Slide And Splash Algarve Review + Pictures

Slide and Splash in the Algarve is my favourite Portuguese waterpark which has an amazing family vibe, easy layout and friendly staff.

If you just have time for one waterpark visit whilst on holiday in the Algarve then let it be Slide & Splash.

Slide N Splash Portugal

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Slide And Splash Portugal

I first visited Slide and Splash on holiday with my parents when I was 13 years old. Then would you believe it, fast forward to age 27 and I live less than 20 minutes away from this great waterpark.

I often get asked what I like so much about slide and splash and I always say the same….


Everything is close together and it doesn’t feel like you have to walk miles between the different slides.

The area where the slides are that me, Dom and Kyle have always enjoyed are literally 6 steps away from the kids splash zone and then behind the slides we love is the super sized jacuzzi.

Then you can carry on walking for more great slides, and they are always adding new things every year.

If you have visited and look at some of our photos, you can just see how much slide and splash has changed for the better.

So let me take you on a tour for my love of Slide and Splash Portugal.

Entering Slide & Splash

We recommend arriving before park opening time and ordering your ticket online. If you don’t order online there is a chance it will hit capacity and you can’t get in, or you have to queue for the ticket and then queue to get in.

There will also be many waiting at 10am to get in, so do expect a little wait time.

Then you need to plan in advance, where you want to sit once you are inside of slide and splash.

  • Do you want to pay for sunbeds?
  • What slide do you want to be close to?

For us, our favourite spot is the front row of sunbeds just in front of the main slides and next to where the jacuzzi is.

Its an ideal spot for us for everything we go on and then also gives us some nice umbrellas with good shade.

Just imagine which slides you would spend most of the day on, and aim for those.

Then when you do get into the park, head for this area first and I will normally have Dom with most of our things and then I can power walk over to them with Sofia.

The Slides At Slide And Splash

At first you might feel overwhelmed with the slides and where to start first. That is when I say start at the beginning if you don’t do big rides, or do the big rides first if that is your thing.


What I mean is that I don’t do the crazy steep slides that the teenagers are into. I am more about the simple slides, that are just fun to do with the kids.

If you are the one that likes the kamikaze, then we recommend you head there first to avoid all the queues later.

If you are there with younger kids, we recommend going to either the kids slides area which is to the far left of the park or the slides for 6 and under is a little walk to the right.

Then just decide what you are in the mood for and what slides take your fancy.

Our favourites are the family friendly slides together which is called the big slides tower and has a few different ones though the twister was always mine and Kyles favourite.

Here are our top 5 favourite slides at slide n splash:

Drop – This is brilliant and is a very small slide but there is a big gap between the end of the slide and the water, so its like this drop as you land into the water. Its really fun and I’m not one for scary rides but love this.

 Slides Tower – This is brilliant but expect a lot of steps to get to them. On days that we have been on these slides we have burned a lot of calories. But get to the top and you have a choice of a few different slides. They were all blue, but slide and splash have now added some colour slides to the same slides.

Tropical Paradise – This was the kid’s favourite hangout as little kids. I remember putting Sofia on these slides before her 2nd birthday and how much she loved them. This is where my kids went from being babies to 5 years.

Childrens Foam Slides – These are the furthest left of the waterpark near where they sell their delicious burgers. They are simply kids versions of the popular adult slides. So that your kids that are not quite ready for the big slides have their plan B. This is where my kids went from aged 4 years and used them up to 7.

The Big Wave – This was a brilliant family friendly slide that you could all go on together and the kids loved it. It was also restrictive what slides they could go on so it was nice we could do this together.

Of course, you will have your favourites at Slide and Splash and find ones you will wan to go on time and time again. What I will say is that its great for all ages. I have even gone to slide and splash Algarve whilst pregnant and just enjoyed paddling as the kids went down the slides and the large swimming pool.

Food At Slide And Splash Water Park

I love to make a picnic and you will see many taking picnics into Slide n Splash, but the burgers here are AMAZING.

I am not a huge burger fan and when me and Dom order a takeaway, I will never get a burger. But these burgers are so good I have to have one.

Plus, for fast food in a water park I don’t feel like they are that expensive.

The burger bar is just above the slide #1 on the map which is the kids foam slide.

Burgers At Slide N Splash
Here is Jorge after his Dads burger, things have not changed over the years. And I don’t think Dom likes sharing. LOL.

For other food there is also a café as you walk around that does delicious hot dogs which we all love and have sometimes.

Plus, there are numerous areas to grab an ice cream or a slush for the kids.

Slide and Splash Photos

Here are a few of my favourite photos taken in Slide and Splash over the years. Of course, I don’t have that many compared to other days out, because you often have your phone in the locker and cant take the phone on slides with you.

The Main Slides At Slide and Splash
This was how Slide and Splash looked before they changed the colour of the slides. Though it’s the same slides just a different colour.
Kyles 16th At Slide N Splash
This is when we visited for Kyle’s 16th birthday with the slides in the background. As you can see, they all come out in the same place and good for a family group to go on different slides at the same time.
One Of The Kids At Slide N Splash
This is one of the many slides in the kids splash pool. This was Sofia’s favourite and she would often go down with her big bro.
The Most Popular Kids Slide At Slide At Splash
Here she is a few years later on the same slide. Its often the most popular of the kids slide and is good for kids that have not been on slides much and are a little nervous.
Taking A Toddler To Slide and Splash
Here is me and Jorge at Slide and Splash when he was very small. He loved just kicking his feet in the water or bringing his bucket and spade and just having a bit of a splash, whilst his brother and sister did all the slides.
Slide and Splash Kids Slides
This is the most adventurous of the slides at Slide and Splash in the kids splash area. Sofia was on it from aged 2.5yrs as she never had a fear of the slides.
Slide and Splash Swimming Pool
Slide and Splash also has a big swimming pool. Because everyone’s focus is on the slides this is rarely busy and you can even do lengths to work off your burgers.

Slide & Splash Review

Algarve Slide and Splash is my favourite water park in the Algarve and is a joint winner with Zoo Marine for a great family day out.

If I was planning a holiday in the Algarve, I would make sure either Slide & Splash or Zoo Marine or if you can afford both, then do both was part of my Algarve itinerary.

The slides are amazing, the staff are wonderful, the food is great, and the layout is even better.

The Brilliant Walkway At Slide and Splash
And even better, they have a walkway that you can go across for when your feet are super hot from the heat. Its much appreciated in August.

If I was to say some negatives for slide and splash, then I would say it’s a shame that it doesn’t have a lazy river and that it doesn’t sell annual passes.

Slide & Splash Albufeira Visitor Information

  • Getting to Slide & Splash Water Park Algarve. Its often called Slide and Splash Lagoa for how close it is to the Lagoa region of the Algarve. If you follow signs for Lagoa from the motorway, then its very easy to find.
  • Slide & Splash Algarve address. The address for your sat nav is E.N. 125 Vale de Deus 8401-901 Estombar, Lagoa.
  • How far is Slide and Splash from Lagos? Slide and Splash from Lagos takes JUST 30 minutes. Or if you are in the Albufeira region it is much quicker.
  • Slide and Splash Opening Times. The water park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm in high season and 5pm in low season.
  • Slide and Splash tickets. The price for a family of four for Slide n Splash is 93€. Though the ticket for a child applies from when they reach 1 metre so if you have a 3 year old you wont pay for them.    
  • Slide and splash or aquashow? Both Algarve water parks are close to get to and are a similar price. But slide and splash wins for being more family friendly and aquashow is better if you have older kids and they want more of the thrill seeker slides.
  • How old do you have to be to go to Slide and Splash? We took Jorge to slide and splash at 6 weeks old and he sat on my lap in the kid’s pool and loved the water on his feet and had a great time. There is no minimum age or maximum age, just restrictions for height on the slides.
  • What is the minimum height for slide and splash? There is a few slides with height restrictions of 1.2 metres but the family friendly slides are much less strict. If your child is 6 and can swim, then they can get on a lot of slides. And if not, the kids slides are brilliant.

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