Grecotel Marine Palace & Aqua Park Crete Review + Photos

We spent two weeks all inclusive at The Grecotel Marine Palace & Aqua Park in the Greek Island of Crete. This is our full Grecotel Marine Palace review + photos + why we would never return to this hotel or travel again with Jet2, but would return to Crete.

At the time of travelling to Crete for a family holiday we were doing so with our 2 youngest children. When travelling Sofia was age 8 and Jorge was age 6.

Grecotel Marine Palace & Aqua Park Crete Review + Photos

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Grecotel Marine Palace & Aqua Park

After our all inclusive trip to The Moon Palace Grand in Mexico for the Easter holidays, we wanted to compare and see what an all inclusive hotel in Europe was like and if it was worth the money.

From a cost point of view, we had paid £12,000 to visit The Moon Palace Grand including premier seating with TUI and you also need to take into account that the flights are often more, with it being a long haul destination.

Now for Grecotel Marine Palace, a much shorter flight in comparison and including a £1200 room upgrade (which we truly regret more on this later) it cost us £9000. So without the hotel upgrades and flight upgrades there is probably about a £3300 higher cost to Mexico compared to Crete, so I was keen to see what the difference was.

We chose the Grecotel Marine Palace because of the aqua park as the kids have been raised in their early years in The Algarve and regular trips to Slide n Splash and Zoo Marine. So, we wanted to give them something similar.

Because of this, there is not many Crete holidays with waterparks so we ended up with an all inclusive as there is none that are self-catering for example, which I would have preferred.

Grecotel was chosen because it had the best reviews, out of the different Crete family holidays.

So come with us as we show you the Greco Marine Palace and whether or not it is worth it or not?

Planning Our Trip To The Grecotel Marine Palace

Because we had already had an all inclusive holiday this year, we were already ready to go. As we already had packed all the all inclusive essentials and could simply re-pack them and then head to Crete instead of to Mexico.

We joined a Crete Facebook Group and learnt a lot about what excursions we wanted to do, what to pack, people’s personal tips and tricks and put our planning brain on….

The biggest advice for flying to Crete especially with kids (ours were 6 and 8) is that the flight times are hard work.

You fly into Crete in the early hours of the morning, and you fly home in the early hours of the morning. Most hotels will have stopped serving food when you arrive, even if you are at an all inclusive family resort. So plan with this in mind.

Get a meal deal on the plane and also pack some extra snacks in your suitcases. We took with us some cereal bars and some pringles and some sweets. But of course, because you will probably be shown to your room at 2-3 in the morning, you are likely to be heading straight to sleep. For exact times for us we arrived at the hotel at 2.10am and then still needed to check in and get taken to our room.

Then for what to pack, refer to our what to pack for an all inclusive resort.

Flying Jet2 From Leeds Bradford To Crete

Because we had kept most of our holiday supplies together from previous trips, we didn’t have to make much of an effort with packing.

We did some of the packing the day before, and what I loved about the flight is that we didn’t need to leave for the airport until lunch time and then our flight was just after 4pm.

Flying with Jet2 is very well organised at Leeds Bradford Airport and we were checked in and through security so fast, that we ended up a bit bored at the airport waiting for the flight to be called.

Compared to Manchester Airport which is much bigger, and you are sat around for quite a while because you don’t have as much airport walking to do.

The downside of the Jet2 Flight is that everyone had the plan to eat on the plane because there will be no food when they arrive at resort. Then the flight was out of a lot of the food. I.e. no toasties, none of the hot food left.

kids snack boxes on the jet2 flights
Though what the kids like are the cold snack boxes, which they had plenty of those on offer to fill the gap. Plus, we love how good they are for storing the rubbish in, before the staff come around to collect.
jet2 leeds bradford to crete
The view as we take off from Leeds Bradford with the I am going on holiday excitement!

You MUST Take A Trunki

If there is a life saving item to pack for the kids, especially with kids under 9, then its one of these Trunkis.

The kids can use them to ride along through the airport, which will save for tired legs and then it can also have their plane supplies in them, and they are also the perfect height for a footrest for the kids, as they have a snooze.

kids trunkis ready for the airport
These are the kids Trunkis packed ready for the holiday. They also love choosing what they put in each of them and with how long a walk it was through the airports, it stops the moan about all the walking when they are tired.  

We then arrived in the early hours in Crete and already felt the lovely heat as we went through the airport and climbed on the bus to take us to the Grecotel Marine Palace.

We were the only ones checking in, so we were swiftly checked in and back to our room and had a suitcase cart to take us to our room. A quick look around our room, some light unpacking, and straight to sleep and excited but tired and looking forward to a great Crete family holiday.

Grecotel Gave Us The WRONG ROOM

It was the next day, when we were more with it, that we realised we were in fact not in the upgraded room that we had paid for.

We had upgraded to a room with a DVD player, washing machine and one that was described as having both a fridge and a fridge freezer. Plus, lots of other extras like a toastie machine and a few other things.

We love cooking, so it was a big deal to us to have these facilities and the BIGGEST reason for our upgrade was the DVD Player.

I know a DVD Player sounds like a silly thing on holiday, but I can’t go to evening entertainment because of epilepsy and the kids only last so long before they want to go to sleep in my arms. I had packed a folder with all our favourite movies and was looking forward to our chill evenings when the kids were asleep.

As soon as I realised, I complained to both the hotel and the Jet2 rep and the worst thing was the stress. The hotel was telling us that those facilities are not included at their hotel and Jet2 rep was telling us that they will sort it.

So, because the room was clearly too small to be the right one (no way you could fit a washing machine in it or an extra fridge freezer) we were constantly expecting to be moved rooms and was only told it wasn’t going to happen halfway through our holiday.  

My Room Upgrade Claim: The rep offered us £300 which we turned down which was 25% of our upgrade and after months of emails and them telling me after every email they would get back to me in 28 days, I have £900 back and waiting on the other £300 which they say has gone missing and are resending an extra cheque.

Though I notice that a lot of people that have upgraded their room was not given the correct room. Everyday someone is at the reception desk at Greco Marine Palace complaining and each time the staff are trying to con them that they are in the right room. Some managed to get moved, most didn’t.

Because the room upgrade issues seemed to be during July and August only, I do think that they overbooked these rooms when they were in high season. As by mid-september nobody has any complaints….

If you have paid for an upgrade and not got it, I do recommend complaining as you have paid for something you haven’t received.

wrong room at grecotel complaint
This is one of many complaints posted during August and there were just so many. Quite a shock to pay for an upgraded room, to have a situation like this.

I better move on about the stress and issues with the wrong room for our Crete accommodation and share with you, the stay at The Aqua Park Grecotel Marine Palace before I totally put you off a trip to Crete!

Crete Accommodation

Let’s start by talking about the Crete Accommodation at the Grecotel Marine Palace.

Firstly, on arrival at your room, we loved the gesture of having a plate with some fruit and some pastries. Though would have preferred a nut free version as I don’t know that it was balava that I was eating and had to spit it out into the bin when I realised it was nuts.

Our room was in the Casa Marina section of the hotel, close to where the Italian restaurant is and with a nice pool surrounding the section.

We had one bedroom for mum and dad, then the kids had similar to camp beds in the sitting/dining area.

The bath/shower was very nice and there was plenty of wardrobe space as well as a safe, two TVs (nothing in English) and we found that the beds were nice and comfy.

We also had a little terrace facing out to a wall and the main road. This was perfect for drying our wet clothes from the beach and the swimming pools.

I loved the location of our hotel room because it was close to the Italian (my favourite place to eat), it was close to the aqua park and it was also a short walk to reception and for heading to the beach.

We also had some lovely toiletries in the room, that were also like travel ones, so good for taking with you on excursions or to the aqua park area.

the kitchen at the greco marine palace crete
This was the size of the kitchen. So, a good size for some light cooking. Though of course, its an all inclusive so it depends what kind of cooking you want to do.
master bedroom at grecotel marine palace
This is the main double bed that Dom and I shared. It was very comfy and perfect for relaxing in after a beach or pool day.
kids beds in the lounge area of the room
This is the kids single beds that they had in the room. When we booked there was no pictures of where their beds were, but they were very comfy.
crete hotel bathroom space
This is the bathroom space, which is ideal for towels, and for hanging our toiletries bag on. We also found that the bath was big enough that I could shower with both the kids at once. Which is perfect when you have kids hair to wash.
the outdoor terrace perfect for drying beach items
This is the outside area zoomed out, showing all our supplies spread out and drying after a day of fun by the beach. We always have water shoes, towels, beach accessories and our hats along with swimwear that needs a dry, before the next days fun.
the room view from the casa marina section of the Greco
This is the outside of our hotel room from the opposite angle and as you can see it backs out onto a main road with a wall in between. The noise can be a little crazy at times. So not good if you like an afternoon siesta.

The Grecotel Beach

For many, I am sure its all about the Crete hotels on the beach, in choosing which resorts in Crete, Greece, is right for you.

The Grecotel Marine Palace & Aqua Park is located on a beautiful small beach. One of those cute beaches that you associate with the Greek Isles. Considering we visited in July/August, the beach was the less busy of everywhere at the resort.

And OMG so beautiful too.

grecotel beach at marine palace
This is the first Crete beach picture we took, during our 14 days in Crete. This was the morning after we arrived and because we had a sleep in, there were no sunbeds available anywhere apart from the beach, so our first day was here.
grecotel marine palace walk to the beach
This is the walk down to the beach from the hotel. It really isn’t far and you walk along the side of the main swimming pool, down some steps and you are nearly at the beach.
grecotel toilets at the beach
At the beach you will find toilet facilities which is really handy and saves you walking back up the main hotel each time your kids need to go.
beach pebbles in Crete
Though if you are looking out to the sea, the left, nearest to the rocks is rather pebbly and likely to hurt your feet if you are not wearing water shoes. My advice – go a bit to the right and you will be good!

You can go snorkelling in the sea and its so beautiful and so clear. Though we are used to The Algarve and Praia Da Rocha or Alvor Beach and in comparison, Crete is clearer but has a lot more pebbles.

snorkelling in crete
This is Jorge snorkelling in the sea in his water shoes. What we loved was taking with us some diving toys that they could play with in the sea. They took it in turns and had a wonderful time.
watermelon at grecotel crete
This was my favourite touch that they did on the beach. On our first beach day it was during a heatwave and staff came around giving us all some watermelon. It was really delicious and refreshing.

There are also sunbeds on the beach and even if we came down to the beach at 10am we could still get a spot. They also had a small bar too, but the drinks were very limited. For example, usually at an all inclusive you would expect to see cocktails and they only had wine into cocktails, and I am not a wine drinker. Would have been nice to get a pina colada or a mojito.

Grecotel Aquapark

After the beautiful Crete beach, I am sure you really, really want to know about the Grecotel Aquapark.

After all, the chances are you have booked this particular family holiday Crete for the waterpark and is it worth it?

I must confess that our kids only asked to go there twice, as compared to other waterpark hotels we have stayed at, there was not that much to do.

For their age range (6 and 8) they have the main kids slides section with the water bucket and then you go upstairs into another section and you have some more slides that are more grown up.

The problem is that apart from one really fun yellow slide, upstairs has nothing they can both go on.

grecotel aqua park and the yellow slide
This is what I am calling the really fun yellow slide, which was a favourite with the kids and they were on it all the time and would queue and go on again and again.
grecotel kids aquapark
And this is the main kids area with the water bucket and some fun slides. Sofia and Jorge had a great time going up and down these slides.
dangerous side at the waterpark
Though beware we did spot this section at the side of the pool and Dom’s foot went through it and we saw many people fall through it. The staff just put it back in place and we tried to leave it out like this as a warning to others.

Another plus, in the aqua park section is that they have some nice food and drink on sale including some slushies. But there is very limited seating and shade for the grown ups which can be harsh when its 40c.

slushies at grecotel aqua park
Then for those of you that love a slush this is the slush machine – Though they needed to get started with it early as they were always late turning on the machine, so it was always late afternoon before it was ready.

Now we have talked about the aqua park at Grecotel Marine, lets get talking swimming pools, after all, there are a few…..

Grecotel Marine Palace – The Swimming Pools

I am that person.

The person that chooses where she is going on holiday based on swimming pools. I love a swimming pool and if a hotel has just one swimming pool, then I am moving on and looking for a hotel with several.

Grecotel Marine Palace has lots of swimming pools and one for everyone and you will be spoilt for choice.

But one thing to be aware of (especially when visiting in the busy summer months) is that its got a lot of Germans reserving sunbeds at silly oclock.

We only managed to get a sunbed by the main pool once and that was at 7.30am and most days we had to be up at 7am if we wanted two sunbeds between four of us.

Yet you saw many rude Germans reserving 6 sunbeds for 4 people, reserving two of the sunbeds for their swimming accessories.

Then some of these families would then be overly rough around the small kids, so you ended up avoiding certain swimming pools because your kids would end up dunked too much.

Even though there are signs up saying no reserving the staff are cleaning the pool at 7am watching everyone doing it.

It’s a real shame because I want to relax on holiday not have to get up earlier than at home to get a sunbed.

Sadly, some people were changing their kids in doorways like some homeless person because the pools were not equipped enough.

I’ve always thought it was an old joke about Germans and the sunbeds, but I listened and watched, and they were always speaking German.

But beyond the sunbed reserving rudeness lets talk about the swimming pools at this hotel in Crete…..

#1 – Casa Marina Swimming Pool

casa marina swimming pool at grecotel crete
Casa Marina Swimming Pool

This was the one where we spent most of our time. That is because it is closest to our room in the Casa Marina Suites.

It’s a cute swimming pool. Not huge but perfect when we are just a 1 minute walk from our room to the hotel pool.

You have sunbeds and deck chairs around the pool and a kids shallow section. The fun shallow section addiction is to have your smaller kid in the kids pool, you in the otherside in the adults pool and then play ball this way.

We also loved that the Italian restaurant surrounded the pool for easy access. You can book the Italian restaurant for lunch or dinner and also you can come to the Italian for breakfast if you are staying in Casa Marina.

playing ball in the casa marina pool
This is Jorge and his Dad playing ball in the pool with one in each side and great for the safety if you had a child between 2 and 7.
casa marina pool at night
This is the Casa Marina Pool at night with the night swimmers. It was still lovely and warm at 9pm so great for an evening cool down.

#2 – Grecotel Main Swimming Pool

Grecotel Main Swimming Pool
Grecotel Main Swimming Pool

This is the swimming pool at this Crete hotel that I would call the main pool. I.e. it’s the biggest hotel and closest to the main reception area. This is a brilliant pool and if it wasn’t for the amount of sunbed reserving we would have come here more often. Because after 7.30am you cant get a seat which is a real shame.

We were lucky to have one day by this pool though which was amazing.

This Greek swimming pool has lots of sections so you can choose where you want to be. There is a kid friendly one, an area at the bottom with steps down that is good for floating on and then the main middle section.

You are also very close to the main building which is great for getting a snack or maybe an ice cream or refilling your drink.

We recommend reserving a sunbed at 7am and then having breakfast and then by the pool for the day.  

#3 – Grecotel Greek Swimming Pool

Grecotel Greek Swimming Pool
Grecotel Greek Swimming Pool

If you carry on walking past the main pool and then head down the steps and follow the road around, you will come across the Greek Pool. We call it the Greek pool because it is next to the Greek restaurant at the resort.

stairs down to grecotel greek area
This is the stairs you head down from the main pool in the direction of the beach to get to the Greek restaurant and Greek pool.

It’s a long narrow swimming pool and not overly busy and we did find a sunbed on occasions.

water aerobics by the greek pool
They also have a lot of entertainment by the Greek pool and this is a picture of when they had an aqua aerobics class on.

If, however you fail to get a sunbed, then you can go across to the grass and the grass area because a couple of minutes walk to stuff, has always got spare sunbeds.

#4 – Snack Swimming Pool

Snack Swimming Pool
Grecotel Snack Swimming Pool

Adjacent to where the Greek restaurant and pool is, you will find what many people call the snack swimming pool. It’s a nice sized pool and is home to the snack bar that is great for grabbing a snack rather than a meal at lunch time.

There are other swimming pools at the Grecotel Marine Palace & Aqua Park, but those are the ones we liked and visited the most during our two week stay in Crete.

Club Marine Palace Hotel Restaurants

Let’s talk about my favourite subject when it comes to holidays, and that is the food. I LOVE my food and I love Greek food more than you can ever imagine.

Its like my dream come true. Especially all these all inclusive places to choose from.

#1 Italian Restaurant (Casa Marina Restaurant)

casa marina restaurant
The Casa Marina Restaurant

Let’s talk about my favourite out of all the food on offer that we tried at the Grecotel Club Marine.

This was the Italian restaurant that was close to our room and we ate here the most of out the different a la carte options.

It has the same menu on the buffet every time, so you might get bored of it, unless you love the food that it serves as much as I did.

Dom, however, got bored of it after a while.

But because we are talking food and we all eat with our eyes let me share the Italian restaurant at Grecotel via photos.

greek salad in a huge platter
This was the Greek salad they had. A huge platter of it and if you love the feta cheese and the tomatoes then this is for you. I even ate it for breakfast I loved it that much.
cherry tomato salad in crete
Then came second was the cherry tomatoes. This was just cherry tomatoes but they were perfectly marinated and as a tomato fan, this was my foodie heaven.
pork tenderloin with sweet potato puree at casa marina
Here is a typical dinner plate and a big shout out to the pork tenderloin with a sweet potato puree. That was so good. Almost as good as the cherry tomatoes.
focaccia bread at casa marina
Plus, we need to give a big shout out to the focaccia bread which was amazing and well worth getting seconds of. It was even better dipped into the cherry tomato juices.
kids ice cream bar at casa marina
Plus, if you want happy kids then ice cream that they can scoop themselves will keep them very, very happy.

#2 Greek Restaurant (Big Blue Taverna)

The Big Blue Taverna Restaurant
The Big Blue Taverna Restaurant

Second, and the other a la carte restaurant we visited during our Crete family holiday, was the Grecotel’s Greek restaurant.

This Greek restaurant has amazing views looking out over the sea and also looking out over the pool. Its particularly beautiful at night when the sun has gone down and you have those gorgeous sunsets that make great holiday photos.

greek restaurant view at night
This is the view we had just before we left the Greek restaurant, it was totally stunning and we had a walk by the beach and took some more photos.

The way it works at the Big Blue Taverna is that you are served the starter and the main at your table and then you can go to the buffet for your dessert.

The service was lovely, though I didn’t have a dessert because beyond fruit there was nothing that was nut free, everything was in almonds.

garlic mayonnaise for your greek bread
Before our starter we had bread, olives, olive oils and garlic mayonnaise. The garlic mayonnaise tasted amazing and I put it to one side to enjoy with the other courses.
grilled feta at the greek restaurant
Our favourite of the starters was the grilled feta that was so good. We had a lot of small portions of different starters to choose from so it felt like a sharing platter.
sofias spag bol at the greek restaurant
The kids opted for spag bol for mains and Sofia was loving all the cheese being added on top!

#3 Marine Palace Buffet

Those were the only two out of the five a la carte restaurants that we could get a table at, so we can’t comment on the others.

The remainder of the time of our Crete holiday was spent in the main Marine Palace Buffet. Which was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now the fear of staying at an All-Inclusive resort is whether or not the food is up to it and this is often measured by the buffet.

Well, our opinion on this hotel in Crete, is that there is worse out there, but this could be better.

I really enjoyed the evening buffet, but the breakfast was so bad that at times I would just wait for a snack bar to be open. Then the lunch one was hit and miss, but I looked forward to the evening one.

The worst thing about the lunch buffet is that its at the hot part of the day and they didn’t have the air conditioning on. It turned into, eat food as fast as you can and get out of there. Because with all the ovens and the vast amount of people the sweat was everywhere.

The Greek salad was here in the main buffet too and was so delicious, so I had plenty of this and they usually had a different theme on each day, with a cooking station showing off something yummy.

pastries at grecotel
There were pastries everywhere. The pastries were very flavoursome but left on the hot plate, so unless you got the first ones, they would be very dry and overcooked.
pina colada at grecotel
Another negative is that the cocktails were very bad. This was my pina colada. Wasn’t like the creamy pina coladas you are used to, was more pineapple juice with a tiny bit of rum and a tiny bit of coconut.
cheese slices at thge grecotel crete
This cheese was delicious, and they had edam or gouda. I could eat this cheese everyday it was just amazing.
pizza at grecotel marine palace
What kept Jorge very happy during our stay was the pizza. They had fresh pizza every night and the slices were HUGE.
garlic mussels from the marine buffet
What I loved was the garlic mussels that they had on a couple of times during our two week holiday. I recommend getting two dishes and then you can put your shells in one as you eat them from the other.
filling drinks at the drinks counter
The drinks were a big disappointment. They only sold them in 200ml sizes meaning you were constantly going back for a refill at lunch time, then in an evening they had glasses but they were full of air and you were always waiting for the bubbles to go down to properly fill it.

There is also the Greek restaurant with a buffet on at lunch time but you do need to book this. Check out my hacks below, for how to have the Greek buffet by the pool without a reservation.

#4 Snacks At Grecotel Marine Palace

A special shout out has to go to the snacks available at this Crete hotel. But its one of those holiday things, when you have to understand and learn a few hacks, as nobody tells you what to do or what is good.

So here are my snack hacks for you:

The Ice Cream Lady deserves a shout out. She is there by the restaurant on your way to the swimming pool serving up Carte D Or. It’s delicious and my favourites were either the mango sorbet or the strawberry.

ice cream at grecotel marine palace
Here is the selection of ice creams to choose from. I loved it for a cool down, plus I couldn’t have most desserts due to the amount of nuts everywhere so this was a welcome alternative.

But wait for it, that’s not the hack. Next to her is the chocolate toppings and other bits you can add to your ice cream. Among them is chocolate buttons. These fill up brilliantly in the drinks cups that they provide you with. I hate these drink cups for drinks in the restaurant as I feel they are a rip off. They are only 200ml and I don’t think its fair that if you drink Fanta you get your drink in 200ml portions, yet the wine drinkers get theirs in 500ml.

But fill these drink cups with the chocolate and you have chocolate to take back to your room. Then it gets better…

They also have sweets in wrappers (they are delicious and local to Crete) on a big table opposite the ice cream and you can fill these into the drinking cups too.

trio of sweets chocolate and ice cream from grecotel
Here are our sweets, chocolate and a portion of ice cream ready for the room.  

There is also doughnuts that will just fit into the container too.

crepes at marine palace grecotel
Beyond this in the afternoon they have crepes. We avoided them because they mainly use Nutella and we didn’t want an allergic reaction.

Another hack was the snack boxes. You see we all want our lunch by the pool on a sunbed whilst on holiday and there is a way to do this.

They have snack boxes in the pool snack bar but the food there is rather bland and just kids stuff like burgers and hot dogs.

the greek snack box trick
Grab one of their snack boxes which look like a Chinese takeout box. Then take it across to the Greek lunch buffet and fill it up and take it to your sunbed by the beach. Then you have a Greek box for lunch and the staff don’t mind!

My final snack hack is the Casa Marina restaurant at night. You have the side snack entrance if coming in the direction of the swimming pool. If you come this way, you can grab a slice of pizza and a drink without going into the restaurant and perfect if you just want some pizza to take back to your room. 

We Paid For A Late Checkout

Me being a savvy traveller decided to get a late checkout due to an evening flight. So we were flying home after midnight so it made sense to make the most out of our holiday.

I paid for the 15th night away from Jet2 as the Jet2 package holiday wouldn’t let me just book 15 nights.

Then you know what happened?

Even though we had booked the same room type they insisted we moved rooms, so we had to wait around and wait around, then we were moved at 1.45pm for a hotel that we would just be in until 9pm. Total waste because we couldn’t enjoy our last day as we never knew when we were going to be moved.

Then the replacement room we were put in for the evening was unsuitable and up a big flight of stairs, which we knew was going to be hard work when it was time to leave and we had all our suitcases to drag down the stairs in the dark with some tired kids.

sofia getting her trunki down those stairs
Here is Sofia being helpful and carrying her Trunki down the stairs. It was a long day for them with a late night flight.
crete at night
This is our last picture of Crete as we waited for the bus to collect us to take us to the airport and then back home on our late night flight.

Is The Grecotel Marine Palace Worth It?

For an all inclusive resort and with a price tag of £9000 it is so NOT WORTH IT. As travel agents will often tell you, there is a lack of quality all inclusive resorts in Europe, and it always feels like they are just giving you the minimum and holding back on what you get and you just don’t feel like you are getting value for money.

Here are a few more reasons why we feel that the Grecotel is not worth recommending and not worth visiting when you visit Crete:

Throttled facilities – It always feels like they are holding back and giving you a minimum and that you don’t matter. Like very small drink containers, or in a heat wave not letting you have bottled water when you ask.

I don’t want to get up at 7am for a sunbed – for me on holiday I find it disgusting that you have to get up so early for a sunbed whilst on holiday. Holidays should be relaxing and this is the worst I have seen of this in my many years on holiday.

Too expensive for what you get – I don’t mind paying these prices for amazing service and facilities, but it is really lacking. As Dom puts it, its 5 star prices for 2 star facilities.

Food is hit and miss – You go from amazing food to scrambled eggs that are cold with eggshells in them. If you go to the breakfast buffet early its very bad with most food not even out. Not good when you have an excursion booked.

Staff are unhelpful – Have a question or a complaint? You can guarantee the staff will not help. For example, because of my missing washing machine was offered that my laundry would be done for me, I take it down and they refuse until I asked 3 members of staff. They also seem to struggle with anything you ask. They even told me they don’t have an Italian after I had eaten in it 3 times!

Wrong room – This is unacceptable in itself. I am waiting for my full room upgrade refund from Jet2 but this shouldn’t happen when you book your holiday.

Late checkout – Then for our late checkout staff are unresponsive and only deal with it at 12.45pm on the day we are supposed to be on our final night. Only find out at this time that we need to pack as moving rooms. Then in our new room the safe wasn’t working so had to wait for staff before we could enjoy our last day.

Begging to get what you paid for – That is exactly how it feels at this Jet2 Crete hotel. The amount of asking and asking and asking you have to do to get restaurant reservations sorted out, to attempt to get the right room and to get your late checkout room or even trying to get a sunbed.

Noise outside our room – There were birds nests right outside our room that woke us in the night plus the cleaners would be chatting outside our room at 7am.

Pool water is deep – Usually kids pools are about 1.0m but in most of the pools here its 1.4m so too deep for our 6 year old.

Water is freezing – This is fine for us in July and August when you are way too hot. But out of season such as in May the water in the aqua park will be too cold for its

Grecotel Marine Palace Pros?

Okay, so you know there is a lot about the Greotel Marine Palace and Aquapark that I don’t like, but what about the good points?

  • 60% percent of the time the food was delicious. I had many great meals whilst at the hotel and many I will want to recreate at home.
  • The beach was beautiful, and it was nice to have lots of beach days and the snorkelling was amazing.
  • The location of the hotel was amazing for exploring Heraklion, as its located in the Heraklion area.
  • The ice cream is delicious and perfect for hot summer days in Crete.
  • It has the best internet I have ever experienced at a hotel on holiday and that is amazing for how busy the hotel is.
  • The rooms are very nice and clean.
  • There is a wonderful mix of swimming pools to choose from.

Is Crete A Good Holiday Destination?

Yes, Crete is an amazing holiday destination and my bad experiences of this holiday is purely based on the hotel and not Crete itself.

I am planning to come back to Crete this time, I plan to choose a location closer to the excursions I want to do, and to choose a villa or visit outside of the 6 week holidays when it is quieter.

Grecotel Marine Visitor Information

  • How much did The Grecotel Marine Palace cost? The Grecotel Marine Palace worked out at just over £9000 including a room upgrade. Without the room upgrade it would have been just short of £8000.
  • How far is The Grecotel from airport? It took about an hour from the parking outside of the Crete airport to the front of our hotel. Though it’s a weird journey as you arrive in the dark and go home in the dark.

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