Krazy World Algarve Review + Pictures

Krazy World in the Algoz region of the Algarve Portugal is my favourite cheap family day out. Its also less touristy compared to the well-known waterparks, making it a great place for a hot summer holiday day trip.  

As previous annual pass holders to Krazy World we wanted to share our experience with you and help you plan your own trip to the hidden gem of the Algarve.

Krazy World Algarve Review

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Krazy World Algoz

We had a brilliant central location where we lived in The Algarve. We were in the countryside with the views of monquiche in the distance. We were 17 minutes from Krazy World, 21 minutes from Slide and Splash and 24 minutes from Zoo Marine. All these great places on our doorstep and it was always hard to choose a favourite.

One year, we would have a Zoo Marine annual pass and then another year it would be Krazy World.

The appeal for Krazy World was that it was much smaller, you can navigate your way around the areas much quicker and because it wasn’t as well known as the other two, it never felt crazy busy not even in August.

If you just want a swimming pool, some goats to feed, mini golf, reptile house, and great food and snacks, then Krazy World is perfect.

Plus, because its much cheaper to have a day out at Krazy World compared to the other touristy places, it is great for saving money on your holiday.

Entering Krazy World Algoz

You enter via the shop. This is weird when you first visit and the counter to pay to enter is in the shop. Though the system works so well that nobody ever minds.

Then you are heading in the direction of the outside seating for the café and then you can walk through this, down the grass and grab yourself a sunbed near the pool. Though there are a few areas around the grass for you to position yourself for the day.

Then once you have done this, you are ready to explore and do all the things that Krazy World provides.

Krazy World Zoo

We love to do the dry, then the wet, then we don’t have to get the kids out of the water, dry them off, do other things, then let them back into the water.

We either start with the Krazy World Zoo or the mini golf depending on how busy it is. The best feature for the kids at the zoo is the goats.

They love to pet the goats and you buy animal food and then the kids can feed the goats. Though there is one that we always call “Grandad” just because he is much older and super greedy, and you have to distract him otherwise the other goats wont get any. The kids just love getting involved in this.

Goats At Krazy World
Sofia feeding the goats at Krazy World when she was 2.5 years old. She just loved to go and see the goats.
Krazy World Zoo
The goats get so excited when people come out to see them and are all waiting for some food! So expect to be very popular.

Then beyond the goats there is also lamas and we loved the really big turtles that they had. Don’t expect something huge like visiting Flamingo Land, but it’s a fantastic little section before golf and swimming.

Tortoise At Krazy World
Here is one of the tortoise at Krazy World. Its always easy to get a photo as it doesn’t move much!

Krazy World Reptiles

There is also an indoor area with reptiles. They are not really my thing, though Dom loves them and usually when I am in the pool with the kids, he will be checking out the reptile area.

Crocodiles At Krazy World
This is one of the many crocodiles that Dom took photos of when we were in the swimming pool.
More Reptiles At Krazy World Zoo
I also love this pic Dom took on one of our early visits to Krazy World. Time passes too fast as this was from the summer of 2013.

One of the main attractions about a trip to Krazy World is that there is a lot of interactions going on and you can watch the shows from the outside seating whilst you have something to eat.

Our favourites are when they do the shows with the goats, but I know a lot of people love the bird shows here and you can also see the birds as you walk around.

Fun Fact! 💡

Kyle did his work experience for college at Krazy World and worked in the build up to the summer holidays. Like a typical teen he said it was boring until Theo Wallcott came with his family and he got to say hello!

Krazy World 18 Hole Mini Golf

My favourite activity beyond the swimming pool is the mini golf. It’s a brilliant 18 hole set and its great fun for 45 minutes with the kids before they go into the swimming pool.

Its very much like mini golf in the UK and you can even get paper and a pencil and have a competition to see who wins if you are feeling a bit competitive.

My funny memory of the mini golf was when Sofia came with us when she was about 2 and she would always high the golf ball from Kyle and giggle at him.

Mini Golf At Krazy World
I think Kyle was losing at this point. What do you think? Do you think his mum was beating him? 

Krazy World Swimming Pools

There are two swimming pools joining together, that kind of makes two pools. Or you might think of it as one big pool.

They have fencing around the pool to stop little kids running off and jumping in and as you walk around to the pool it can be a little slippery, so we do recommend some water shoes if you can get some.

Swimming Pool At Krazy World
Here is what the main swimming pool looks like from our sunbed. We like the swimming pool safety they have here. We visited many times with under 3s and this did make us feel safer.

We always add our suntan cream and then walk around and get into the main pool. There is a main pool and to the left of it is the toddler pool with some toddler slides. Sofia never took to these slides as they went too fast for her, but she loved coming into the main pool with me.

Then behind the main pool (what I call the slide pool) is a pool with typical waterpark slide and then a divider so that you don’t end up swimming onto the person coming down the slide.

We are happy in either pool and it keeps me, and the kids occupied for most of the day, or until we get hungry and are craving the legendary pizzas that Krazy World makes.

Swimming Pools At Krazy World
Here I am in the pool when I was pregnant with Jorge. He was born in September of 2016 and that heat when you are pregnant was so good in this pool.
The Slide At Krazy World
Though of course, growing up with trips to Krazy World I was always watching Kyle come down the slide. There was one, but it was never overly busy.

Food At Krazy World

We vary our food at Krazy World between bringing our own picnic or eating in the sunshine at the outside seating for their café.

Or we meet in the middle, bring some sandwiches with us, and top it up with some of their chips.

Their pizza is the best of all the food on the menu. We would then get two pizzas + chips and then share it between the four of us.

They also have plenty of ice cream and ice lollies on the menu and we would often have a magnum after our pizza before heading back to the pool. Or we would finish with an ice cream depending on the day.

Food At Krazy World
This is Kyle at Krazy World in the main outdoor seating area after one of many trips to Krazy World. He just loved it there. He was probably smiling as he was waiting for pizza!

Krazy World Algarve Review

I call Krazy World the hidden gem of the Algarve because most people don’t know about it and don’t realise what it has to offer them. Most of us (ME) just want a nice swimming pool to cool off in and just have a good time.

Plus, Krazy World is not hyped up like most places so you will not feel overcrowded in the summer months.

For example, we had lived in the Algarve for 5 years before we heard of it, and it was from a leaflet at the tills at the supermarket!

The staff at Krazy World are also very polite and welcoming and whenever we have a day at this Algarve swimming pool and zoo, we are never disappointed.

Krazy World Algarve Visitor Information

  • Getting to Krazy World Algarve. It can be confusing at some people call it Krazy World Albufeira and others call it Krazy World Algoz so exactly where is it? Well, Krazy World is located in Algoz and Algoz is in the Albufeira region.
  • Krazy World Portugal address. The address for your sat nav is Lagoa de Viseu – Estrada Algoz, 8365-907 Algoz, Portugal.
  • How far is Krazy World from Albufeira? Krazy World is JUST 21 minutes from central Albufeira so really not far at all for a fun day out.
  • Krazy World opening times. Krazy World opens at 10am and closes at 6pm during the peak season. We always aim to arrive just before 10am so that we can get a good position by the swimming pool and make the most out of our day there.
  • Krazy World prices. The price for tickets for the four of us is 48,40€. Though 109,85€ gets you an annual pass and you can visit all summer and then visit for the mini golf and the zoo out of season.
  • Does Albufeira have a zoo? Both Algarve water parks are close to get to and are a similar price. But slide and splash wins for being more family friendly.

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