Porto Weather June + Photos

Are you thinking of visiting Porto, in Portugal this June and want to know what to expect from the weather and if June is the right month for you? Maybe you want to start packing for your city break and don’t know what to pack.

This month is all about Porto and getting the most out of your trip to the beautiful Portuguese city. But before you plan your break, you will want to know when to come!

Porto Weather June + Photos

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This picture above was taken in the middle of the month June while out enjoying the sights. The skies were blue, and the sun was out.

Porto Weather In June

I can see what draws so many people to Porto in June. Its outside of the UK summer holidays and therefore the prices are lower on flights and accommodation, yet the weather is still beautiful.

It’s cool enough to not overheat when you are visiting the tourist attractions and you don’t have it getting dark early, to worry about.

You are also less likely to be caught in the rain and can have a meal out on an evening and just add a cardigan or a jumper to stay warm.

Just remember even if the temperature isn’t super high the sun in Porto can be very strong. So, one thing you might want to pack for your city break is suncream (I might have gotten a little sunburnt on my day out), don’t be fooled by the lovely tan skin on the locals, we burn too!

Meet Mariana

Mariana is a Portuguese Expat living in Yorkshire. She made the move from Porto in Northern Portugal to England when she married Jack in early 2023.  On a visit back to Porto  to visit family she spent 2 days exploring all the tourist hotspots of Porto including many hidden gems for the readers of Trip Meets Travel.

Temperature In Porto In June

In June in Porto, you can expect temperatures of 23c during the day, which is 73f. Or in the evenings it is often 14c or 57f.

If you compare this to the UK, it’s a little bit warmer but not a lot. For example, typical June will see 18c/64f during the day and 9c/48f at night.

Just imagine wearing a t shirt during the day and then having to add a jumper at night. Then if it’s a warmer day than usual to swap some jeans for a pair of shorts.

Though for Porto weather to a Portuguese this is considered to be warm but not hot and a start to a great summer.

Where To Stay In Porto

Porto has some brilliant places to stay especially for being close to all the major attractions. You also have something for every budget with cheap, mid-range and pure city centre comfort.

I have included below three amazing choices all with great reviews and perfect for city break to Porto.

Luxury Porto: InterContinental Porto Hotel is a five-star hotel in the city of Porto. Located in the Historic Centre region, its architecture bleeds right in with surrounding buildings. The rooms are beautifully decorated and will offer all the comfort you’re looking for. The hotel also offers an indoor sauna that you can take advantage of, as well as massages and body treatments – Click here for more details including loads of photos, reviews and more about the facilities.

InterContinental Porto Hotel

City Moderate: The Eurostars Porto Douro Hotel is a four star Hotel in Porto City if you’re looking for a solid mid-range. Located in the Old Town region, makes it perfect for you to explore the historic part of the city while getting a beautiful view of the Douro River right from your window –  Click here for photos, more info and to read the glowing reviews.

The Eurostars Porto Douro Hotel

City Budget: If you’re looking for a more budget friendly hotel then Moov Hotel Porto Centro Hotel will be a great option for you. The hotel offers multiple affordable rooms, and its location makes it easy to explore the Porto city centre, without breaking the bank – You can find out more here about this Porto budget hotel and just check out the photos, it is amazing.

Porto Weather: January to December

Okay, so maybe June is not for you, or you want to explode the rest of the year in Portugal visiting Porto. Mariana with her twenty plus years in Porto has been kind enough to run through the entire year.

That way you can decide if visiting in January, maybe March, or maybe November is more your thing.

BUT we are not just talking about Porto weather, but festivals and events on at different times of the year then you can decide when is the right time for you to visit Portugal.

Porto Weather January – January is typically the coldest month in Porto, with temperatures of 14c or 57.2f during the day and 6c on an evening (which is 42.8f). January is also a month that registers a lot of rain so you’re planning to go to Porto during this month, bring an umbrella!

Porto Weather February – In terms of Porto weather February is similar to January. Cold and a bit rainy – with temperatures of 15c or 59f during the day and 6c or 57.2f on an evening. If you’re planning to come in February, you might be able to participate in Carnival (like the one they have in Brazil, but a budgeted version of it).

Porto Weather March – Porto in March is a bit warmer than the previous months with averages of 17c or 62.6 during the day and 8c or 46.4 in the evening.

If you’re in Portugal for March, you might be around to celebrate Easter. Even though the State is separated from the church, Portugal is still a very religious country so Easter for us is a big religious celebration. So, if that’s something that interests you, you can attend some Easter Masses. Or, if you’re staying in a more rural area of Porto, you’ll be able to see or even participate in one of our Easter traditions – every Easter, eligible members of the Church go door to door with the Cross so you can kiss it as a symbol of respect followed by the blessing of the family and the house with Holy Water. Now, I’m not religious but I do have a religious family, so growing up this was part of our Easter. So, if you’re in Porto around March you might be able to experience it as well. 

If this isn’t something that interests you, you’ll still be able to do and visit any of the attractions Porto has to offer, check out our free things to do in Porto guide. Unlike the UK, we don’t have Easter Markets, but we do have FOOD. If you know anything about Porto and Portugal, it is that we have very good cuisine. Our food on Easter day/time is no exception.

There are restaurants and bakeries all over the city that offer typical Portuguese food, so you’ll be able to try our specialities – like our lamb or our pao de lo (now how do I translate this? Best way is to describe it – think of it as the fluffiest, most soft, and delicious sponge cake you’ll ever have), now if that’s not enough to convince you to come to Porto in March I don’t know what will.

Porto Weather April – In April, even though the temperatures go up a little, it tends to be a rainy month. Like the Portuguese say “Abril aguas mil” which translates to something like “in April, thousand showers”. Just like in the UK we say April showers too. So, if you’re reading this while packing for your holiday, perhaps pack an umbrella.

Porto Weather May – In May the weather gets warmer, with temperatures of 20c or 68f during the day and 12c (53.6f in the evening). So, if you’re looking to enjoy the city but maybe don’t want to go when’s the temperatures are high, May is the month for you!

Porto Weather June – June is typically warm, you can sometimes get the odd day or week of clouds and sometimes rain, but if you choose carefully and in advance the week you’re coming (with the advice of the weather app) you can enjoy Portugal’s sunny and warm weather without being overly warm.

If you’re coming to Porto in June, you might be around to celebrate Sao Joao (Saint John’s Day) with us – now what is she talking about? So, a bit like Ireland has Saint Patrick’s Day we have Saint Johns.

On the night of the 23rd a big celebration with music, dancing, bonfire jumping, eating barbecued sardines and Caldo Verde (also known as green soup, is made with potatoes, chourico sausage and thin sliced collard greens), drinking wine, releasing illuminated flame-propelled balloons over Porto’s summer sky and hitting people in the head with a rubber hammer (no, I’m not joking).

If this is not convincing enough, there’s also a firework show at midnight on the Dom Luis I Bridge. Yes, imagine that already beautiful bridge that you can find more about in our cable cars blog lit up with a really incredible firework show.

Unfortunately, we flew back to the UK before the celebration, so don’t make the same mistake as us and stay for this celebration!

Porto Weather July & August – July and August are very warm months in Portugal. If you’re looking for a more beachy type of holiday these are probably the months for you! Otherwise, you can still enjoy the city even under high temperatures. There’s cafes and restaurants in every corner to offer a cold drink or a nice ice cream. If you’re packing to come in these months, it might be a good idea to bring a portable fan with you.

Porto Weather September – With the arrival of Autumn, the weather starts to cool down. September can still be a very warm month (especially in the last few years). So going to Porto in September can be a great compromise if you’re not a big fan of warm weather but still want to enjoy the city with good weather. With temperatures averaging from 24c or 75.2f during the day and 14c which is 57.2f at night.

Porto Weather October – October temperatures average from 21c or 69.8f during the day and 12c or 53.6f in the evening. So, you might want to pack a couple cardigans and sweaters in your suitcase for when you go out in the evenings!

If you’re a lover of food and got curious about the Francesinha I was telling you all about earlier on you might want to come to Porto in October because guess what? There’s a Francesinha festival happening – yes, you’ve heard be right, a WHOLE festival dedicated to the incredible food that is Francesinha, do you really want to miss that?

Okay, maybe the festival wasn’t enough to convince you…what about celebrating Halloween with us?

Now, Halloween is not our holiday, and if you know Portugal or have been here before you’ve probably noticed that there’s not many people that dress up or carve pumpkins, but you still can at our fun Halloween Pub Crawls!

The adventure starts around the Clérigos Tower (if you’re not sure where this is check our things to do in Porto post for more details), where you will meet your guide and the other members of the tour.

From there the group will walk to the best bars and clubs in the region such as the More Club, Eskada Porto or Rendez Vous Bar, among others. You can, of course, wear your best costume, mask or make-up. You’ll meet new people, dance, drink beer at a cheap price and get some free shots, included with the tour. Is your ticket to Porto for October booked yet?

Porto Weather November – In November the weather starts to get colder (but not as cold as in December, January, and February). And there’s typically some rain. Some people say it’s the best time to visit Portugal.

You’ll be able to do all of the things in our guide to Porto only the weather won’t be as hot, and the sights won’t be as crowded.

If you’re planning your visit to Porto in November but don’t know what you can do why not celebrate your Dia de Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) with us and head to Frida – a fantastic Mexican restaurant located in the Porto city where you can enjoy this traditional Latin American holiday. You’ll be able to admire the altar made in memory of Frida Cahlo while enjoying delicious Mexican style food.

Speaking of food, every city has its traditions regarding street food. In Porto, November is the time for salty roasted chestnuts! So, when you’re wandering the streets of Porto don’t be frightened if you hear someone screaming ‘Quentes e Boas’ (‘good’ and ‘warm’). Now you just have to follow that voice and get yourself a carton of warm roasted chestnuts.

Porto Weather December – In December the weather is typically cold and rainy. We don’t get snow in the North of the country so that’s not something you have to worry about! Despite the colder weather, December can be a magical time to visit Portugal since it’s Christmas time. You’ll be able to experience a typical Portuguese Christmas and see all the pretty lights that illuminate the city centre.

Be aware that the North of the country is colder compared to the South, especially if you’re coming in the Winter months. Or if you are used to Algarve in November then Porto in November is cooler.

So, for the colder months make sure to layer up and bring an umbrella.

For the warmer months, dress accordingly, keep hydrated and bring sun cream!

Although the city offers great public transportation, you’ll probably find yourself going from point A to B by foot. So be prepared to walk!

Things To Do In Porto In June

You have decided June in Porto is the right time for you, but you really don’t know where to start with where to visit and things to do.

Mariana has highlighted the top 5 things to do in Porto in June:

Go to Lello Library – This beautiful ornated library is considered by many people the heart of Porto. And don’t worry, they won’t make you actually read any books in there, you can just enjoy the beautiful architecture of the place. It truly is breathtaking!

outside lello library
This photo was taken right as we were going inside the library. And yes, it’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

Check out the cable carsIf you want to get the best view of Porto, then the Porto cable cars is where you need to go. A someone who is not the biggest fan of heights I highly recommend putting your fears aside and just go for it. I promise you won’t regret it.

inside porto cable cars
This is just one of the many pictures taken from the cable cars. I quickly forgot about my fear of heights once the sights just hit me.

Visit the Souls Chapel – If you’re looking for something free to do and want to indulge in the beautiful architecture the city has to offer you might not want to miss the Souls Chapel. Decorated with Portuguese tile the chapel is really a showstopper!

the view of chapel of souls
Yes the chapel is that beautiful, and no you don’t want to miss it!

The Sao Bento Train Station If you’re backpacking through Porto and are looking to reach your next destination Sao Bento Station is where you need to head. I must advise you to go a little earlier than your train is booked for because you might miss it being lost in the Station’s beauty.

blue tiled wall picture at sao bento train station
Even if you don’t have any trains to catch you don’t want to miss this attraction. Decorated with even more Portuguese tile (over twenty thousand) you’ll be blown away by the beauty of the building – from floor to ceiling.

A Manteigaria – If there’s one thing you can’t leave Porto without is a delicious pastel de nata in your belly. Portugal has a variety of delicious traditional food in all corners of the city, situated in the city centre a Manteigaria is not one you’ll want to miss.

A Manteigaria egg custard tarts
Here’s a photo of two of the 10 different custard tarts I had when I visited Porto. Yes, they were as yummy as they look. And still warm!

What Is A Good Month To Visit Porto?

A good month to visit Porto in Portugal is June. If you’re someone like me that doesn’t like really warm weather (yes, I promise I’m Portuguese) June is a perfect month to go.

You might also want to consider May and November for the same reasons!

What Is The Coldest Month In Porto?

The coldest month of the year Porto is January.

The highest temperature in January averages 14c or 57.2f  during the day. The days can get quite cold and windy (being close to the coast) and even chillier on the night.

Is Porto Nice In June?

Absolutely, June is a great month to visit Porto.

There are loads of things to do and more importantly nice weather to do the things in.

You get to enjoy the sights with beautiful blue skies, which is also a great if you’re looking to take some pictures of the city.

Pin Porto In June For Later!

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