Wild Acre Village At Sundown Adventureland

Wild Acre Village is the beautiful family lodges and cabins situated at Sundown Adventureland and perfect for extending your stay at Sundown.

With its own Bistro restaurant if you don’t feel like cooking, along with cabins for the bigger family, plus hot tubs its ideal for your next family break.

Wild Acre Village At Sundown Adventureland

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Wild Acre Village

Do you ever scroll through your Facebook feed, notice someone you are friends with is on holiday and then have a good old nosey at the photos and wish you were there and want all the info about the great place they are staying at?

Well, that was me and Chantel and her family photos of her trip to the Wild Acre Village.

She had chosen a great place with an outside hot tub (she had me hooked with the hot tub), beautiful accommodation photos, and of course pics of visiting Sundown Adventureland.

I didn’t have time to make a visit to stay at Wild Acre myself and instead we had a lovely day out at Sundown Adventureland which is just short of 90 minutes away from our front door.

But I still wanted to share with you these gorgeous photos of Wild Acre Village and why you should have it on your radar for a wonderful weekend away (or mid-week break with your family).

Book Your Visit To Wild Acres

If you click here, there is so much more information about Wild Acres, and you can also see if they have any availability for the dates that you are thinking about.

If you can go during term-time, then do so because you can normally get a really good price.

Meet Chantel

Chantel is a mum of two and lives in East Yorkshire. She visited Sundown Holiday Park with her partner Jack, 6 year old daughter Summer, and 3 year old son Jaxon. She loves staying at lodges with hot tubs and loves a hot tub for relaxing after a full on activity day with the kids.

What Made You Choose Wild Acre Village?

We chose Wild Acre Village because as a family we all absolutely love Sundown, we go every year. We’d been watching the Wild Acre Village build over the last few years & I said to my partner we’ll definitely have to stay sometime when it’s open.

I never thought we would actually end up staying as I expected the place to be quite expensive, but we managed to get a really good deal for a VIP lodge with hot tub & that included access to Sundown each day too.

We would have been crazy to not book this as it stated the daily sundown passes will only be included in your stay up until the end of the year, so we got it booked straight away!

The only downfall was it was during term time, so we did have to take our daughter out of school but the memories we made during our magical stay & seeing the children’s faces each day was well worth the few days of missed education.

How Long Did You Stay At Wild Acres + Was It Long Enough?

We stayed at Wild Acres for 4 nights, Monday to Friday. We could arrive at Sundown from 10am on the Monday & go round the park but check in at Wild Acre was at 4pm, we did try & check in earlier (3:30pm) but we got told to come back at 4pm (was worth a try!)

Myself & my daughter wanted to stay forever, we’d even contemplated hiding in the cabin or getting a job there. I could just see myself driving the train round or dressing up as Honey Bear!

What Was Your First Impressions Of Wild Acres?

When we first arrived, my first thought was the quirky little park by the entrance. The children ran straight to it.

As I looked around at all the beautiful lodges some with hot tubs some without, I noticed these little toadstool-like houses dotted about all over the place, just so cute!

Everywhere seemed so clean so brand new, I instantly felt like this was going to be one of our best holidays ever!

What Was Sundown Adventureland Accommodation Like?

There are different Sundown Lodge themes, and we stayed in the squirrel VIP lodge which had a hot tub. Absolutely stunning design, we’ve never stayed in a log cabin like this before.

Each room lovely clean, brand new. The children’s room was certainly our favourite room all done out like a woodland fairytale, the bunk beds in the midst of it all, I really wanted to sleep in there never mind the children!

Kitchen had everything you need, even dishwasher. No washing machine though, I’d prefer that over dishwasher but that’s just my opinion.

We spent each evening in the hot tub, which was lovely after a day round Sundown, only negative about hot tub was you couldn’t turn the temperature up or down. But all in all we loved staying in our little lodge, would love to book the Hedgehog Premier lodge & go with some friends.

Did You Try The Bistro At Wild Acres?

Yes, we finished there at the end of each day due to the amazing jungle themed soft play being situated there & also from 5pm they sell alcohol, so daddy was in need of a few beers by this point lol!

The bistro was open till 7pm as there was only our family & another family staying that week but usually, they’re open till 9pm. We then headed back to lodge & had a late tea each night.

On our last morning after we had checked out myself & partner had a full English which was nice & my children had warm chocolate croissants (pain au chocolat) which they said were yummy. The food & drinks were reasonably priced & the staff were lovely & friendly.

Would You & Your Family Return To Wild Acres?

Yes, definitely the most magical holiday we’ve had so far. From arrival to departure, we loved every minute of our time at Wild Acres, like I said earlier we didn’t want to leave but all good things must come to an end until next time

Try Chantel’s Wild Acres Holiday

If you are inspired by Chantel and her trip to Wild Acres Holiday Park and would like to visit yourself, you can find out more about it here, and see even more photos. You can then price it up for your ideal dates and check out availability.

Chantel stayed at Wild Acres Park as part of her family trip to Sundown Adventureland and stayed in squirrel VIP lodges for 4 nights.

She also had 5 days in Sundown Adventureland to make the most of its great facilities.

And at the time of booking paid JUST £395 for a family break for 4 during term time.

Book Sundown Lodges Now

Chantel’s Number #1 Tip

Sundown lodges and visiting Sundown Adventure Land is brilliant, and my number 1 tip is to head to the Four Seasons Arena which is what they call their entertainment area. At 2pm each day they do a meet and greet with Honey Bear. A great opportunity for the kids to meet a character and have a photo.

Wild Acre Village Photos

I also had the chance to have a nosey and check out Chantel’s holiday photos.

wild acre villiage map
This was the Sundown map of the accommodation. Its great for getting an idea for getting out and about. As you can see as you drive in you have the bistro at the front and then just a small walk to your accommodation and to the parking.
willd acre accomodation
This is one of the adult bedrooms. They look rather roomy for a cabin style bedroom and nice to see they supply towels and so many places don’t.
wild acre kids bedroom
Then this is one of the kids bedrooms they have at Wild Acre – I am just so in love with this and Sofia and Jorge would love this and make a den.
wild acre squirrel accomodation
Now lets zoom in on the walls of the kids bedroom and yes, you guessed right they stayed in the squirrel VIP wild acre village.
soft play at sundown adventureland
We never had the time to visit the soft play, but OMG that soft play looks amazing and I can just imagine their little boy having the time of his life in there.
enjoying sundown facilities whilst staying at wild acres
Plus, for visiting Sundown Adventureland its an easy walk from the accommodation and then you can have a steadily scroll around without thinking we need to leave to get home to our dog, and instead back to your accommodation when the kids have had enough for the day.

Stay At Sundown Adventureland

  • Where is Sundown Adventureland located? Wild Acre Village at Sundown Adventureland in Retford Nottinghamshire. Its close to Newark and Lincoln and an easy drive down from the Humber Bridge.
  • Sundown Postcode. If using a Sat Nav or Google Maps the post code for Sundown is DN22 0HX.
  • What time can you check in at Sundown Wild Acres?
  • Does Wild Acres have parking? Yes, Wild Acres does have parking and its behind the bistro and in perfect position for parking up and very close to the lodges.

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