Williams Den Review + Photos

Williams Den is both an outdoor and indoor adventure play area for kids. It is located near Hull in East Yorkshire and is a family day out that you want to return to over and over again.

If your kids love soft play, climbing areas, swings, homemade stone pizzas, and character meet and greets then William’s Den is this, plus so much more.

williams den review and photos

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Williams Den

We first visited Williams Den for Easter 2022 and we all had a marvellous time. We visited back then as we had it on the radar for Easter things to do with the kids.

Over the Easter holidays we visited Williams Den, Sewerby Park, Dalby Forest and Burton Agnes Hall. Williams Den was our favourite and we always said we would come back and visit again.

Then other places we wanted to visit happened and it kind of got forgotten about.

Well, we have finally done it….and headed back to Williams Den. We want to eat more of their pizza, we want to watch the kids run across the straw bales, and because I am a big kid at heart I want to go inside the kids indoor play area and run across it all.

We chose a fairly warm day in June for our trip back because we wanted to go when the weather would be nice enough to enjoy the outside options, as well as going indoors too.

What Is Williams Den?

When I mention my love for williams den to other mums, most have not heard of it. So think of it as the outdoor fun of Center Parcs but at a family day out attraction. You have the den building like you do at Center Parcs and you also have a lot of wood based outside play areas as well as tyre swings and of course the zip lines. Then indoors you have a fun indoor play area which is like one of the best ever soft play areas.

You also have plenty of benches around making it good for parents to sit down and chill whilst the kids play.

Getting To Williams Den?

Many people refer to William’s Den as either Williams Den Hull or Williams Den North Cave. This is because William’s Den is just before North Cave and in the Brough region on the outskirts of Hull.

It is very easy to get to and you can follow the B1230 or the A1034 to quickly get there. It is also off a main road and well sign posted.  

Arriving at Williams Den

Williams Den Review

On arrival at Williams Den you will notice the entrance as you enter the car park. Unlike many days out places you go inside the facility to the little reception area to pay or to show your tickets before the kids start playing.

arriving at williams den
I am sure you are like us and have an excited kid way ahead of you, as you lock up the car, as they are so excited for all the fun they are going to have.

From the reception area you can see the indoor play area in front of you, and also right near the reception area is the main toilets. You can then see the restaurant from here, head out to the outside play areas and access the ice cream parlour.

On arrival (like most families) its always the toilets first so that we can then relax knowing they are not going to nag us to go straight after they start playing.

The toilets even impress me here. That is because it’s a big unisex area which is great for if you are going to William’s Den as a single dad with a little girl which I know is a problem for many.

They also have toilets with 1 kids’ toilet and 1 grown up toilet inside, perfect for taking them together. 

Then after the toilets another thing that really impresses me. As you get the wristbands for the kids you write your mobile number on the wristbands and if the kids get lost they can ring you straight away to come and collect. Now that is a great touch.

Now we have done the toilet routine and got our wristbands I have this amazing hack for you to do if having a pizza here, before you head into the play areas.

Top Tip: Order Your Pizzas Now NOT At Lunch

When we came to Williams Den before we had a long wait for the pizza. I was so bored with how long it was, and it felt it took a lot of time off play time.

This time what we did was ordered the pizza and other sides when we arrived at 10ish. We then paid for them and requested them for a takeaway collection at 12.30pm.

Then we had family fun and at 12.30pm Dom went to the restaurant to collect our takeaway. He waited JUST 4 minutes for it compared to the 40 minutes we waited last year. We then sat outside and ate it on the picnic benches with drinks we had bought from the bar.

We will now do this every time that we visit Williams Den and will try this method at other places.

Williams Den – Indoor Play Area

Straight after ordering our Williams Den famous pizzas, we headed into the indoor play area, whilst Dom went to get himself a coffee.

It’s a brilliant indoor area and would be brilliant for something to do when its raining, because you could spend the day in here, and still feel like you have had plenty of fun.

williams den indoor play area where to start
Then this is like play area overload. Where do you start and which bit of climbing do you do first? I just love the way Sofia inspects it before we start!
williams den indoor slides
But it didn’t take Sofia long, she was soon going down the slides, then climbing across all the bridges and then there was the firemen pole that she was soon shooting down and of course the sandy play area where the kids can get really dirty!
jorge climbing around the indoor play area
Jorge was soon off though and climbing all around the indoor play area. He is a typical boy at places like these but loves his mum to go in with him when she agrees!
taking it in turns to play on the pole in the indoor play area at williams den
Though from the inside areas the fireman pole was the most loved from them both and they were very good, once they got the hang of it, in taking it in turns to have a go.
hay bale running at williams den
When I went inside the indoor play area, I was impressed by the lovely view out of the window of all the outside play areas. I was now excited to take them outside and have even more fun.

We also returned to the indoor play area for our last 30 minutes before heading home. We chose this time for them to play in the sand area, because we didn’t want them getting dirty too soon.

Also, just by chance it was on our quick stop on the way home that we saw their own character meet and greet doing the rounds.

This was great fun and the kids loved it.

I managed to get some pics as the character was going around and I thought it was a fantastic special touch that William’s Den does something like this.

william at williams den
Here is William! If you look closely at the picture you will see that Sofia is behind him and she hasn’t even noticed what is in front of her. She is just too red faced and tired from a hot day of playing.

Williams Den – Outdoor Play Area

We entered the outdoor play area via the indoor as one leads to the other, or you can use the door from the reception area.

The kids are like outdoor fun overload and can’t decide where to go and this is when they normally separate in the excitement, and one stays with me and the other stays with Dom.

They were not too bothered for the den building feature, because we did this at Center Parcs and kind of made a fool of ourselves and did a bad job. Kids never forget this stuff do they? So, they looked at it and groaned.

They headed instead straight for the tyre swings, the rope swings, followed by the zip wire. Both Sofia and Jorge are both really good at the zip wire and they do it whenever we go to Burton Agnes Hall and anywhere else that has them!

mastering the tyre swings at williams den
Here they both are on the tyre swings at Williams Den. I just love how much they love these, though I spend most of the day pushing them and then two minutes later they want to stop and then go again!
jorge getting his zip wire to go again at williams den
The zip wire though is their special place and I just love watching Jorge put all his 6 year old strength into then pushing it back to the top to start again!

Then after this it was a bit of this and that from the outdoor play sections before we went over to our favourite spot, which I always think looks really good and that is the hay bales where they literally run across the hay from one side to the other. Its like the best feature in our opinion of William’s Den compared to what other outdoor family adventure places have.

This is what the hay bales look like from a distance. They are at the far end and close to where you go from here to do the walking trail. We usually wait until it is quiet and then they can normally do the hay bale run on their own.

sofia and jorge about to race eachother on the hay bales
We had our moment of having it to ourselves and spent about 20 minutes watching them race each other from one side to another. They were so red faced because it was a hot heat wave day and that night they slept very well!

Then that was the main outdoor play areas that we love at Williams Den, but there is quite a lot to choose from, so your kids might have different favourites to us.

Williams Den – Homemade Pizza

Okay, so you have followed my mega tip and got a takeaway instead of eating in the restaurant and not had to worry about the kids complaining they are hungry and that they had to wait ages for their food.

We sat outside with a Calippo slush each (us parents need these too when its hot) and our pizza order. We had a cheese pizza, a garlic bread with cheese, and some loaded French fries. Plenty for the four of us and of course, we still had the ice cream parlour to check out.

I would normally take picnics on days out, but seriously the pizza here needs to be mentioned again and again and again and eaten each time you come as it is so good!

williams den hull pizza
Here is our trio of food. It cost us £25.50 and I don’t think that is a bad price for great food for 4 of us.

Williams Den – Ice Cream Parlour

And after pizza, the kids other favourite food “ice cream” didn’t disappoint.

It is like an ice cream parlour, with various flavours to choose from and various cone options and of course, lots of Cadbury’s flakes to keep everyone happy too.

jorge checking out the ice cream at williams den ice cream parlour
Jorge checking out which ice cream he wanted from the ice cream parlour. A 6 year old has the biggest decision to make of his life!
my ice cream at williams den
This was my biscoff 99 it was so good and I took it with me on a walk through the woodland. 

I went with Biscoff but what was interesting was the one Dom chose. Which is a no-no with kids because it makes a LOT of mess. He had a chocolate ice cream with the chocolate tap and the tap goes over the ice cream and then hardens like the top chocolate coating of a magnum ice cream. It did look fab though but he was so messy afterwards!

Williams Den – Walking Trail

Our schedule at Williams Den included the ordering of our pizza first, then the indoor play area, then outside, then pizza for lunch, then we headed out to do the walking trail with our ice creams. This is then followed up with a last play in the inside area.

I will admit now that the ice cream comes at the perfect time for some good old parent bribery as in don’t complain on this walk as you have a delicious ice cream to enjoy.

The ice cream as it was hot was melting fast, so we needed to be quick having it as we did the walking trail.

The walking trail you follow from just a little bit further pas the hay bales and because most parents have kids that don’t want to do it, you have a quieter area. So if you want to be away from the crowds this is where to be!

We did the woodlands walk which worked out at about 2800 steps or 2.1km or as I like to call it a mile and a bit.

It is very beautiful and reminds me of our trip to the Black Forest in Germany, or a day trip to Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire.

woodlands walk at williams den
This is one of the many views we had as you walked around the Woodland Walk. As we walked around which was on a busy weekend, we were the only one taking in the views and exploring everything on offer.
woodland walk williams den
If you are worried that you can’t make it round the trail. There are plenty of signs to return to the main area, so that you can do a shorter route. Much to the hubbys disgust I chose to keep going!
fun facts throughout the woodlands trail at williams dn
Another interesting part of the trail is that they have interesting facts boards throughout. A good chance for the kids to learn about the wildlife and to make it more interesting for them. I remember these boards from when we came originally for the Easter trails.

Williams Den Hull Review

We just LOVED our day trip to Williams Den. There is something purely magical about the place that now makes us want to go back again and again. You can see when you visit Williams Den why it has become the most popular family day out in East Yorkshire and why so many people recommend going there.

You can also do Williams Den Camping if you love to camp and in the summer months it is certainly the place to be.

Also, if you live local you could also do birthday parties here too.

  • Where is Williams Den? Williams Den is just before North Cave and on the outskirts of Hull. Many locals with either call it Williams Den North Cave, or Williams Den Hull.
  • What is the post code for Williams Den?. If you are using your sat nav or Google Maps to navigate to Williams Den it is HU15 2LS.
  • What age is Williams Den aimed at? I would recommend Williams Den for under 10’s. We felt it was a great play area for our 6 year old and 8 year old but felt if they were over 10 that they wouldn’t get much out of it.
  • Williams Den Prices. For a children’s indoor play area and with everything that is included, we find that Williams Den tickets are very reasonable. In fact, for 2 adults and 2 kids we paid JUST £45.80

Pin William’s Den For Later!

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