Eskdale Fisheries Whitby Review + Pictures

Eskdale Fisheries, on the outskirts of Whitby in North Yorkshire is often referred to as the best fish and chips in Whitby. Available for both takeaway and eating in, it needs to be on your Yorkshire bucket list.

After a recommendation for Eskdale Fisheries in the Whitby village of Sleights, we always return whenever we are in the area.  

eskdale fish and chips whitby

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Best Fish & Chips In Whitby

We were visiting Whitby on a family day out in the summer of 2022, whilst doing a fun road trip to Edinburgh and back.

We were starving hungry (especially the kids) and it was really busy but we managed to get a nice table at The Magpie Café. We were sick of fish and chips (we had a LOT at the time) and had ordered some Yorkshire Afternoon Tea. It was delicious and we had such a lovely waitress.

We told the waitress that we love to go out for Fish & Chips in Whitby, then take them to Goathland with us, because Goathland (the home of the TV show Heartbeat) is so pretty and would rather eat them there.

She said to me that The Magpie Café, is not the best place for fish and chips and if we wanted to do this that we must check out Eskdale Fisheries in Sleight and that it was also a closer drive to Goathland.

We took her at her word, and on Dom’s birthday (6 weeks later) we had just had another amazing day out at Dalby Forest and headed to Eskdale Fisheries on the way home, just to see if it was worth all the hype.

fish and chips whitby car takeaway
This was Dom with his birthday fish and chips parked in the car outside Eskdale Fisheries.

We had takeaway fish and chips and WOW the lady was so RIGHT these fish and chips that we sat and ate in the car deserve the award of BEST fish and chips in Whitby!

Since then we have had takeaway fish and chips at Eskdale Fisheries whenever we are passing, then a couple of days ago when it was Kyle’s 22nd birthday, we treated him to a fish restaurant Whitby experience.

Is Whitby Famous For Its Fish & Chips?

Yes, Whitby is very famous for its fish and chips. I was queuing at Eskdale chippy and I was in the queue with this lovely guy, he was in his work clothes on his way home to The Midlands and he said he couldn’t possibly leave Whitby without fish and chips.

Like there is an unwritten law that Whitby is famous for its Fish & Chips and we MUST all eat them when we are visiting the area.

Also, there are often celebrity fans of fish and chips at Whitby, such as James Martin and Jane McDonald. Both of them have visited Whitby at different times and had fish and chips at The Magpie Café.

What Is The Price Of Fish & Chips In Whitby?

If you’re visiting Whitby from the South of England then you are going to be in for a shock with how cheap fish and chips are in Whitby in comparison. Or maybe its me, when I get freaked out by how expensive fish and chips are in the south.

At Eskdale Fisheries for example, a medium haddock will cost you £6.65 and then a portion of chips is £2.80, giving you a price for fish and chips of £9.45.

Where Is The Best Fish & Chips In Whitby?

The best fish and chips Whitby are not actually in the centre of Whitby but on the outskirts. Eskdale Fisheries Sleights is a short drive from the centre of Whitby and easy to access from collecting your car at the Whitby Park & Ride.

eskdale chippy sleights
Check this out – this is the screenshot of our Google Maps on our phone and you can see that its just a 4 minute drive from the park and ride and good for planning a fish supper before you head home.

You also don’t need to worry about parking and a lot of people being about, or struggling to get a table when you choose fish and chips near Whitby.

Eskdale Fisheries Takeaway Menu

So, let’s talk first about the many times we have enjoyed the Eskdale Fisheries Takeaway Menu.

Eskdale Fisheries Takeaway Menu
This is the big menu up on the brick wall outside Eskdale Fisheries so that you can take a look and plan what you would like to order.

For the best fish and chips Whitby they have a very strange setup on arrival. You don’t go inside a fish and chip shop, instead you stand outside in the doorway and place your order, they then have an outside table for getting your salt and vinegar. I am assuming this was how they did things during the flu outbreak and have found that the system works for them so they never returned to the old one.

But on a first visit this can be hard to get your head around.

Though, once you are there, the staff are lovely, and the customer service is very good – plus you never wait long for your Sleights fish and chips!

Eskdale Chippy Tip: The locals all ring up on their way and make a telephone order, they don’t have to wait and the food is ready for them when they arrive to pick it up!

Fish & Chip Restaurant Whitby

We had always got takeaway from Eskdale Chippy, but with it being a visit on Kyle’s birthday we were eager to sit in and get the full fish and chip restaurant experience.

We didn’t have a table booked and were the only ones there – not bad for late afternoon in Whitby in the school holidays!

We were soon seated, given menus, offered drinks and placed our order from the Eskdale Fisheries Menu.

This is when I put in a disclaimer and say that I HATE fish and chips. I have never liked them and never will but what I really really LOVE is chips and scraps and usually with some chippy gravy or curry sauce.

A cheap date the hubby would say!

  • I had – Fishcake, chips and scraps and curry sauce
  • Kyle had – classic cod and chips
  • Sofia had – kids cod and chips
  • Jorge had – kids battered sausage and chips
  • Dom had – haddock, chips and mushy peas

I am obsessed with scraps so was very pleased to get a good portion and then get some more as seconds.

big bowl of scraps
This is my big portion of scraps – I am just obsessed with scraps and would be happy with chips and scraps at a chippy forever!
haddock and chips and mushy peas
This is Dom’s haddock, chips and mushy peas. Haddock is so nice from Whitby and you can taste the quality in it.
cod and chips whitby
This is Kyle’s birthday cod and chips portion. I love the size of the cod and such a great taste too. He left nothing!
kids fish and chips whitby
Honest opinion – is this portion of fish and chips big? I think so and that’s the kids portion Sofia and Jorge got!
kids battered sausage and chips
This is Jorge’s battered sausage and chips – this is my other go-to as I love battered sausage from the chippy, or my other favourite is battered black pudding.

The fish and chips that everyone else had, was amazing and I can totally understand why Eskdale Fisheries is considered as the best Whitby fish and chips!

Eskdale Fisheries Reviews + Tips

We highly recommend Eskdale Fisheries and agree that it is THE BEST fish and chips near Whitby.

We are air fryer users and because we have used an air fryer for so long we find authentic fish and chippy’s rather greasy because of the fat content. But when we go to Sleights for our fish and chips, we never feel like that and always want more.

The layout for the restaurant at Eskdale Fisheries is a conservatory that has been built around the side. Its so homey and you really feel cosy as you have your fish supper.

eskdale fisheries restaurant outside view
This is what the conservatory area of the chippy looks like and it seats more people than you would think when you see it from the outside view.
eskdale fisheries restaurant
This is the inside restaurant view and as you can see its nice and spacious – plus they have toilet facilities for restaurant guests, which is handy when you are in the countryside with kids.

Though in a heat wave I wouldn’t like to be in here!

I would give Eskdale Fisheries a 10/10 and I am sure we will be back again and again!

Eskdale Fish & Chips Information

  • Parking at Sleights. There is a wonderful car park to the side of the restaurant and takeaway. Even better, they have benches so if it is summer and you are passing on your motorbike, it would make amazing outdoor seating.
  • Whitby Fish & Chips prices. We find that Whitby is very reasonable with the cost of fish and chips, and you can get them for just under £10 each.
  • Do you need to pre-book your fish and chips? No pre-booking needed and if you avoid the busy Friday night fish supper time, then you will have no problem being served quickly.
  • Whitby Fish & Chips Opening Times. Eskdale chippy opens from Tuesday through to Sunday and closes on a Monday. It opens 12-7pm on a Sunday and on the other days of the week this Whitby fish and chips opens from 11.45am to 8pm.

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