012

We were at Disney World & Universal in June/July of 2012. We went on this amazing ride that was based around the movie Twister. It was brilliant and even had the cow scene where it flies in the air.

Kyle said to me “will we ever get tornados in Portugal?”.

I said of course not as its not exactly something you associate with Portugal and the beautiful Algarve.

Fast forward to the 16th November of the same year and our local town we lived in called Silves experienced a tornado.

I remember we lived in an apartment and the wind and rain was terrible and we were holding the patio doors in place. It felt like we were doing this for hours but it was probably only about 10 minutes.

Then we noticed trees had fallen and headed straight to the school to get Kyle. Trees were everywhere and the new fast food place in our local town that had just opened, had severe damage and a few days later the news stations were there doing videos. Thankfully there was no serious damage to anyone, just a lot of things to repair. 

Safe to say, he never believed a word I said after that!

Algarve Flooding – November 2015

Okay, so we must have the worst luck ever. We bought our house in Portugal in the February and on the 1st of November of the same year it flooded.

We were out for Halloween in Olhao and it’s a good 50 minute drive home. It started raining and then we had thunder and lightning. Then when we woke up the next day it was still raining, and it didn’t stop.

Our bedroom was downstairs, and our bedroom furniture was floating.

Though the region of Albufeira was the hardest hit and the flooding there especially in local shops was terrible.

There was just simply too much rain and too fast.

Portugal Weather November
Yet the weather can be beautiful again. This is just a week after the floods and we are there on one of our favourite beaches loving that it is warm and there is hardly anyone about to share this gorgeous beach with.

What Is The Weather Like In The Algarve In November?

Okay, so out of 13 happy winters and 13 happy November’s in the Algarve those two incidents were the worst.

What I will say about the weather in The Algarve in November is that its hit and miss. You can have an absolutely amazing November and then you can have a bad one.

A good one is warm enough for a dip in the sea, and a cold one is a hoodie kind of time.

If its your only holiday of the year and you want lots of sunshine, then November might not be the right time for you and you would be better to be here in either September, or in June.

What Is NOT Open in November In The Algarve

This is another issue for many, who are visiting The Algarve in November and this is that a lot of the favourite places for a day out are now closed.

You don’t have Slide and Splash to look forward to, or the wonderful Zoo Marine. I know places like that are important to many when they come to The Algarve.

Algarve Weather November
But hey you have the beach, the sun still shines a lot and the kids can build sandcastles play with their football on the beach and its great fun without the crowds.

Though Krazy World has a much longer season, and you can enjoy their small zoo or their krazy golf, you just can’t use the pool.

Things To Do In November In The Algarve

So, I have mentioned my favourite places that are not open in November, so what should you be doing? And what things can you do in the Algarve in November and the other winter months.

Go to a hotel with an indoor pool – We used to pay about 5€ a day to use an indoor pool of a nice 5 star hotel in the Carvoeiro region. It was very quiet out of season, and we notice this is the trend in Spain and Portugal. Many will let you pay to use their facilities to boost their out of season income.

Check out Krazy World – Its out favourite for some out of season fun and they have mini golf, great homemade pizzas, a zoo and some reptiles that you can go and see.

Head to the beach – We love Praia Da Rocha beach at Portimao. But OMG its so busy in the summer months that we avoid it but out of season we are there whenever we have the chance. Take a picnic or check out some the local food options and have some fun. You can also take a walk by the Portimao marina too.

Praia Da Rocha In November
This photo was taken on Sofia’s 3rd birthday. We had a lovely day out with a walk on the marina, pizza buffet lunch, then onto the beach.

Do a boat trip – There are loads of boat trips that you can do, and our favourites were the caves out of Lagos. Because its out of season you will not struggle to find a boat trip that has spaces. There are cave boat trips, see the dolphins, fishing and so much more.

Country walks – Portugal is really pretty and there is so many great places you can go for a country walk. We had a lot of beautiful countryside on our doorstep and I would take the kids and our boxer and have an hour outside exploring. Also in the summer it gets hot so fast that you must get up early to do this. Yet by November it can be done mid-morning or early afternoon.

Country Walks In The Algarve
Here we are out with Allie heading out on one of our walks. The kids always found some stick to play with or some leaves to take home for decorating.

Though when we lived in The Algarve with two little ones, we either went to Krazy World or to the beach or had a nice walk or had an indoor pool day.

Is Portugal Rainy In November?

Yes, it is. That is because during the summer its very rare to see rain, then November (sometimes late October) comes around and we have the rain.

Though of course, in between the rain we have beautiful sunshine, and it still hits the 20c+ range. So, for a holiday its not as bad as you would think.

Is Portugal Rainy In November
But after a spell of rain the sun comes out, you get amazing rainbows, the rain disappears, and the Algarve feels like its summertime. Then you kind of forget that you are here in November.

Is Portugal Too Cold In November?

I have been sunbathing in November. I have been to the beach in November and can honestly say that the weather has never been what I would call cold.

However, this is based on the beautiful Algarve which is much warmer than Lisbon or Porto. If you are on the silver coast expect to need a jumper as its more like UK or Northern France weather.

What Is The Coldest Month In Algarve Portugal?

The coldest month of the year in the Algarve is February. We have always found that January, and February are the months when we need the heating on.

November is not too bad in comparison as it is just after the summer season when its starting to cool down but is not cold.

Is It Worth Going To Portugal In November?

Absolutely, I would highly recommend a visit to Portugal in November. But if you have kids, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it when you think they will want waterparks and other day trips that won’t be open at that time of the year.

Plus, now you know about the weather in November in Portugal you can decide if its going to be okay for you, or if you want to opt for another month.

Pin Portugal In November For Later!

Well, that’s a wrap, do you have any questions then do ask below and if you want to refer back, to this later for planning your trip to Portugal then don’t forget to pin it to your travel board on Pinterest.

The Algarve In November

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