Dalby Forest Bike Lessons

Does your kid need a little extra help in learning to ride a bike? Then let me introduce you to Dalby Forest Bike Lessons. We took our son and daughter on bike lessons at Dalby Forest and now we can take them on the Dalby Forest Bike Trails.

Dalby Forest Bike Lessons

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Learn How To Ride A Bike

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Mum and Dad buy you a bike, you have a little time learning and then you can bike for hours and hours with your mates.

But its that in between time when you want your kids to be confident on a bike and it feels sometimes like they need that extra professional push in the right direction.

So, when someone recommended to me the learn how to ride a bike service at Dalby Forest we jumped at the chance and Easter 2022, we took the kids up to Dalby Forest with bike riding in mind.

As we waited for the date to happen, we bought Sofia & Jorge their first ever bikes (they were 5 and 7 at the time) and had a bit of fun with them on our longish driveway.

Learn How To Ride A Bike - Sofia
Sofia on her first bike on our driveaway. She is nearly off already and just needs a push to get going and can stop now on her own.
Learn How To Ride A Bike - Jorge
Jorge is 2 years younger and needs a bit more help especially with balance and the bike is a little too big for him, but he will get there.

Dalby Forest Cycle Hub

Okay, so we have a habit of a) being late b) not having a clue where we are going when its our first time somewhere.

We arrived at the Dalby Forest Cycle Hub on time and then of course, had no idea where we were going. Also pushing bikes as we went from the carpark as the kids cant properly ride them yet.

I think that deserves a big LOL.

So went to the Cycle Hub and a lovely guy walked us round to the flat area where they teach them how to ride. Totally uphill and now we are the last ones there and out of breath as me and Dom are pushing our own bikes as well as a kids bike each!

And we get there, and I am amazed.

It’s a massive (well massive for kids) flat area that we later found out was overgrown area owned by some houses that live in Dalby Forest. Transformed to make way for cycle lessons.

We are then introduced to several guys that are teaching the kids to ride that day and I think from memory including our two about 6 kids were learning.

They put their own bikes to one side (omg we could have left them attached to our car) and then they start with the basics.

How To Learn How To Ride A Bike

There is of course the health and safety form filling, and we are asked what they have done so far.

We explain that two months prior we had been to Center Parcs in The Lake District and they both had stabilisers on and learnt a bit of balance. Well they rode to Starbucks and back!

We also share that they have also been practicing on the driveway.

What they do first and they do this with all riders is start them off with balance. Give them a bike with no pedals and they learn how to push themselves off and keep straight. Then when they achieve this, they get some pedals and go again.

Super Pleased After Their Bike Riding Lesson
Full of excitement they really loved their first bike lesson. I think they just wished it was much longer!

And they just keep practicing and learning new skills.

It’s fascinating to watch and such a proud mummy and daddy moment!

Then the lesson ends, and we get the kids their certificates and are so pleased and then think, we can just take them riding now.

How wrong were we!

They wanted to cycle out of there and after a 90 minute cycling lesson think they are ready for a full bike ride.

Well, as soon as we got out Jorge got stuck on a hill and cried. The lovely instructor Rob saw that he was upset and gave up his lunch break to take Jorge (and Sofia) back to the flat riding lessons area and he carried on showing him and showing him for another 45 minutes until he was confident at no extra charge and even gave us his mobile in case, we needed it!

That blew our mind because we couldn’t believe how good Rob was and how he was such a great teacher.

Learning To Ride At Dalby Forest
Here they are after their extra lesson, pleased as punch that they can ride their bikes with confidence, now they just need to practice.

We helped both Jorge and Sofia over the next year, get better and better and more confident. We went back to Center Parcs this time staying at Sherwood Forest and they both rode biked that they had hired and of course came back to Dalby Forest and to some other places.

We then returned to Dalby Forest for the 1 year anniversary since the original bike riding lessons and were amazed at their progress.

Dalby Forest Bike Trails

So here we are a year later.

Taking Bikes To Dalby Forest
Naughty wife. Dom has the muscles working hard getting the bikes off the back of the car whilst I test the phone for selfies.

Jorge’s bike that we originally bought him a year ago is now the perfect size. The reason it wasn’t before, is that he was just a few months off the next size, and it would be a waste of money to get the smaller size.

We then did the Dalby Forest bike trail.

Dalby forest Bike Trails
They are doing a mix of flat and a little hilly and as the day went by, Jorge got better and better on the hills and stopping less and less between goes.
Cycling At Dalby Forest
The view is amazing. I had to stop a few times on my bike to get a photo of the beautiful forest.
Pretty Dalby Forest On The Bike
There are also some beautiful bridges to go over with a nice stream below. I also noticed some with benches to sit down at and have a good earned rest.

There are a few different options (see our info at the bottom of the post) and we went for the Ellerburn Family Cycle Route which is 4.7km and also known as the green route. But I believe we did go off route as there is an option for more of an explore and we did about 8.5km.

Bikes Near Cycle Hub
There is plenty of places to leave your bike. We chose this spot opposite the cycle hub and next to the toilets and about 10 steps from the café. Perfect position.

Learning To Ride Top Tip

This was Dom’s idea and a genius idea. Jorge has shin pads for his football and its always the shins he hurts when we go cycling. So, Dom puts Jorge in jogging bottoms with shin pads. These are the shin pads Dom recommends and it can really make a difference when they fall off or if they are small and bang their shins on the pedals.  

Top Tip For Beginner Cycling
Jorge with his jogging bottoms and shin pads. Perfect for when they are starting to learn and keep falling off or to protect them from the pedals.

Dalby Forest Bike Hire

You can also hire bikes from the Cycle Hub and they are also available to pump up your tyres or any other issues you might have when you are on your bike ride.

They are very good and so customer friendly and I highly recommend you give them a go.

Dalby Forest Visitor Information

  • Dalby Forest address for your Google Maps: Dalby Visitor Centre, Low Dalby, Thornton-Le-Dale, Pickering, North Yorkshire.
  • Dalby Forest postcode for your sat nav: YO18 7LT
  • Do you have to pay to get into Dalby Forest? There is a Dalby Forest entry fee and its only charged as you leave Dalby Forest. You need to find a Dalby Forest pay station and then get yourself one of the tickets as you leave.

PLEASE NOTE if you are on the bike riding lessons at Dalby you don’t pay full price, so make sure you speak to the Cycle Hub about this and what the current reduction is.

  • Toilets at Dalby Forest. If you are going to the toilet and then setting off on your bike ride, then we recommend you use the visitor centre toilets and then remove your bikes from the car as it will result in you pushing the bikes to the toilets and then going back to where your car was parked. There are also toilets at the Cycle Hub where you go for your bike lessons.

Dalby Forest Bike Routes

  • How long is Dalby Forest blue route? Dalby Forest blue route is 7 miles and is a popular intermediate bike route that many families love to follow.
  • How long is Dalby Forest black route? Dalby Forest black route is 3 miles and ideal for those that want a short and sweet route or that want to add the black route after doing one of the other Dalby bike trails.
  • How long is Dalby Forest red route? Dalby Forest red route is 21 miles and is what my much younger, fitter self would have done. Maybe one day when Jorge has built up his biking skill then we can focus on the red route as our ultimate goal.

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Our Day Out Cycling At Dalby Forest

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