Web Adventure Park Review + Top Tips

Web Adventure Park York is a fantastic family day out with rides, a massive soft play centre, delicious food and animals to feed.

You will love Web Adventure for its amazing selection of things to do, but what you will love most is the low price.

web adventure park york

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Web Adventure Park

Did you ever go on a day out so good, that you had to return a month later, just because it was so, so good?

Well, that is us and Web Adventure Park.

We had Web Adventure recommended to us by another family that had recently visited and we wanted to check it out and see if it was any good.

We visited it in the summer holidays and then went back In September for Jorge’s 7th birthday.

A totally different experience in September out of the summer holidays as a lot less busy, but both visits were still amazing.

So let me talk you through our trips to Web Adventure Park to help you plan your visit.

The Web Adventure Park Tickets

Sometimes places are so cheap, you are really worried if they are any good or not.

Well, that is how we felt when we booked our web adventure park tickets.

You see for us as a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids) anything around £50 for a full day out we find cheap.

William’s Den falls into this price bracket and normally costs us about £50 but of course there are no rides at Williams Den even though there is soft play, outside fun etc, it has everything Web Adventure offers, minus the rides.

So, when I saw that our Web Adventure Park tickets came in at JUST £57 I wanted to see what the catch was.

After all, Flamingo Land costs £179 so Web Adventure prices work out at 69% cheaper than Flamingo Land, so I wanted to find out more about this place, as you could have 3 trips there for the price of 1 trip to Flamingo Land!!!

So, we bought our cheap Web Adventure Tickets, didn’t tell the kids as we wanted to surprise them and off, we headed.

Is There Parking At Web Adventure?

Yes, there is parking at Web Adventure but it’s a weird setup if you have not been there before.

Where they direct you to park, it feels like you are parking on business premises and then you have a long narrow walk down a long entrance section to get in.

This is the setup at Web Adventure for parking during the summer holidays and I assume this is because they may have overflow to deal with.

Out of the holidays when we visited in September it was a different entrance through the entry to the soft play centre and then you present your tickets and then you are in!

web adventure entrance
This is the long entrance in from the where our car was parked. Which led to a booth where your tickets were checked. Then you arrived at the part of the park where the rides were and also near to some toilets.

What Age Is Web Adventure Park For?

Web Adventure Park is ideal for kids between the ages of 2 and 11. Though of course, I felt our 7 year old and 8 year old were of ideal age because they could enjoy everything. Whilst an 11 year old might not be interested in the soft play anymore at their age.

Though, on our 2nd visit our 22 year old son came and he still had a good day out and came on some rides. Though there were a few funny moments which I cant wait to share with you!

Web Adventure Park Rides

As the park entrance starts at the rides, let’s talk all about Web Adventure park rides first.

Sizzler Twist is the ride you first come across when you enter. Its like your typical park ride with the twists and turns. Though OMG it gets you right in the stomach with the movement, so don’t let your kids eat within 30 minutes of going on.

sizzler twist - web adventure
Though note, it has a sticker on the twister ride for the order of biggest to the furthest right. This is because at the furthest right is the person that gets moved about the most and you don’t want to put your smallest child here.

Crazy Bulls is the one that will give you the most laughter of the day. There is nothing funnier than watching your 22 year old fall off the moving bull!

They got a good length of time on the crazy bulls, and it turns into a competition of who can stay on the bulls the longest.

crazy bulls web adventure park
Looks like Sofia is holding on strong, and Jorge is heading off the bull – but he is always very quick to get back on!
Oh no, Jorge is off again, though he loves to land on the soft mat in style!
crazy bulls - watching kyle lose against the moving bull
Though my favourite picture is of Kyle and his trainer, as the bull got the best of him and he fell off. What I don’t have on camera is him then throwing his brother and sister off, because he was all embarrassed and he wanted them down off the Crazy Bull with him lol!

Double Decker Carousel is one of a small few in the UK and Europe and is your traditional fairground carousel but with stairs so you can be up top and get a great view of the place.

But I made a HUGE mistake and was nearly sick everywhere. The kids wanted to go up top onto the little roundabout and they spun me around so fast and for so long that I looked like Pam Ferris in Matilda after the spin her around the atlas!

Double Decker Carousel web adventure park
Just take a look at this picture – isn’t a double carousel big? There are a lot more horses, swings, plus of course the dreaded roundabouts on here.
Double Decker Carousel Swing
Though it was nice later in the day, to go on the bench swing with Sofia and no spinning was required!
fairground rides at web adventure park
Its also much more fun, riding a horse, up top with a view like this!

The Helta Skelta was closed on our first visit during the summer holidays, but open on our September trip. Us grownups didn’t go on, but we watched the kids have several goes until they ran out of energy.

the helta skelter web adventure
The Helta Skelta at Web Adventure Park. There is something so fun about the classics, though this was the only one when we visited with a queue.

Balloon Ride is what I think of as a kid’s version of the Ferris Wheel. It’s a kids only ride, they go quite high and they get another great view. Its also easy to navigate to and is just behind the Helta Skelter.

Balloon Ride at web adventure
This is the balloon ride from a distance and the kids love running towards it and having a few goes when it is less busy.

Apple Coaster is what parents with long legs should never go on. I am 5ft8 and my legs felt so squashed, but Kyle’s looked worse and he is about an inch taller than me. Though it is great fun for the kids and Sofia does love a kid’s rollercoaster.

Cup & Saucer is that classic that I don’t think really needs an introduction, does it? The kids love to go on the cups and saucers no matter which day out adventure we are on. These are more classic compared to Sundown Adventure Park which had a theme to them.

cup and saucer at web adventure
This is the kids having a great time on the cups and saucers. They don’t want me to come on with them as they can spin themselves faster when they are on their own.

Pony Express is one of Sofia’s favourites and you get to go on a horse around a track and I always find that no matter what fairground we are at, it never has a big queue.

They also have the Miami, Ferris Wheel, Formula, and the Inflatable Bumper Cars. Though Jorge loved the Bumper Cars A LOT and was on those for ages and ages.

bumper cars web adventure park
These are the bumper cars Jorge was on at Web Adventure. They loved these and it was such a fun take on the popular dodgems.

Web Adventure Park Laser Tag

Once you and the kids have had enough of the rides, then another fun thing that Web Adventure does is the Laser Tag.

Kind of think of it a bit like paintballing but shooting laser tags instead.

They do 2 sessions a day, so plan your day around the time slots and if your kids really like laser tag, nothing is stopping you from doing it twice.

laser tag at web adventure
This is the laser tag gun that Jorge & Dom used. I wasn’t at the laser tag because I have epilepsy and cant go in there.

Web Adventure Park Outdoor Playgrounds

I can’t believe you get all these great fairground rides and then you also have plenty of outdoor playgrounds too.

The kids went from one to another to another section and loved it. They spent most of the time outside either being on the rides or in the playground, before later heading to the soft play area.

web adventure swings
This is Sofia getting her brothers to push her in the playground. She loves these kinds of swings.
climbing in the playground
Sofia loves a climb, and this playground has a lot of fun things to climb including this one. Though Sofia climbs and Jorge will follow!
seating area at the playground
Or for us parents its nice that they have some nice picnic benches to sit at whilst the kids are playing. Or somewhere to sit with one of the amazing food and drink items that you have bought.

Web Adventure Park Animals

York adventure park also has plenty of animals too. When you book your web adventure park tickets online, there is the option to add animal food to it, so that you can pet and feed the animals as you go around.

We’re used to doing this on a day out, and it reminds me of Portugal and the goats that they had at Krazy World. I was expecting lots of crazy hungry goats begging for food, but during our summer trip I wonder if everyone had already fed them, because they weren’t that interested in the food.

york adventure park chickens
This is the chickens at Web Adventure and they were very lively and loving the attention.
goats at york adventure park
We managed one goat feeding session on our September visit – I am assuming less people feeding them?

There is also sheep, guinea pigs and a few other things, that will excite the kids.

Web Adventure Park (more outdoors)

Beyond everything I have already mentioned there is also the tractor park (Jorge loved this), and Sofia’s favourite was the jumping pillow. They were last on the jumping pillow when we were visiting York Maze and were very pleased to have an extra bounce!

top view of the bouncing pillow
Here is the view of the bouncing pillow from the top of the Ferris Wheel. They have two and one is for the smaller kids and one is for the bigger kids. I love this and it never felt overcrowded.
the tractors at web adventure park
This is Jorge on the tractors. He loved them and if I had a pound for each time, he went on them, then I would have been rich by the end of the day!

Web Adventure Park Soft Play

So, you have done the outside of Web Adventure Park, and now lets go inside and enjoy the soft play.

I have been to many great play centres with the kids, including Peppa Pig World, William’s Den, and the old days of Wacky World, but never have I ever loved a soft play area as much as I do at Web Adventure.

They have a brilliant baby area, a toddler section, great slides, lots of fun areas to go through as well as a kids only obstacle area. Plus, from the top you get a lovely view of the area.

Like I mentioned at the start, in the winter months you enter the York adventure park via the soft play area and its around the soft play sections that you have the café and plenty of seating. This area (just the soft play) would be brilliant for the winter months when you want to do something indoors with the kids.

web adventure soft play top shot
This is the top view that I took of the soft play and YES big kids like me (I am 41) can go in there!
web adventure cafe
This is another top view but the café view and you can also order the food from a QR code making it even easier.   
soft play slides at web adventure park
This was my favourite bit (big kid moment) climbing through the soft play and then joining the kids for a joint slide down.
soft play section for the younger kids
This is the kids play section for the younger kids – it has smaller slides as well as a ball pool.

Web Adventure Park Food & Drink

Let’s talk about the food and drink, the snacks, and best of all the ice cream and sundae options at York Adventure Park and what we loved the most.

Let’s start with the outdoor snacks as that is what we had as we took the kids on the rides and into the playground, though of course, food and drink is not allowed around the animals.

One more thing before we dive in – Web Adventure Park at York doesn’t allow you to bring in your own food and drink. BUT OMG the food at Web Adventure Park is the BEST I have ever had on an adventure park.

There is a snack bar by the rides – this on our first visit was lovely but on our second I ordered a sausage roll and it was cold and after asking to warm it up was still cold. But there are other snacks like your hot dogs and pastries so maybe the others are better.

ice creams and sundae at web adventure york
But ice cream is the wow factor and get yourself to their ice cream hut. They have the most amazing flavours of ice cream as well as the sundaes.

And OMG those sundaes have the wow factor – but they took a while, and we watched as ours were stacked before they were all done. But looked behind us and the queue was so long because it was just one person there and when she had sundae orders, they took her ages.

two of our sundaes at web adventure park
These were the sundaes they were so good, but so big. I recommend if getting them for kids that 2 kids share them because they are HUGE and well worth the money.

Then inside at the soft play centre is when the best food happens, and can I just say I am obsessed with the web adventure park food menu.

But rather than talking you through the entire menu, let me share with you the highlights.

I LOVE the half jacket potato option – I get this for me because when I am going inside the soft play with the kids or back on the rides I don’t want a carb coma and this just hits the spot.

cheesy chips web adventure york
They also have delicious cheesy chips and just check out the picture – unlike some places the cheese actually melts, plus they layer up the cheese so that its not just the top couple of chips.

Jorge loves the beans on toast here (he makes a cheap date lol) and Sofia loves the kid’s sausage and chips which is made with cocktail sausages making it the ideal kids portion.

chicken salad at web adventure
They also do a delicious chicken salad that is the perfect portion size and also very delicious and not boring at all.

Other favourites from the web adventure park food menu include the cheeseburgers (Kyle loved it), the kids little pizzas and the grown-up pizzas too which are homemade. They also do delicious falafels if you are a vegetarian.

Web Adventure Park York Reviews

We loved our trip to Web Adventure Park, it was so good that we went back again within 30 days of our first trip.

Because we love trying new places, we don’t normally go back to the same place in the same summer, but we fell so crazy in love with Web Adventure Park that we went twice within 30 days.

We are now planning another trip here over the winter months.

I would give York Web Adventure a 10/10 for value for money, great food, great staff and having plenty to do with kids. 

Web Adventure York Visitor Information

  • Where in Web Adventure? The Web Adventure Park is located on the York Ring Road. I describe it to friends and family as close to one of the York Park & Ride drop off points and its very easy to access and very well directed.
  • York Web Adventure prices. The prices for York Web Adventure is the cheapest I have ever seen for a family day out, especially with what is included. For a family of four it is JUST £57 and that is for two adults and two children.
  • What age is York Web Adventure suitable for? We recommend going to Web Adventure if you have kids between aged 3 and 10. Though our 22 year old and us grownups did equally love it.
  • Web Adventure Park opening times? The Web Adventure Park opens from 9.30am until 6pm so you really can make a day out of this great value for money family adventure park.
  • What about Web Adventure Park rides? The web adventure park York has a lot of rides to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice! You have a theme of classic fairground rides such as the ferris wheel, cup and saucer, a kids rollercoaster, and of course the classic carousel.

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