Hull New Theatre And Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Hull New Theatre is a great way to see a lot of the great UK theatre shows in the North of England, plus it has amazing parking, along with a great hotel nearby.

We have been to see two shows at The New Theatre Hull (have more planned) and wanted to share with our personal review and experience along with a gem of a carpark that is just 5 minutes walk from the theatre.

Hull New Theatre And Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

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Hull New Theatre

One problem I have, is that I am partially sighted and also suffer from epilepsy, that means that going to music concerts is a no-go. But we find that the theatre has a lot less flashing flights and has a big area to watch, making the theatre ideal for me.

We first visited Hull New Theatre to see the Mama Mia musical and loved it so much, we booked again to go back and see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

The review of Hull New Theatre is based on our return for Willy Wonka Hull New Theatre and is full of tips and tricks for you to make the most out of your visit.

How Old Is Hull New Theatre?

I love that they call it Hull New Theatre, considering it is not new at all. Hull’s famous theatre has been around since 1939, though I can’t imagine it having many showings during the second world war.

What Musicals Are Coming To Hull New Theatre?

They have so many musicals and shows coming to Hull New Theatre that I often think they need better filters on their search facility on their website.

The best ones that are being featured include:

  • Pretty Woman
  • Mama Mia
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Blood Brothers
  • The Bodyguard
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Sister Act
  • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
  • The Rocky Horror Show

Is Sister Act Coming To Hull?

Yes, Sister Act is coming to Hull and I am so pleased to see such a great musical that has been very popular in London, making its way up to Hull. It even has the wonderful Lesley Joseph in it.

Is Sister Act Coming To Hull
Here is the front of Hull New Theatre and you can see both Charlie & The Chocolate Factory & Sister Act on the window display.

Where To Park For Hull New Theatre?

The best place to park for Hull New Theatre is Francis Street. I had Francis Street recommended to me by a regular Hull Theatre fan and I just can’t believe how close it is, from parking your car to getting to the theatre.

Hull new theatre parking doesn’t get any better than this. Its pay and display but often there are no cars parked in this car park, and its like a supermarket carpark at 9pm on a weeknight!

francis street carpark hull
Just take a look at this picture – this is the best place to park with hardly anyone using it. A total gem and very cheap on the pay and display.

We recommend that when visiting the New Theatre that you search in Google Maps for Francis Street Parking and then it will direct you straight to the theatre parking. Then from there, you can use Google Maps again to get you from the car park to the theatre.

Plus, I should mention the Pay & Display costs are just £1 for all day.

Hull new theatre parking
This is our Google Maps as we do the short walk from the Francis Street parking to Hull Theatre.

Let’s Order Those Hull New Theatre Tickets

But before you set of and enjoy our gem of a Hull New Theatre Parking, we need to get those tickets booked and check out the Hull New Theatre Seating Plan.

The seating plan for Hull New Theatre is very similar to booking tickets to the cinema, just for the theatre instead.

I am the one that wants the middle, centre of the stage kind of person.

This means my Hull New Theatre tickets are not going to be the cheapest but the mid-range.

We paid about £65 per ticket so that’s £260 and we noticed that some people saying that they had got tickets for £5 each on a Facebook Group.

hull new theatre seating
These are the seats at the New Hull Theatre, this seating is so comfy, though an area for drinks would be nice.

New Theatre Hull Review

So, we had our new theatre tickets, we had our parking sorted and we walked around to the theatre, with excitement to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. We were curious to see how Mama Mia at the theatre and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory compared, and which one we would like the most.

Plus, we also have The Spa in Bridlington booked for Pantomime later this year.

We joined the queue outside and my first thought was, why didn’t I bring the kids outfits from World Book Day where they had Willy Wonka outfits. But too late now lol.

After our tickets were scanned, we headed inside. Took the kids picture in front of the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory signs (as you do) and then OMG saw the size of the queue for the drinks and snacks.

photos at new theatre hull
Sofia and Jorge posing for the poster. We had a lot of outtakes which are fun to take home and then use in a scrapbook.

The plan was that Dom would queue for the snacks and I would find our seats in the theatre…..

charlie and the chocolate factory merchandise
There is also a merchandise area for getting your theatre books and anything Willy Wonka that you want.

Well, it was very close to start time so wasn’t sure if Dom was going to get to his seat on time, when I heard they were delaying the start. I assumed this was because of people not being seated on time, but I think it might have been a theatre technical issue.

Then I consulted our tickets and went with the kids to find our seating. I had one of those moments where I didn’t follow directions and went through the wrong door, but eventually we found our seats.

BUT…..someone else was sat in our seats.


That awkward moment when you have to go to the steward and ask them to deal with it for you.

They did, and the people were in the wrong seats, and I felt all embarrassed. But in our seats and waited for Dom and he soon came with some drinks and sweets for us.

We sat down, admired the amazing theatre and the atmosphere that was soon to come and waited for Charlie & The Chocolate Factory to start.

The show lasted just over 2.5 hours and was very good and next we found ourselves back on the theatre website planning our next visit.

the box office at hull new theatre
Tip: if you loved any of the New Theatre Hull shows you went to see, the box office is always really quiet when you leave and you can find out what’s coming soon and see what personal recommendations they have.

Here are the highs and lows of our trip to Hull New Theatre:

  • Lows – We couldn’t get a booster seat for Jorge, even though a lot of kids in the cinema had them. But we did move him and swap him and Dom, then he didn’t have an adult head in front just another child. Next time I will take Jorge’s car seat from the car into the theatre with me.
  • Highs – The Charlie & The Chocolate Factory show had more of a Willy Wonka style to it so if you loved the original over the re-make then you will love this.
  • Highs – The theatre is very well maintained, the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and you can see the great work they do.
  • Lows – The toilets nearest to the theatre only has four cubicles which really isn’t a lot when there are 100’s and 100’s of you on interval toilet break. We did get in early, after we came out I counted 60 people queuing.
  • Lows – Dom was not amused when he went during the interval to get drinks and ice cream and they forgot his ice cream. The ice cream was delicious and I had the salted caramel.
  • Lows – Started late at 2.15pm instead of 2pm and then there was a technical issue later and this meant that it stopped for about 10 minutes.
salted caramel tubs at the theatre
Here is my salted caramel ice cream it was so delicious. Dom seriously missed out here!
bottled pepsi at the theatre
I also love it when you go somewhere, and they give you your fizzy drinks in a bottle over a can. As then any left can come home, and you don’t have to worry about it getting spilt everywhere.

Would We Recommend Charlie & The Chocolate Factory?

Yes, we loved Hull New Theatre and watching Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. It was very much like the Willy Wonka version and my favourite character/actor, was the lovely guy that played Charlie’s Grandfather.

Sofia’s favourite was Willy Wonka which I may add he was brilliant.

Jorge loved Charlie and by the end of it I had a real soft spot for him and thought he was amazing.

The only part of the Charlie show we didn’t like was when the little girl is a bad nut as they used a puppet that was really not very good and looked overly fake. But apart from that we loved it.

If Hull New Theatre has Charlie on again, we would gladly go again.

But the question is….is Willy Wonka worth £260 when others have paid £20? Yes, it is very much worth the full cost, though the frugal person in me is disappointed that others are paying such a low price to go.

Hotels Near Hull New Theatre

The best option for hotels near to Hull New Theatre is The Kingston Theatre Hotel. This theatre hotel is even closer than the car park to the theatre because we pass it on our walk from the parking to the theatre.

kingston theatre hotel
The Kingston Theatre Hotel would make a brilliant night out away with the theatre and a meal out.

Hull New Theatre Visitor Information

  • Theatre Parking. The best parking near Hull new theatre is Francis Street Carpark where it costs just £1 with the pay and display. 
  • Theatre Box Office. There is also a box office located inside the theatre to find out about what’s on and to book your next trip to the theatre.
  • Theatre Seating. The Hull New Theatre seating is really good, and they also have a lot more space than you would expect for those in a wheelchair. In fact, I was very impressed with the disabled facilities throughout the theatre.
  • Theatre Prices. We paid £65 each for our tickets to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
  • Theatre Facilities. Beyond the theatre you have more than one set of toilets, a bar, seating near the bar, its own box office, snack bar and a merchandise area.

Pin Hull New Theatre For Later!

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