Nandos Hull Kingswood Review + Pictures

Nandos Hull Kingswood, in East Yorkshireis one of many Nando restaurants in the UK. This Nandos at Kingswood retail park in Hull is in a prime position to combine with bowling or the cinema or some shopping. 

Today we are going to be sharing our Nandos review with you, photos and what food we love at Nandos the most, if you have not had a Nandos meal.

nandos hull kingswood

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Nandos Hull

Whilst Nandos has been around for a while, it wasn’t until the last 2 years that we got the chance to try Nandos for the first time, and that first time would be Nandos in Hull.

I went first with a friend, because the hubby wasn’t interested because he believed all food at Nandos was super spicy.

This was mainly because we had bought (when we lived in Portugal) nandos in a bad and it was really spicy.

nandos spice levels
Here is the spice levels at Nandos. If you don’t do spice you can go with the plainish. Dom always has plainish, I always have medium, though I do love the lemon and herb too.

What we didn’t know back then, is that you could get nandos in different spice levels and that Nandos had such a delicious menu choice and that going to the Nandos at Kingswood, would soon become the place that we would eat out at all the time.

So no surprise when our son returned home a few months ago we took him to Nandos. Portuguese is his first language and when the Portuguese waitress realised she loved chatting to him!

Kingswood Parking

I will say now that if you have not been to Kingswood before, then this is what lets down Kingswood Retail Park and that is the Kingswood Parking.

You see park outside the main shops such as Kingswood Argos, or Kingswood Next, and you have a limit of 3 hours before you need to leave. But there are a lot of shops there and we could easily spend 4 hours there + longer if you are eating out at say Nandos.

In fact, many people have been fined for staying over the 3 hours at Kingswood and then having it appealed successfully after they showed receipts from their shopping.

But over at Nandos and the section surrounding the cinema and the bowling alley it says for customers only and many say they have not been fined. But it does make you wonder because if it is a 3 hour limit what happens if it is a long film and you then have some dinner at Nandos?

If you are there for a few hours, do keep your receipts just in case.

Can You Book A Table At Nandos?

No, when you visit Nandos it is a first come, first served kind of place. We will time it to go early lunch or early dinner. That way you don’t have to worry about not been able to get a table.

Though so far, so good, as every time we have been there has been no issue with getting seated.

Is Nandos Gluten Free?

Nandos has items on the menu that are not gluten free. But when you go to place an order at Nandos they are very good for creating food that is allergy free (I need to be nut free) and they can talk you through the menu and what they can make for you that is free of your allergy.

Its always fun and games when we go as Dom is allergic to sage and to tarragon and the kids and I are allergic to nuts. I’m sure the server thinks we are doing a wind up on him when we say four of us are nut free.

There is also lots of food on the menu that you would naturally consider gluten free like having some chicken thighs with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

Is Nandos South African Or Portuguese?

Nandos is often described at African/Portuguese and this is the best description. As someone that lived in Portugal for 13 years I see a LOT of portuguese influence but with some African chillies. So go to Nandos and order the medium peri peri chicken and its very much like the chicken you would be served in Portugal. Though add a higher heat level and you have hit the African vibe.

Let’s Order At Nandos


After arriving at Nandos Hull we are shown to our seat and given the menus. Because we have food allergies we are told to order at the counter when we are ready.

Firstly, we love that they have bottomless soft drinks and always order this for our drinks. We love the chilled fanta, though Jorge cant decide and usually half fills with diet coke and then half with fanta and then some ice.

They also have a similar area dedicated to all the nando sauces that you can help yourself to and are great for adding some extra heat to your Nandos.

From Nandos Menu we usually order:

Nandos sunset burger – This is Dom’s favourite and I rather like it too. You have a delicious chicken burger with a delicious pepper relish with melted cheese in a bun – just toooooo good!!!

nandos sunset burger with chips and garlic bread
This is Dom’s sunset burger (allergies free) and nandos chips and nandos garlic bread. On other visits when we have shared dirty fries he has opted for two garlic breads with his burger as the nandos garlic bread is delicious.

Nandos Fino Pitta – I have had this a few times now at Nandos and it is so good. I am not a big fan of burger buns and inside a wrap with halloumi is my new favourite.

Nandos Chicken – Then the kids will usually get some sort of chicken platter and usually have some of the boneless chicken thighs or some chicken wings.

nandos boneless thighs
This is the meal Kyle chose on his first trip to Nandos – nandos boneless chicken thighs + creamy mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

Sides – Of course, Nandos is all about the sides and I must admit getting more excited by the sides, than the mains. Favourites include Nandos garlic bread (dom always has these), Nandos mashed potatoes (team Kyle) and then of course I love peri peri chips, macho peas, and the spicy rice and its hard to choose. 

nandos sides
This is a trio of sides from one of many trips to Nandos Hull – here is the macho peas, rainbow slaw, and spicy rice. My favourite of these three is the spicy rice.
nandos peri peri chips
These are the peri peri chips from nandos. They are not too spicy and have peri peri salt flavour over them and my favourite at Nandos.

Dirty fries – This is a new one I have spotted on the Nandos menu on our last visit and that is dirty fries. They are so good and its pulled chicken over some of their chips and are perfect for sharing.

nandos dirty fries
These are the dirty fries and something new for us at Nandos. They were so good though and loaded up with pulled chicken. There was none left when we were done eating.

Overall, Nandos along with Chamas in Beverley have become my two favourite places to eat out at and if you are at the cinema in Hull or maybe doing some shopping, I recommend a trip to Nandos.

Nandos Kids

This is another reason why Nandos gets the vote from me. As a mum of three (my younger two are 6 and 8) they provide crayons and paper for them on arrival and this entertains them until the food arrives.

Plus, both our kids love going to the drink counter and choosing their own drink before the food arrives.  

Nandos Sauces

When you go to collect your bottomless drinks, you can also go and get the napkins, cultlery and other bits and pieces at the same time.

We also take this opportunity to grab our Nandos Sauces.

There are nandos sauces in different heat levels and I will usually take with me, back to the table the medium bottle and the lemon and herb. Then I usually have some on my plate to dunk the peri peri chips into or to add some extra heat to the spicy rice.

Though of course, nandos sauces are optional and Dom and the kids never bother with them, just me!

sauces nandos
Nandos Sauces – These are the big sauce bottles of nandos sauces that you can take back to your table with you. They are delicious and if spice is not your thing they also supply mayonnaise too if you ask.
nandos sauces and nandos bottomless drinks
This is my table set up ready to go – Nandos food ordered (hard work when there is five of you on diferent foods, different sides and food allergies) and then a bottomless Fanta with plenty of ice, plus my favourite lemon and herb nandos sauce!

Nando’s Hull Reviews + Tips

We just love the food at Nandos and are so grateful that Nando’s Kingswood is just a 20 minute (maybe slightly less) drive from our home.

We can go to Nandos for some lunch or dinner, then combine it with the Hollywood Bowl, or maybe head to the cinema and then enjoy some really good family time. Or combine the trip to Nandos with some shopping.

You could also do your weekly shop at Asda then head across to Nandos for a Friday night supper.

The staff at Nandos are always lovely and are always there if you need anything else or just to keep the kids in mayonnaise!

As someone that lived in Portugal for 13 years, I do notice a big Portuguese influence and love it!

Nandos Kingswood Information

  • Parking at Nandos. There are loads of parking when you arrive at Nandos. It goes all the way around and is the parking for Nandos plus a few of the other similar places nearby. Though do keep your receipt the parking company like to fine you if you overstay what they consider a long visit.
  • Nandos prices. We find the Nandos prices very reasonable for the quality of the food you get and the bottomless drinks that you can buy.
  • Do you need to pre-book Nandos? No pre-booking allowed at Nandos you just turn up and wait for a table. Though avoid busy times and then you will be seated straight away. We usually go at 12pm-12.30pm before the busy lunch service or after 2pm or early dinner i.e. before 5.30pm.
  • Nandos Opening Times. The opening times at Nandos Kingswood are 11.30am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.
  • What is the best food at Nandos? For us we have found the most tastiest food at Nandos is the sunset burger. It is so good and then you can choose the best sides. Our favourite sides is the spicy rice, garlic bread, peri peri chips or the macho peas. 

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