Berts Brandesburton Review + Pictures

Berts Pizzeria in Brandesburton, East Yorkshire is a well loved pizza and pasta bistro beside the lake near Driffield in East Yorkshire.

If you love pizza, pasta, and burgers, then this is perfect for a relaxing lake side lunch.

berts brandesburton

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Berts Brandesburton

Whenever some posts locally on social media looking for somewhere for a burger, or a pizza, Bert’s in Brandesburton always gets several mentions.

I first got the chance to try Berts a few months ago and have since gone back twice, because it is that good.

During a meet up with some fellow ladies in business, the five of us had lunch at Bert’s. I thought this was the perfect time to share with you the Bert’s Menu and how good it is, with five of us all eating there and eating different things. As its always nice before you go and eat out somewhere new, to check out the food that other people have had.

Berts Parking

Okay, I admit it now, I am late for everything and anything. No wonder I am always so nervous about airports as there is always the fear of being late and missing my flight.

Well, I was the first there, waiting for the others at Berts and it turns out that the not very wide roads on the way into Berts and a couple of lorry’s were stuck so I got the chance to sit down and relax and wait for the others.

Outside, there is a lot of parking when you do arrive, and you do have a beautiful view of the lake.

It kind of brings back memories.

You see, I remember the place from back when I was a teenager, and I did windsurfing lessons with my mum on the lake as my dad laughed from a distance. Not sure if my mum has forgiven my dad for laughing yet. I better ask her!

berts brandesburton disabled parking
Also, if you are disabled they have brilliant disabled parking just outside the entrance into the restaurant and a ramp up into the seating area. Very impressed with this.

The Beautiful Lake

I choose a bad day to go and take photos as it was a typical English rainy day and I remember when we came out afterwards, everywhere was slippery and I was surprised that I didn’t land on my bum.

If it is a nice day, you do have seating right next to the lake.

lake side seating at berts
This is a picture I took of the side of the lake and the entrance inside of Berts. You could easily get a seat (if pre-booked) at the outside terrace, but the day we went was not one for lake sitting.

Berts Menu

After walking inside of Berts, I was seated and received the menu. I was excited to see the menu and because I was early, had a chance to have a good look at the menu and decide what I wanted. There was also a special menu of the day too.

This is how nice the table was when I arrived and loved how close I was to looking out of the window at the beautiful lake.
berts menu
This is a close up of the pizza on Berts Menu. I am loving that they have stone baked pizza and wonder if one of our party will get one for me to see them up close.

Let’s Order At Berts

After a few minutes we all sit down and get the chance to order our food and our drinks. I love how friendly the staff are at Bert’s and it always feels like it has everything you could possibly want.

From Berts Brandesburton Menu we ordered:

Stone pizza – They are of a lovely size and one of them is perfect for your lunch at Berts.

Falafel burger – I normally have this so spied on the lady eating hers and it did look delicious. I must have a falafel burger next time I go there.

Classic burger and chips – This looked so good and so juicy. This is what Dom would have, if he was with us. But sorry Dom it was ladies only!

Beef ragu – if you want Berts pasta, then can I recommend some beef ragu? This looked delicious and perfect for filling yourself up. You can also add a side of garlic bread to any of the Berts pasta dishes.

Dirty fries – I wasn’t that hungry and cant manage a pizza at that time, so I opted for the dirty fries which were sweet potato fries loaded up with pulled pork. Pulled pork is one of my favourite foods so its an easy decision for me,

Overall, Berts Brandesburton has a great choice of food from pizza to pasta to burgers and of course the dirty fries.

Berts Brandesburton Photos

Here is some of the photos of the food we had at Berts – lets see which of the menu items you fancy trying the most!

berts stone baked pizza
Julie had a stone baked pizza – I mean doesn’t this pizza look amazing? And they have a lot of different topping choices.
berts falafel burger
Tracey had a falafel burger – this is normally my first choice, but I just wanted pulled pork! She also had it with some sweet potato fries which also looked yummy.
berts burgers
Tracy had burger and chips. Yes two ladies called Tracy in our group. I would highly recommend the burgers from here and I have tried them before.
berts beef ragu
Alison had the beef ragu which looked fabulous. Its one of those pasta dishes I always wish I ate more often.
berts dirty fries with pulled pork
And then for me I am a cheap date with sweet potato fries and pulled pork and cheese. So good and true comfort food heaven.

Berts Reviews + Tips

I just love the food so much at Berts and if you are looking for the perfect setting for a homemade stone baked pizza, or a bowl of delicious pasta, then this is the place to go.

sweet treats at berts
As well as this, you will notice at the bar, if you just want a coffee and cake, they also sell cake.

But my favourite feature was the bill split option. If say you were two couples out for dinner at Berts and you wanted to split the menu they give you a receipt to make it easy to do. Then it shows you how to split the bill based on how many people were there.

What I ate at Berts dirty fries + my drink was just over £10 so not worth it for me to split when everyone else was having a meal.

But such a great idea and one I haven’t seen before.

splitting the bill at berts brandesburton
Check it out here on the bill and how you can split it depending on how many of you are there.

Berts Bistro Brandesburton Restaurant Information

  • Parking near Berts. There are loads of parking when you arrive at Berts. Follow the signs though, as there are water sports customers, footgolf and other things here, so you want to make sure you head right to the far end for parking near the restaurant.
  • Berts prices. The price for our lunch was very reasonable and with a large drink for each of us, it was £90 for 5 of us which works out at £18 a head.
  • Do you need to pre-book Berts? We recommend pre-booking Berts especially if you want the perfect table by the lake. It soon got busy when lunch time arrived and you would struggle to get a table.
  • What is the best food at Berts? For our table of five we had burger, pizza, pasta and dirty fries. We all loved the food, we have all visited several times and think that all the food is delicious. Just go with what you are craving.
  • What about Berts in Hull? There is also their sister restaurant in Hull. We have not tried Berts Hull yet, but its on our to do list.

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Our Meal Out at Berts

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