Burton Agnes Hall Family Day Out

Burton Agnes Hall, located near Driffield in East Yorkshire is a beautiful stately home with a manor house, gardens, playground, maze, and café that you can visit for a memorable family day out.

Your kids will love the large lawns that are ideal for playing football or garden games on, plus plenty of great areas for a family picnic.

Burton Agnes Hall

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Burton Agnes Hall

After Dalby Forest, Burton Agnes Hall is our favourite place for a family day out and its much cheaper than most stately homes for visiting for the day.

In fact, when I looked online at some of the other stately homes we visit in the area, Burton Agnes is half the price and I would say it was close to the experience you would get from Sewerby Park & Gardens.  

You can either visit just the grounds of Burton Agnes and the café or get a ticket that covers the manor house too.

If we choose just no house we will take our Boxer Allie with us, or if doing the house as well we will come without Allie. 

Our Day Trip To Burton Agnes Hall

After parking your car, you have a short walk to the entrance of the Burton Agnes Estate. If you arrive just before Burton Agnes opens, then they will be a padlocked gate that will be unlocked and opened as the place opens for the day.

Though last time we went a little later and it saves queuing and makes it much easier. It just depends on how much of the day you plan to spend there.

After walking through the gate and about 2 minutes walk in front you will see the payment kiosk where you pay or show your payment voucher and grab any useful info you need and can ask questions, as they are very friendly and experienced staff.

Entrance To Burton Agnes Hall
The kids walking ahead with excitement to go into Burton Agnes Hall. Sofia loves the fish in the pond and Jorge wants to play football on the lawn.

If you have booked for Burton Agnes Manor House, like we do sometimes when we visit you will be given separate tickets for this, and you can use them once during your stay to visit the house.

Once we had collected our tickets for the Manor House, we were free to enjoy our day.

We decided to opt for the manor house first, then have a picnic on the lawn, followed by Sofia checking out her fish, Jorge playing football and playground and then the maze. Of course, when we bring Allie, we start first with the playground because we cant take her in the house.

About To Visit Burton Agnes House
Sofia & Jorge excited for a walk around the manor house. Or is that bribery i.e. be good and then you can play on the lawn!

Burton Agnes Manor House

When we visited Burton Agnes Estate on a dog free day, we started with a trip first inside the manor house and OMG you will love it.

Such a fascinating house and because its not big compared to visiting Chatsworth House in Derbyshire or Castle Howard, its likely to keep the kids entertained without them getting bored too soon. 

The guide is available to take your tickets as you enter and is happy to explain anything to you, or with us visiting the house before, she leaves us to enjoy it ourselves. Though does point out to the kids that they can sit on the seats!

You can then walk around and explore at your own pace.

Sitting On The Chairs At Burton Agnes Hall
The kids love that they can sit on the seats as we walk around the manor house.
The Kids Checking Out Burton Agnes
Burton Agnes also has a rope around everything to keep everything safe as they have a lot of beautiful aged fragile pieces to protect. The kids have set off the alarms in there before for when they have touched the rope.
Clocks At Burton Agnes
I do love the old school grandfather style clocks that they have at Burton Agnes. Some of them are not behind the ropes and you can take your picture with them.
The Library At Burton Agnes
My favourite part is the library which is put together in a way that you can imagine people sat reading the books admiring the wonderful views of the Burton Agnes gardens.
Displays At Burton Agnes
We also love the flowers that fill the vases in the centre areas and then you can tour the house down one side and come back up the other and stops a traffic jam and makes it an easier flow around the house.
King Edward Pottery At Burton Agnes
We also loved the pottery for King Edward that we found in one of the glass display units. It was so beautiful and also it was so educational showing the kids and telling them all about King Edward.

Picnic At Burton Agnes Gardens

After going inside of the house, we headed to Burton Agnes gardens. Our favourite bit is a massive lawn that overlooks the side of the hall.

Then to the left of it is the massive pond that Sofia loves to look for goldfish in and then beyond the pond is the entry to the maze.

A nice little area that is perfect for your picnic and playing with the kids or walking your dog.

The Lawn At Burton Agnes
Here is the view of Burton Agnes house from the grass lawn where we have our picnic.

So, we sat down for about an hour and enjoyed the picnic that we have made.

Picnic At Burton Agnes
We had a £10 sharing box from Morrissons along with some quiche, sandwiches, crisps etc that we have brought with us. It was a nice picnic and we had a few sausage rolls left for supper that night.

We also have a good sized picnic bag and make sure it is loaded up with ice packs for keeping our food cool. If you are new to picnics then I recommend a bag like this one.

Picnic Bag For Those Picnic Snacks In The Park

Then after our picnic, Jorge played football with his dad on the lawn and I watched Sofia check out the fish before taking Sofia to the playground.

Burton Agnes Playground

The playground at Burton Agnes is easier to get to from the picnic area. You simply walk up the lawn towards the side of the house and take a right and there is a small path to the playground.

And wow what a playground you have here. It’s the playground I would have loved as a kid!

Its not your basic swing plus slide either.

Playground At Burton Agnes
There is a sea saw that Sofia and Jorge love to go on and here they are on the sea saw when we visited at Easter.

There is also a zipline that Sofia just loves and has become very good on. Plus, there is a smaller kids area as well as lots of other things to see and do. Plus, plenty of seating for the parents when they want a rest as the kids play.

Burton Agnes Hall Playground

Then after the playground, we headed to the maze together. Its only a small one, but still great fun and the kids love it.

Burton Agnes Hall Maze
Me and Dom super proud that we beat the kids to the middle of the maze. Some times you need to celebrate with a big thumbs up!

Burton Agnes Hall Cafe

If you are not bringing a picnic, you can of course enjoy the Burton Agnes café. The Burton Agnes café menu is very typical of an English café with a lot of delicious sweet bakes that you can enjoy. Our favourite is always their rocky road.

They also sell cheese toasties which are amazing and the crème de la crème is their pizza that is cooked outside in the pizza oven. But during busy times there is a 2 hour wait for the pizza, so we have never had the chance to enjoy it.

Then annoying as it sounds, it’s always quiet on the pizza on the days we bring a picnic!

Burton Agnes Hall Cafe
They have outside seating for the café and some inside too. Its also right next to where the Burton Agnes Garden Centre is, so that you can pick up some plants just as you leave. 

Burton Agnes Secret Garden

I call this the secret garden because I note many visitors to Burton Agnes are not aware of it, and its cute like the undiscovered garden.

Just outside the café in the courtyard there is a few steps down to the toilets, well from those toilets you have a cute little enclosed garden. It has picnic seating as well as space for the kids to play. But with how close it is to the toilets it is ideal for taking kids to the toilet.

The Secret Garden At Burton Agnes
This is the secret garden view from the toilet queue. So beautiful and perfect for something smaller as a place to hang out!

And that is what we get up to at Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens. Don’t forget to book yourself a day there for some fun, laughter and to make some new family memories.

Burton Agnes Hall Visitor Information

  • Where is Burton Agnes Hall? Burton Agnes Hall is situated near Driffield in East Yorkshire. The full address for your sat nav is: Rudston Road, Burton Agnes, Driffield, YO25 4NB.
  • What time does Burton Agnes Open? The Burton Agnes opening times is 11am to 5pm for the summer season. It does open a few times through the winter months so best to check their website if visiting out of season.
  • What are the Burton Agnes prices? For us as a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids) it costs us £36 per visit including visiting the house, or £26 for just the gardens. The garden price is what we usually visit with and works out at £6.50 each and when bringing a picnic can be a really good value for money trip.
Burton Agnes Hall Prices
These were the prices on the board when we arrived at Burton Agnes Hall. I recommend the manor house if you have not visited it before.
  • Are dogs allowed at Burton Agnes Hall? Each time we visit Burton Agnes we will see a lot of dogs. Though of course, I wouldn’t take a dog inside the house and would keep it on a lead at all times.
  • Are there toilets at Burton Agnes? Yes, there are toilets at Burton Agnes. There are toilets next to the café in the courtyard and then also toilets to the side of the kids play area.
  • How old is Burton Agnes Hall? Burton Agnes was built in the early 1600s making it 400+ years old. It is amazing with the upkeep it has received how good Burton Agnes Hall looks.

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