Chamas Beverley Review + Pictures

Chamas in Beverley, East Yorkshire is my favourite Brazilian restaurant serving a delicious selection of meats along with garlic bread and cinnamon crusted grilled pineapple.

If you love your meat, you will love the experience of a rodizio barbecue.

Chamas Beverley

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Chamas Beverley

We have been eating at Brazilian rodizio restaurants since 2012. It was my Dad that first introduced me to the concept.

That they would have a delicious buffet and then bring barbecued brazillian meats to your dinner table as you sat enjoying your sides.

You got more meats than you could name and unlike other buffets, you filled yourself up on meat rather than potatoes, therefore you left without that I ate too many carbs feeling.

Our first Brazilian encounter was at a campsite we stayed at often in the Algarve in Portugal and when the lovely owner Roberto moved premises, we went with him. Then a few years later, he sold up and went back to Brazil and our cravings were forever there.

A Spanish Brazilian restaurant in Mojacar filled the gap on a couple of holidays and then since then we have not had the pleasure of the Brazilian experience.

Then in 2021 we moved back to Beverley and discovered we had not just one but two Brazilian restaurants.

There was Estabulo and Chamas. The hubby preferred Chamas after a meal out at both with his mate. He then took me to Chamas and I fell head over heels in love with this amazing Brazilian restaurants and now after about 8 visits in less than 2 years, I wanted to share with you my Chamas Review and tell you all  about my favourite place to eat out.

Chamas Beverley Parking

The first thing you will want to know, especially if you are visiting from Bridlington, Driffield, or Hull is where to park your car when having dinner at Chamas.

The best option is Butchers Row Car Park. It’s next to the small carpark for M&S and then is just a 3 minute walk from the carpark around to Chamas.

Even better, if you are going to eat on a weekend or after 6pm then parking is free. Otherwise, it is Pay and Display parking.

We recommend putting Butchers Row into your Google Maps and then when you get there, Chamas as tis a very easy walk to it.

The Experience at Chamas

Once at Chamas Beverley, you will shown to your table by the friendly staff and they will ask you first if there are any birthdays you are celebrating.

If you say “yes” then they will bring you a birthday drink and OMG that is strong stuff and I can never finish it!

They will also ask if you are happy with medium or if you want your meat more well done. Though we love the level of doneness at chamas so never ask for a change.

You can then take a look at the drink’s menu, order your drink and then check out the salad bar, whilst you wait for the first meat to be delivered.

Red to Stop Green for Go

You will notice the little round cardboards on the table, and these are a thing in many Brazilian restaurants and are not just at Chamas. Basically, if you have it red up, it means you want to stop the food and if its green up, then you want to eat, eat, eat!

Because if you leave the green up for too long, they will keep bringing the food and bringing it and bringing it.

And I feel like I am heading into panic mode for how quick they are and I feel like I need to take a break.

But I usually will take a break when I have about 3 different meats in front of me and some salad bits.

Chamas Rodizio Food Speed
Here is the stop and start cards we had on our table and you can flip them over to green for more food or red to stop. They will constantly bring you the food at a fast rate and you will soon struggle to keep up.

Chamas Brazilian Salad Bar

The first time I visited Chamas in Beverley, I was disappointed in what was on offer on the salad bar. What we got in Portugal was more like meals rather than just a salad bar. You got king prawns to peel, you had steaks in sauces, and it just went on and on.

But I had a realisation. The more of the salad stuff you eat, the less meat you will eat and with the prices you are paying, you’re there for the meat.

Now I love the salad bar and I go for the same things every time.

Lots of sauces to dip my meat into once I am eating it. They always have some nice mayonnaise, some peppercorn sauce and a few other nice ones.

Avoid any carbs and foods high in fibre as these will fill you up and you wont make the most of the meats.

Then I usually grab some other bits and pieces such as the corn salad which is so yummy, the tomato and mozzarella and usually some carrots too.

Then I will wait for the meat to arrive and get excited as to which order all the meats are going to come.

Chamas Corn Salad At Charmas Beverley
This is the delicious corn salad from the salad bar. Its so good and is the perfect pairing to the chicken thighs that they bring you that just fall apart as you tuck in.
Dips To Choose From At Chamas
Then for the sauces they have a good selection and its nicely located right next to the delicious cheeses.

Then before I sit back down, I realise Dom has turned us over already to green and they have my favourite honey pork, so I better get seated!

Chamas Beverley Menu

This is the time, when I try my hardest to remember all the meats I have eaten, but I soon lose track. So, a menu is always a good reminder!

Cap Of Rump, or picanha is my all time favourite meat at a Brazilian. Whilst many meats will vary at a Brazilian you will ALWAYS find this on the menu.

Leg Of Lamb or Cordeiro is varied a few times from when we have visited. I am assuming this is due to the seasons. For example, when we last visited it was a minted lamb and looked just like the cap of rump shape. Very tasty though.

Minted Lamb At Chamas
This is the minted lamb. Doesn’t it look beautiful? So tasty and one of Dom’s favourites when we go to Chamas.

Rump Steak or alcatra is another delicious steak that is a must try. I don’t think it as much as the cap of rump or the other beef cuts, so I don’t always get it.

Pork Ribs or costela de porco is what me and Dom consider the worst of the meats at Chamas. That is because the pork ribs everytime we have got them have been tough. So we always avoid the ribs. BUT there is so many other meats that you can have 2nds or 3rds of that we really don’t mind.

Steak & Cheese or maminha com queijo is another of my favourite meats on the Chamas restaurant menu. I am always grateful if I get a piece with loads of cheese on it as its so nice.

Pork Sausage or linguica gaucha is great if you love sausages, personally I always pass on this one. I find that the Portuguese and Brazilian sausages are fattier than I like, but they do have a lot of great flavour.

Chicken Thighs or sobrecoxa de frango are absolutely delicious and in the evening, they will be flavoured up such as the Thai chicken thighs we had.

Smoked Gammon or bife de presunto which is seriously not good if you have a high blood pressure because this is really salty. But one small slice is still nice and its so flavoursome.

Garlic Bread or pao de alho is so good and served on the skewers like the meat is. I love it but avoid it because it fills me up too fast!

Garlic Bread At Chamas
You will love the garlic bread here. Jorge loved them so much he had two of them when they were served to him.

Roasted Pineapple or abacaxi is so good and we always time it so that we finish our meal on the pineapple. Its slow cooked and covered in Cinnamon and so, so good.

That is your top 10 foods served at your table at Chamas rodizio bar & grill. That is what you can expect from the Chamas lunch menu. As they are open both for lunch and evening meals.

Of course, you can have as much of those 10 as you want, and they will come back and come back until you say I am stuffed, and you put your red counter on.

Another point to mention is that Chamas price is £11 cheaper at lunchtime on this menu compared to the evening menu. The kids’ price is the same regardless of the time of the day.

It’s very rare we come to Chamas in the evening and we much prefer a trip at lunchtime which is also when it is quieter.

Something else we noticed for the lunch menu is that the chicken thighs and sausages will be served together, whilst on a night they come out at a separate time. 

Though more interestingly, our favourite is honey pork or porco com mel and it has nearly always been available at lunchtime, yet the menu says evening only. So you might be in luck at lunch!

Honey Pork and Salad At Chamas
This is my dinner plate after going to the salad bar, getting my favourites, then being served the honey pork. This honey pork is amazing and ask them to dunk it into the honey marinade and then its even better!

For chamas rodizio at night there are a few extras included.

Top Sirloin with Garlic or picanha com alho is a delicious garlicky steak and OMG I have to have this, no matter how full I am. Sometimes they come around when you are almost done and you just can’t say no.

Chilli Beef or picanha com pimento is a little spicy for Dom as he is not the spice type, but I love it and it’s a different flavour compared to what you normally get on a Brazilian menu.

Ribeye or bife ancho is another beauty and so tender when you bite into it. Even though we loved the Brazilian restaurants in Spain & Portugal the meat was never as tender as they are in the UK, due to the quality of the English meats.

Chicken wrapped in bacon or frango com toucinho is another of my favourites and is lovely part of the dining experience. Though it often comes much later, and by this point I am getting stuffed so have to turn it down!

Sirloin or contra filet is the last one in the evening, and I personally think that with all the other different cuts of steak I don’t need it. But when they come around my tongs are out!

There is also usually a special’s special available that is not written on the menu and is usually a last-minute edition. I am assuming this is focused on deals the butcher has made that he can then serve. Last time we visited we got king prawns, and they were lovely, but came out so hot it was a few minutes before we could peel them.

Seafood At Chamas
This was the king prawns that were doing the rounds as the chef special on our Saturday night at chamas. They tasted so good.

If you add the 11 table service items from lunch and to it the evening options that means in the evening, you had 17 different foods coming to your table. All I can say is HOPE YOU ARE HUNGRY! 

Chamas Beverley Reviews + Tips

After many, many visits to Chamas restaurant, they have always impressed me and I have always felt like I have got great value for money.

Serving The Meat At Charmas
They slice the meat and then you use the tongs to grab the meat. I normally use the little plate that the tongs come on for extra meat, when its coming through fast.

Beyond the 17 items I mentioned above that is served to you, they also have homemade chips that come to your table. I refuse them as I don’t want filling up. So don’t fill a plate with chips as then you can’t manage as much meat.

Its also a great place for a meal out with your kids too, which I wouldn’t be going to otherwise with this being a family travel blog. The kids love it just as much as us. Plus, the kids are made to be very welcome.

For the negatives Sofia and I always complain about how small the toilets area is. If someone came through the door whilst we are waiting, then we would be getting a good slap from the door. I also have to hold Sofia up for the mirror, as its quite high up for an 8 year old to see out of.

The other negative for many, is that you have a limit of 1h45 minutes to finish your meal in. on Saturday night we were done and out on 1hr28 minutes and this included sat there for 5 minutes thinking about moving because we were full.

Note your food comes straight away unlike restaurants where you have to wait for your food.

By them doing this, it means that its very rare we struggle to get a table.

Free Tables At Chamas On A Saturday Night
But it works. We left at 7.30pm on a Saturday night and there was plenty of free tables making it perfect so that everyone can get in this happening restaurant. So if you are in the area and didn’t book, then just ask if they have a table – you might be in luck!

The number #1 thing that keeps us going back to Chamas Brazilian Steakhouse is the delicious food. It is the best Brazilian we have ever had, and it’s never been a let-down.

But most importantly, you are 100% in control. My favourite meat is the rump cap and I ask for more of this and often don’t have the gammon, pork ribs, lamb, just because there is such a large amount of meat.

Chamas Rodizio Bar & Grill Beverley Restaurant Information

  • Parking near Chamas in Beverley. We highly recommend parking in the Butchers Row carpark which is just a 3 minute walk from the carpark to the restaurant. Alternatively, if say visiting from Bridlington its also a 3 minute walk from the train station to chamas.
  • Chamas Beverley prices. The price at lunchtime at Chamas is £21.95 per adult and in the evening, it is £32.95. Childrens prices is £8.95. Therefore, for us with 2 adults and 2 children it was £61.80 at lunch time or £83.80 at night excluding the drinks. Though get extra water as the food is salty so you will feel the need for it. 
  • Is Chamas open for Christmas? Yes, it is. Though the prices are much higher than the usual evening price. We haven’t tried it yet, but are keen to do so.

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