Chapel Of Souls Porto (Capela Das Almas De Santa Catarina) + Photos

If you’re looking for something free to do in Porto and experience the beauty of Portugal nothing is better than the chapel of souls. Known to the Portuguese as capela das almas de Santa Catarina we recommend stopping for a few photos on your way to the next attraction.

Or if you have heard of the beautiful blue titles that makes Portugal famous then this is the best version of it, that you will ever see.

chapel of souls porto

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Chapel Of Souls

If there is something that Portugal is famous for it’s the bright tiles. Before we bought our house in Portugal (we bought it in the Algarve in 2015 and sold it in 2021) we viewed a few different houses that we were thinking of buying.

The one thing all these houses had in common was the blue tiles which were usually in the kitchen and hallways and sometimes in other rooms too.

We found out later (at our expense) that the titles of Portugal are often used because the walls are of low quality, the titles cover the problem and also if you use paint or wallpaper it comes off easily.

After a couple of years living back in the UK, I had forgotten about just how beautiful these tiles are, and as Mariana and her lovely husband Jack sat at my dining table showing me the Chapel of Souls I was excited for them to go back and get some extra pictures just to share with you and then you can see for yourself why Chapel Of Souls should be on the top of the list of free things to do in Porto. 

the view of chapel of souls
Can you imagine being next door and having this as your view? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look out of the window at the chapel of souls?

Meet Mariana

Mariana is a Portuguese Expat living in Yorkshire. She made the move from Porto in Northern Portugal to England when she married Jack in early 2023.  On a visit back to Porto  to visit family she spent 2 days exploring all the tourist hotspots of Porto including many hidden gems for the readers of Trip Meets Travel.

What Is The Chapel Of Souls?

The Chapel Of Souls is a bit like visiting The Shambles in York, where you are there to admire the beautiful outdoor scenery vs visiting a museum.

Chapel of souls translates into Portuguese to “Capela das Almas de Santa Catarina” which means the same thing i.e. the chapel of souls at Santa Catarina.

In simple terms the chapel of souls in Porto is a beautiful old fashioned tiled chapel that stands out from a distance because of its beautiful tiles.

We recommend taking lots of chapel or soul photos so that you can use them for your Portuguese scrapbook when you return home.

Or this is a close up photo taken at the chapel of souls and I look at this photo and then again and again because I can not believe how beautiful the chapel of souls is.

The Chapel Of Souls History

The construction of the Chapel of Souls or Chapel of Santa Catarina dates back to the late eighteenth century, when the brotherhood of souls and Chagas of San Francisco passed from the monastery of Santa Clara to the chapel of Santa Catarina. The building has about 16,000 tiles on its exterior facade.

The chapel has its origins in an old chapel made of wood, built in honour of Santa Catarina. The construction of the building that exists today dates back to the end of the 18th century.

If you look closely outside of the chapel of souls you have a great description both in Portuguese and then in English.

Here is a photo Mariana took of the history plague on the outside of the Porto Chapel Of Souls and it is good for taking a pic so that you can refer back to it later.

history of chapel of souls
These little information plaques are all over the city next to the most important buildings and attractions, both in portuguese and english so you can know a little bit of the history of whatever it is that you’re looking at.

The Chapel Of Souls Tiles

Did you know? That until 1929, the outer surfaces of the chapel were plastered and whitewashed without tiles. The chapel’s cladding is currently made up of 15947 tiles covering around 360 square metres of wall.

Wow, just take that information in for a moment, 1-5-9-4-7 of blue tiles. Can you imagine adding 15,000+ of tiles to the side of a building?

Just imagine, that is getting closer and closer to 100 years since the chapel of souls became a big part of Porto history.

How Much Does Chapel Of Souls Porto Cost?

Chapel of souls is one of many free things that you can do on a visit to Porto. It’s so beautiful and you can take photos and admire the history. You don’t need chapel of souls, tickets to visit.

Though we do recommend pairing your trip to see the beautiful blue tiles with a visit to Lello Library for a true Porto history experience. 

Chapel Of Souls Photos

Nothing tells a story just like a photo and taking photos of the chapel is essential. Here are our 3 favourite photos we took from different angles of the building.

side of chapel of souls
This is one of the picture’s we captured of the side of the chapel. We must have waited a good 10 minutes for people to move but as you can see there’s no getting people away from the beautiful chapel.
side of chapel souls and front
A different angle of the front of the chapel and yes the tile is that beautiful and vibrant in person.
close up of front wall chapel souls
Here’s a closer look of one of the front wall of the chapel, how did they paint that on tile?

Our Visit To Chapel Of Souls

Once we had arrived at Chapel Of Souls expect to wait a while to get that perfect picture because everyone else will be doing the same and wanting to get a photo outside as well.

You may also prefer visiting in the afternoon when the sun is on your side, or earlier in the morning when it is less busy (notice how I said less busy and not vacant, there’s always someone taking a photo).

The chapel is not always open even though online will tell you otherwise. The building is a working chapel so masses/prayers will be held so of course be aware of them if the chapel is open and you decide to go in.

There are no lines to go in and of course you’re free to take any pictures from the outside. Like I’ve mentioned it is a very famous attraction so regardless of the time you go there will most likely be people there taking photos of themselves.

Where To Stay In Porto

Porto has some brilliant places to stay especially for being close to all the major attractions. You also have something for every budget with cheap, mid-range and pure city centre comfort.

I have included below three amazing choices all with great reviews and perfect for city break to Porto.

Luxury Porto: InterContinental Porto Hotel is a five-star hotel in the city of Porto. Located in the Historic Centre region, its architecture bleeds right in with surrounding buildings. The rooms are beautifully decorated and will offer all the comfort you’re looking for. The hotel also offers an indoor sauna that you can take advantage of, as well as massages and body treatments – Click here for more details including loads of photos, reviews and more about the facilities.

InterContinental Porto Hotel

City Moderate: The Eurostars Porto Douro Hotel is a four star Hotel in Porto City if you’re looking for a solid mid-range. Located in the Old Town region, makes it perfect for you to explore the historic part of the city while getting a beautiful view of the Douro River right from your window –  Click here for photos, more info and to read the glowing reviews.

The Eurostars Porto Douro Hotel

City Budget: If you’re looking for a more budget friendly hotel then Moov Hotel Porto Centro Hotel will be a great option for you. The hotel offers multiple affordable rooms, and its location makes it easy to explore the Porto city centre, without breaking the bank – You can find out more here about this Porto budget hotel and just check out the photos, it is amazing.

Porto Chapel Of Souls Review

We loved our visit to the Capela das Almas at Rua de Santa Catarina in Porto. I’ve lived in Porto for 24 years, have passed the Chapel of Souls more times I can count and let me tell you I get blown away by its beauty EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I don’t know if it’s my Portuguese genes, but I love TILE. I think it really brings something special to a room so for a whole chapel to be covered in them is just absolutely incredible.

Every single tile is perfectly painted and laid, creating a stunning picture. If you were to take a closer look at the tile, take in all the details you might be there for hours.

But of course, you won’t want to miss all of the other tourist spots.

And don’t worry there’s more of that beautiful tile all over the city like in the Igreja do Carmo or the Porto Train Station.

So make sure to try out more attractions, such as visiting the Igreja do Carmo, Clérigos Tower, the lello library, or the cable cars. Or read our 2 day things to do in Porto itinerary for more ideas.

Chapel Of Souls Visitor Information

  • Where is Chapel Of Souls In Porto Portugal? The Capela das Almas (as known in Portuguese) is situated at Rua de Santa Catarina in Porto.
  • Chapel Of Souls address. If you are using Google Maps or something similar to direct you then the address for the tiled building is Rua de Santa Catarina 428, Porto, 4000-124.
  • Does Porto have parking? If you require to take a car or other kind of transport there are a few local parking spots available, just be aware that most parking spots charge an hourly rate. The Chapel of Souls Porto is easily accessible on foot, so if you can we advise you to walk there and to other sights.
  • Chapel Of Souls prices. The price for entry into the chapel of souls in Porto is 100% free of charge and is among some of the best things to do in Porto for free.
  • Does Chapel Of Souls have toilets? The Chapel of Souls does not have toilets. If you do want or need to use the toilet there is a shopping centre right by it which will have free of charge toilets. You can also choose to use the toilets of the nearby cafes and stores. Be aware that you might have to consume something in order to be able to.
  • When is the Chapel Of Souls open? The chapel of souls opening times are Monday to Friday 07:30 to 18:00 and then weekends from 07:30 to 12:30 and 18:00 to 19:30.
  • Can you just turn up at the Chapel Of Souls or do you need tickets? The Chapel of Souls is completely free so you don’t need a ticket to go in.
  • What else can you visit in Porto that is nearby? What is loved by many (well apart from the great food and culture) is that Porto is a smaller city, and you have a lot of different places within walking distance of each other. We recommend you read our things to do in Porto and if you want a quick idea note that nearby you have the Sao Bento Train Station and Santa Catarina Street (if you’re looking to do some shopping).

Pin Visiting Chapel Of Souls Porto For Later!

Well, that’s a wrap, do you have any questions then do ask below and if you want to refer back, to this later for planning your porto visit then don’t forget to pin it to your travel board or days out board on Pinterest.

our visit to chapel of souls

you should plan a visit to chapel of souls
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