Do You Need Water Shoes In Greece

We have just returned from two weeks in Greece and one of us took water shoes, the other didn’t and this is our personal experience of whether you need water shoes in Greece or not.

Today, we will explain if you need water shoes, how this need can differ from holiday to holiday, which water shoes we recommend and when we have used them.

water shoes in Greece

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Do I Need Water Shoes In Greece?

Yes, you very much do need water shoes in Greece, especially if you plan to visit a beach or go on one of the many excursions. We would also recommend water shoes for the water park too.

But first, let me dive into the “why you need the water shoes argument” as many people will tell you that you don’t need water shoes.

Prior to our trip to the Crete Island of Greece last month, the hubby said he didn’t need water shoes and then bought them for just the three of us (1 adult and 2 kids) and within 24 hours of being in Crete regretted not getting them for himself.

The main reasons he needed water shoes and wish he had them for Greece was because:

  • The beaches in Crete (and many other Greek Isles) are very heavy on the rocks and quite stony)
  • The sea in Crete (lots of rock in the sand that is so easy to stub your toes on
  • The sand is hot and easy to burn your feet
  • On the excursions there is a lot of walking on stony ground that flip flops are no good on

But also, if you travel regularly, water shoes are a fantastic purchase for any beach holiday, any waterpark day, or swimming in a pool. 

water shoes in greece
Here are our water shoes lined up by the beach as we enjoy our last bit of the sea during an excursion. Until you get water shoes you wont appreciate how comfy they are and how useful they are for your holiday.

Best Water Shoes For Greece

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best water shoes for Greece are, then note these are my water shoes and they were so comfy and wore in Greece, these are the girls water shoes Sofia wore, and these are the boys water shoes Jorge wore.

water shoes on the beach in Crete Greece - Copy
Here I am on a beautiful pink sand beach in Crete, in the water shoes and feeling good that all those stones I walked across to get to the beautiful beach didn’t hurt my feet.

Now let’s talk more about water shoes for Greece….

What Are Water Shoes Used For?

Water shoes are a way of protecting your feet when you are on holiday. Water shoes are traditionally used for wearing in the sea, in the swimming pool and for being allowed as footwear when you visit the water park.

I find that the number 1 reason for wearing water shoes (from 13 years living in Portugal) is to protect my feet in the summer heat from the burning hot sand and the burning hot flooring around the swimming pools.

Are Water Shoes Good For Walking?

Yes, water shoes are very good for walking and are ideal for excursions in places like Greece, when you go from the boat you travelled on to the beach or you have a stony walk to the beach.

We visited elafonisi beach in Crete and this is a prime example of needing water shoes for walking. We had a long walk from where the coach was parked to where the beach started. It was incredibly gravelly and uneven and had we worn flip flops we would have gone over on our ankles several times.

We could of course wear trainers, but trainers are no good for the beach. That is why water shoes are so good, because they are great for walking in, plus wearing on the beach and in the sea. In our full day trip to elafonisi beach and our other trip to balos beach I wore my water shoes for the whole day, and they served every purpose and the same with the kids.

water shoes for elafonisi beach
Here is just part of the walk we had to do, to get down to elafonisi beach, if we hadn’t had water shoes it would have been a big problem.

Should I Wear Water Shoes In The Pool?

Yes, you can also wear water shoes in the swimming pool but I don’t choose to do so. Instead I tend to wear them to the pool and if I want to do some swimming, I will place them on the side of the pool. This is because the flooring near the pool is red hot.

When we visited The Moon Palace Grand in Cancun, Mexico, I wish I water shoes to wear in the pool. That is because the pool vents (especially in the lazy river) was right at the bottom of the pool and I kept banging my toes on it.

Can I Wear Sneakers As Water Shoes?

No, you can’t wear sneakers as water shoes as they are not the same thing. The same goes for crocs. I have been asked a few times now if crocs are water shoes and just like sneakers they are not.

Its all about the material of the water shoes and how they are not damaged when you wear them in water, and how they dry well and never stain and will stay on your feet when you are in the sea.

Best Water Shoes For Women

My favourite water shoes for women, are these ones that I took with me to Greece. But OMG there is so much choice and water shoes have come along way in the last few years since I bought my first ones in 2012 for our trip to Disney World.

You can get branded ones too such as Adidas water shoes or get some that will last like water shoes from Decathlon.

#1 Choice – Mabove Water Shoes Women

Mabove womens beach shoes

Let’s start with how comfortable these shoes were. I needed a really good water shoe because in Greece where we stayed, they were rocks and stones in the water and my husband struggled a lot of the time as he said he did not need them :D. They fit perfectly as well as I am a size 8 quite large for a woman but they are a good fit.

  • Comfortable
  • Good Fit
  • Good Foot Protection
  • Quick Drying
  • No Rubbing
  • Loads of colours and sizes to choose from

Here are the best of the rest:

Best Water Shoes For Men

My favourite water shoes for men, are these ones that I know every guy would love to wear in Greece. But OMG there is so much choice and with men loving brands, they are spoilt for choice.

Brands available for men include Adidas and Puma.

#1 Choice – Racqua Mens Water Shoes

mens water shoes

Let’s start with how great they look. Dom thinks they look great, and he does like black for everything. These have over 12000 reviews so are my top choice and Dom said these would be the ones he would buy when going away again. People are saying the reviews that these are:

  • Feel like you are barefoot
  • Great fit on your feet
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Non slip
  • Good Quality
  • Great colour and size options

Here are 4 more top options to consider:

Best Water Shoes For Kids

Jorge and Sofia loved the water shoes that they wore whilst we were in Crete, and they sat next to my water shoes on a night to dry off from the days fun. These were the water shoes Jorge had, and these are the water shoes Sofia had.

#1 Choice – LVPTSH Boys and Girls Water Shoes

jorges shoes
sofia shoes

Let’s start with how comfortable Sofia and Jorge have said these water shoes were. They were very soft and lightweight, and the kids said they did not feel like they were wearing the shoes. They were easy to clean with the drain holes in them and quick to dry for use the next day. The best things about these water shoes were:

  • Nice feel
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick to dry
  • Loads of different styles
  • Every size in stock often

Here are more top options for you to choose from:

Can I Use Regular Shoes As Water Shoes?

No, unfortunately you cant use regular shoes as water shoes. This is because water shoes are made for the water, and other regular shoes are not made for this purpose.

I highly recommend investing in some water shoes and then you can use them whenever you visit a beach, a waterpark, or a swimming pool.

Are Water Shoes Easy To Put On?

Yes, water shoes are very easy to put on. Though note, if the kids take them off on the beach and then want to put them back on, they can become very heavy from the wait of the sand.

If this happens, we recommend you give the water shoes a quick rinse in the sea and then put the water shoes on.

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