Blackpool Sealife Centre Review + Photos

Blackpool Sealife Centre is located on the main promenade in Blackpool and is brilliant rain or shine for something to do with your family for a couple of hours.

Whilst from the outside it looks like something basic, the Blackpool Aquarium will amaze you once you head inside and you will come out smiling with all the great things you have seen.

Blackpool Sealife Centre Review

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Sealife Centre Blackpool

Our first ever visit to Blackpool was with a little Kyle for our honeymoon. It was late January 2003 and OMG the worst windy weather I had ever seen.

It wasn’t that cold and didn’t feel like you were right in the winter, apart from the wind.

Kyle was in his little pushchair, and I remember holding onto a bin on Blackpool Seafront thinking that the wind was going to take me out to sea.

For a break from the windy weather, we popped into the Sealife Centre and had a wonderful time.  

Fast Forward To Almost 20 Years

Living back in the UK after many years away, it was on my bucket list to return to Blackpool, return to the Blackpool promenade and take Sofia and Jorge into the Sealife Centre.

We did it as a two part Blackpool day trip.

Sealife Centre first, then a bite to eat and then across to the Sandcastle Waterpark which is also the UK’s biggest waterpark and brilliant for a family day out.

And the reason I do both together, is that the Sealife Centre is about a 2 hour experience and then the Waterpark only gives you a 3 hour slot. So even if you had an hour for lunch that is 6 hours over the two places.

It worked really well. If you are following this idea, then we recommend you do the swimming last, rather than getting wet, having to get dried and then go somewhere else when the swimming has made you tired.

As I write this we are planning our trip to Primrose Valley on the Yorkshire Coast and we have again done the same thing and booked the Sealife Centre at Scarborough for the Friday morning and then the Scarborough Waterpark for after lunch.  

Sealife Centre Blackpool Parking

Try to be savvy when it comes to where you want to park for the Sealife Centre at Blackpool. For example, we were doing two different places in the same day, so we parked closer to the waterpark and then we could work along the promenade from the Sealife Centre to the Waterpark and then didn’t need to move the car in between.

Maybe you are going somewhere else afterwards or have a lunch date somewhere? Then think of this with your parking.  

Blackpool Sealife Centre Parking
This is the walking route between the sealife centre and the waterpark. Its just a 26 minute walk on foot along the promenade plus its wonderful walking the promenade and checking out where else you want to visit on your trip to Blackpool.

Our Trip To Blackpool Sealife

Once we arrived, we had a time slot of when we could go in. This was brilliant because it stopped any overcrowding issues, and I am assuming this is something that they started in 2020 and have carried on with because it works so well.

Once you are in, you follow the route around the sealife centre and can enjoy all the different aquarium tanks as you walk around.

What we loved MOST was the amazing staff and how good they were with the kids. As we went around, the staff mixed with the kids, made sure they had a perfect viewpoint. Then let them have some good 1:1 time when they could ask questions.   

Some of our highlights from our trip to The Sealife Centre Blackpool included…..

The Rock Pool

The kids loved the rock pool as they could touch the sealife that were in the rock pool. In fact, I am sure this is what started Sofia’s addiction with petting the goldfish at Burton Agnes Hall!

If there is a queue for the rock pool we recommend waiting because its so much fun for the kids and a real experience for them to remember, long after the visit.

The Petting Area Where You Could Touch A Starfish
This is the starfish that both Sofia and Jorge petted with the staff by their side. Such a lovely experience for them.

The Ocean Tunnel

I like to think of this as a fantastic view point for the ocean creatures. Its also brilliant for the younger kids, if they have been struggling to get a good angle from some of the tanks, as they can stand with their head in the ocean tunnel and have a really good look.

The Ocean Tunnel
This is Jorge and Sofia with their viewpoint, though it took a few attempts to take the picture as Jorge is smaller than Sofia and needed to be on his tiptoes.

The Clown Fish

If we take Sofia and Jorge to an aquarium, all they talk about is FINDING NEMO. They literally shout out where is nemo as you go around the tanks.

There is plenty of clown fish at Blackpool Sealife Centre and we are hoping for more clown fish when we visit the Sealife Centre at Scarborough soon.

Finding Nemo At Blackpool Aquarium
What we also loved about the Clown Fish and a lot of the other sections is the attention to detail with extra info about the different marine life so that the kids could learn as they checked out each of the tanks.

The Jelly Fish

The Jelly Fish looked fantastic in the tank and also made a fantastic photo opportunity, which of course is a problem at many aquariums as they often have a no flash rule and it can get very dark in there as you walk around.

Jellyfish At Blackpool Sealife Centre
This is the best photo we took whilst we walked around the Sealife Centre and wow doesn’t that picture look good lol.

The Sharks

There is of course plenty of sharks for you to see in the tanks. The kids love these, because they are much bigger fish than what are in the other tanks and always grab their attention. We find that we spend more time in this tank watching the sharks swim around.

Sharks At Blackpool Sealife Centre
Watch out kids there are sharks behind you! Better be good….

The Piranhas

The hubby is a huge fan of piranhas and many years ago he had a tank with them at home. Scared me to death though, especially with Kyle’s fascination with them. Though in the tank at an aquarium, I’m happy to look at them and see how big they are.

Pirahnas At Blackpool Sealife
This is one of the many piranhas that we saw in the tank. There are quite a few of them so great if you love them.

Though ask the kids and they will say, it came in the order of the rock pool, the clown fish and of course the hotdogs they found outside afterwards, when they were starving hungry!

Hotdogs At Blackpool Promenade
Here is Jorge with his hotdog. By this point we were all starving as we had been struggling to find somewhere for food and then this hotdog stand found us at about 2.30pm for a very late lunch.

Overall, we loved our visit to the sealife centre blackpool and will most certainly be visiting again but hopefully wont leave it as long.

Sealife Centre Blackpool Visitor Information

  • Where is Blackpool Sealife Centre? Blackpool Sealife is located on the main promenade in Blackpool. Close to the central pier and also in prime positon for the Blackpool Illuminations.
  • How long does it take to go around Sealife Centre? It took us just over 1hr 45 minutes to go around the Sealife Centre. Though you might go at a slower or faster pace than us. We recommend to allocate 2 hours for your visit.
  • Sealife Centre Blackpool Opening Times. Sealife Centre opens from 10am to 4pm and then opens and extra 2 hours a day during high season.
  • Blackpool Sealife Centre Tickets. You can get the tickets directly from the Sealife Centre website. The sealife centre at Blackpool prices can differ depending on the option you choose. For example you can pay extra to combine with the Blackpool Tower or you can have a multi location ticket. Though the single ticket use just for the sealife centre costs £71 for a family of four.
  • How long from Blackpool Tower to Sealife Centre? If you are going to sealife centre from the Blackpool Tower or vice versa then you will be pleased to know its just a 4 minute walk.

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Our Trip To Blackpool Sealife Centre Review

You Should Plan A Visit To Blackpool Sealife Centre
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