Chatsworth House Family Day Out

Chatsworth House, located in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside is a beautiful large stately home with gardens, playground, maze, and a café that you can visit for a memorable family day out.

Chatworth grows a lot of its own produce, and you will fall in love with the charm of Chatsworth House as soon as you arrive.

Chatsworth House

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Chatsworth House

This was my fourth visit to Chatsworth house. I came as a teenager with my parents and grandparents, once with Dom when we lived in Manchester and again with Sofia and Jorge when we first arrived back in England after a few years living abroad.

At the time we were technically homeless.

We had our house up for sale in Portugal and were struggling to find a rental to move into, so were enjoying a summer travelling around the UK.

We would do 3-4 nights at a campsite then find another and another and it was great fun, even though we were mega stressed as we wanted somewhere to call home.

I said to Dom lets spend the next few days at Chatsworth House whilst we wait to hear about a rental, we were interested in.

We stayed on the Chatsworth House Caravan Park for 2 nights, then had one full day at Chatsworth House, with a 5 year old and 7 year old this was all their legs could manage!

Our Day Trip To Chatsworth House

After arriving at Chatsworth House, the size of the estate is enormous and its hard to decide where to start and how to spend your day.

Looking back, its probably best to have a 2 day pass to Chatsworth House!

We decided to focus first on the Chatsworth House gardens, the garden centre and all the amazing things that they grow that they then serve.

Its lovely to see that what they grow is used in all the cooking at Chatsworth House and you can see how proud they are, of the produce they create.

Chatsworth House Home Grown Cauliflower
Though typical kids wanted a picture of the bright coloured cauliflower. They stared at it for a few minutes and then asked when we were going to grow them some!

There were so much that was grown at Chatsworth you could get lost here for hours just looking at everything they grow, taking pictures and thinking how you would use the produce.

Chatsworth House Home Grown
There is also a beautiful view as you admire all the produce in the gardens.

Chatsworth House Fountain

This is my favourite part of Chatsworth House and what I remember from my teen years. When I went all those years ago, with my grandparents they had the water fall on and then it drips down from the top, via all the steps and creates a mini swimming pool and looks amazing.

I should also add when I went when I was 13, it was also a very hot day and the perfect way to relax.

I was hoping for more of the same, and it literally ended with my landing on my bum and Sofia doing the same.

It had slippery signs, and I really did think I was being careful from the little bits of water, but OMG I literally flew across the steps area and landed on my butt.

It had been raining the day before and it was a little wet so not only did I fall with a big bang but I also managed to look like a muddy mess.

I spent the rest of the day with Dom’s hoodie on trying to look less dirty and my whole body ached.

Of course, as soon as I fell, Sofia ran over to check on me and landed on her bottom too.

So, we are there at somewhere like Chatsworth House looking like we have been in a mud fight.

Though, if the fountains are on, I recommend jumping in and enjoying it!

The Puddles At Chatsworth House
The little puddle was a lot more dangerous than I thought. Then a week after this trip to Chatsworth House our dog who was nervous, pulled me over into the road. So I spent the remainder of the summer covered in bruises.

The Layout Of Chatsworth House

Whilst I was on the kids towels on the grass by the fountain feeling sorry for myself, I had a prime position for checking out Chatsworth House and where to go and what to do.

Jorge At Chatsworth House Cheering Up His Mum
Here is Jorge trying to cheer his mum up whilst his mum took in the view and attempted to get off the floor.

You can see that the main Chatsworth house takes the prime position.  Then to the front of it is the main garden area where you can have picnics and relax. Then the large fountain that goes down the hill is opposite the house.

Then to the right of the house, is where you will find the gift shop and the Chatsworth House café.

The Fountain At Chatsworth House
This is the amazing view of the fountain from the bottom and the stairs you can climb to get to the top.
Chatsworth House From The Top Of The Fountain
Then this is the view from the top of the fountain looking down on Chatsworth House. Its such a beautiful view and gives you a chance to see the Chatsworth Estate from a better viewpoint.
Grass Route At Chatsworth House
Or don’t be an idiot like me and take the grass route as like Jorge you can run or walk up and down it or choose your favourite spot for an afternoon picnic.

The Chatsworth House Playground

Of course, we took the kids to the playground, and they had a great time.

My memory from our trip in 2006 with Kyle is that it had been raining the day before and as he played on the trampoline, he got a very wet bottom.

Clearly, when we come to Chatsworth House for a day out, we always end up looking a scruffy mess!

Chatsworth House Maze

After the fountain our favourite part of Chatsworth House is the maze. It’s the best maze I have ever been to, though I know many loves York Maze.

Its about double the size of the one at Burton Agnes Hall and I like it because I am good at completing it!

They then have some seating in the centre for when you are done. There is a central part of the seating where you can stand up and then see others going around it, which is ideal if you have a member of your family that is struggling.

Chatsworth House Maze Winners
The cheesy thing to do at the Chatsworth maze is to take your pic when you get in the centre. Just to say I did it!

Chatsworth House Walks

Because there is a LOT of land at the Chatsworth House estate, this leads to you being able to do plenty of Chatsworth House Walks.

In my opinion its too big for your average day out, but great for a special occasion because its too big to get around for a simple day out.

I also wish there was more toilet facilities as I find myself on a long walk each time I need the toilet or then you sit back down and the kids need the toilet!

Chatsworth House Visitor Information

  • Where is Chatsworth House? Chatsworth House is located in the Derby countryside. The address for Chatsworth House is Bakewell, Derbyshire
  • What is the post code of Chatsworth House? The Chatsworth House post code for your sat nav is DE45 1PN and this will take you to the main car park that is closest to the main house.
  • Sheffield to Chatsworth House. If coming from Sheffield, it is a very quick and easy route and is 39 minutes from Sheffield City Centre to Chatsworth House estate on the A621.
  • What time does Chatsworth House Open? The main opening time is 10.30am to 5pm though it can vary a little depending on the season, so its best to consult their website for the best information.
  • What are the Chatsworth House prices? For us as a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids) it costs us £55 per visit excluding visiting the house, or £79 to include everything and going around the house. This works out at £13.75 per person or £19.75 per person with the house.
  • Are there toilets at Chatsworth House? Yes, there are toilets at Chatsworth, but there is a lot of land, and the toilets are often not close to where you are at that moment. It felt like we had a long walk each time we needed the toilet.

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Our Day Trip To Chatsworth House and Gardens

You Should Plan A Visit To Chatsworth House
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