York Maze Review + Photos

York Maze is a very popular family day out. With the biggest maze in the UK, themed family mazes to explore, kid’s playgrounds and so much more, it’s the ideal summer day out with your kids.  

We visited York Maze when it opened for the summer season and were lucky to get York Maze half price tickets.

york maze

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York Maze

I just love the fun and excitement of a maze.

Competing with each other, of who is first around the maze, the fun of missing your turn and then eventually getting to the middle of the maze and getting excited about making it to the middle.

We have already shared our fun on Trip Meets Travel this year of our favourite maze at Chatsworth House and Gardens and the fun of the maze at Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens, but what is different about York Maze is that instead of it been the gardens of a stately home with a maze as part of the gardens, York Maze is all about mazes, so if you love a fun maze you have several of them here and we were excited to try them out. 

York Maze Half Price

Now this is interesting….. York Maze like a lot of other family days out, is not a cheap visit. But what I didn’t know, until my friend Claire filled me in, is that you can get half price tickets to visit York Maze.

What happens is the day that they announce the tickets are on sale for the season, you can get half price tickets and then book your York Maze tickets for the day.

So, thanks to Claire we did exactly that, but ALMOST missed out.

You see, everyone is going for the half price tickets and we were heading out for a day cycling at Dalby Forest and we were trying and trying but the site crashed (I am assuming because of the interest) and then as we headed closer and closer into Dalby Forest we had zero internet.

Thankfully on the way home we managed to get our York Maze tickets at half price. RESULT!!!

If you want to do the same, then they are called York Maze early bird offer and keep an eye out on their social media for a release date from April onwards.

Is There Parking At York Maze?

Yes, there is parking at York Maze. When you arrive at York Maze you will see the car parks and there is a second car park section in case the first one is all full up.

more car parking at york maze if it is really busy
This is the overflow car park that they have at York Maze though the day we went it was raining so I don’t think it was at full capacity as it never felt that busy.

What Age Group Is York Maze For?

We visited the maze York with a 6 year old and an 8 year old we felt that they were the perfect age for the place. We spotted a lot of kids there between the ages of 3-10 and felt that 4-8 was probably the ideal age. Though as grown ups we also had an amazing time at York Maze.

What Is The Largest Maze In York?

The largest maze in York is situated at York maze. It is called the giant maize maze (many people call the place York Maize because of this) and is considered the largest in Europe.

But this is not the only reason to visit York Maze because it has several other mazes for you to check out and they all have a different theme, making it fun for kids and perfect for their imagination.

When Was York Maze Built?

The history of York Maze is really interesting and the man behind the great place is Tom Pearcy who bought a farm on the outskirts of York to create a maze for families to visit, then realised he needed somewhere bigger so after buying Dunnington Lodge in 2005 he worked hard on the new location and moved his York Maze there in 2007.

All these years later, York Maze is a hugely popular attraction visited by many families every summer. 

Starting Your York Maze Adventure

Once you arrive at York Maze and park your car, there is a small queue to go in. Though interestingly, York Maze is a cashless place, so on arrival if you have not got tickets there is a QR code that you can scan and get last minute tickets if you need to.

last minute york maze tickets
This is the sign just before you go in where you can buy York Maze tickets if you have forgotten. Though I wouldn’t like to leave it last minute like this, especially if you have had a long drive to get there.

Then once you are in its time to have some maze fun.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived inside of York Maze is the meet and greet where there are some corn characters that your kids can meet and have a photo with. This was a really nice touch.

character meet and greet york maze
Meeting the characters at York Maze was great fun and they had a lot of patience if you wanted to take multiple pictures at the same time.

Then after the meet and greet we decided to focus first on the non-maze activities and then finish with the mazes.

Next stop was the popcorn pillow. If you have not done this at a kid’s adventure park before then it is great fun. Think bouncy castle but its like a large pillow that can be quite hard for the grown ups to climb onto.

They operate the popcorn pillow at the maze in time slots so that one lot finish and a new session starts, though we didn’t have to wait long to go onto it.

popcorn pillow at york maze
Here is what the popcorn pillow looks like at The York Maze our kids loved it and its also undercover which at the time there was rain, so it was appreciated.

Then next, they headed into a small playground, and we talked them into leaving after about 5 minutes, just because there was so much other stuff to do, and we wanted to get the maze wow factor whilst here.

The next section we headed to was the Cornula One. This is the only area that really disappointed the kids, but we did love the name and the corn references throughout.

The reason it was so, so disappointing the kids is that all the kids were expecting a ride and there must have been a crowd of at least 30 people (if not more – I didn’t do an exact count) and it was more of an entertainment thing rather than a ride, but all these kids were excitedly stood around the edges waiting for a go and 4 adults and 1 12 year old got a turn instead, so the kids had waited for about 30 minutes and didn’t get to go on!

cornula one waiting to start
This is the cornula one just before it started. The entertainment was funny, well apart from getting soaked when it was freezing!

Corn on the quad was the way to go to get the kids happy again after their almost formula one rides. They all got the chance to go around the track that were like quad bikes and they had a great time.

We have done many similar rides at other parks and this one was the best for how short the queue was and how long they got on the quads.

corn on the quad at york maze
These are the four corn on the quad waiting for the next kids to have a go. Four kids go at a time and they only do 3 laps so that means the queue moves fast.

Constacle Course was our next stop, and this was fun. Though we couldn’t really see what happened on the inside. But could see the kids competing against each other going in and running through the obstacle and then seeing who came out first.

Then they did the cob sleigh which they both loved and if we had time would have gone back to later in the day, but there is just so much to do, its hard to do it all. If you have not done the sleigh rides at other parks, then its like a little sledging ride and you take the sledge back to the top again and slide back down. A great way to tire out your kids and them want to be so tired later that they head to bed early!

cob sleigh at york maze
This is Sofia + Jorge on the sleigh ride at York Maze such great fun and moves fast so never a big queue to worry about.

They also found some nice slides to go down and then it was time for some lunch. We were really excited about the food as we read on their website that they had a corn theme.

Eating At York Maze

Okay, so I admit it now, I am a foodie and I love my food. Before coming to visit the mazes, I have checked out the website and licked my lips at the thought of posh dogs (please say they have onions and mustard), bacon butties and of course burgers. I just know Dom will want a burger and that me and Jorge will want a hotdog!

We looked at the menu and then placed our order whilst the kids sat down at one of the benches. It had been raining, they were a bit cold and whenever we glanced over, they were cuddling each other!

After ordering we waited 18 minutes for the food to be ready. Not exactly fast food so we were thinking it must be homemade and worth the wait for that long???

Well, it came, and it was so bad that we got the corn dog refunded. The corn dog was like 1/3 of the size of a regular corn dog and was so overcooked it was like the texture of a brick.

corn dog and hot dog at york maze
Just check it out for size. Corn dogs are hot dogs in batter, and if you look its about 1/3 of the size of the hotdog and as you can see seriously overcooked.

We also had corn on the cob (their speciality) and it was sat there in a pool of butter, not salted and way too greasy.

Then the loaded fries were overcooked and hard as rocks too. We think they had cooked the fries again when they did the toppings as they were way over cooked. And the cheese hardly melted on them, so not sure what they did.

loaded fries york maze
These are the loaded fries at York Maze. They were hard as nails as they had obviously tried to melt the cheese a and failed and in the process carried on cooking the fries for too long.

The burger and the hot dog were okay and so was the nachos but the rest of it was awful and when it cost over £40 you expect better.

The nachos could have been portioned better as did look awful.

nachos at york maze
This is the nachos. It would have been much better with a layer of salsa, then sour cream, then guacamole and of course a hot cheese sauce layer. But the cheese sauce was cold.

I must say I was very disappointed and it’s the only time ever that I have asked for a refund at a theme park.

I have been to a lot of theme parks and activity places, and this has to be the worst food I have come across. Of course, I don’t expect amazing things as it is fast food but I expect basics and food not to be overcooked and melting cheese isn’t exactly difficult.

I recommend bringing a picnic instead if coming to York Maze.

Maize Maze York

So, after the disaster of lunch at The Maze we were ready to put that behind us and get into the large maze, after all, that was the real reason for being there.

We started with the big one which many call the Maize Maze York. It is huge and is believed to be bigger than five full football pitches. It is also totally different to other mazes we have done, such as Chatsworth House and instead is like being in a giant corn field. I don’t know why but I am thinking about the movie Field Of Dreams and if you build it, they will come!

the giant maize maze
Firstly, you head through an arch way like this that says the giant maize maze and then you can explore the history of York Maze.

It is like a mini museum to York Maze where you get to read all about the previous maze themes that they have had for the large ones.

dr who maize maze
Our favourite was in 2013 they had a theme for Dr Who. We just loved how this maze looked and how each year is a totally different theme.

We also learnt that in 2002 it as the Vikings maze, in 2003 it was spiders web, 2004 the flying Scotsman, 2005 Big Ben, 2006 Star Trek, 2011 was Harry Potter, 2016 was Roald Dahl, 2018 was Jurassic Park, 2019 was The Lion King and 2020 would have been Monopoly.

We then headed into the maze and its like you are walking up and down corn fields and a totally different look of what you are used to for a maze.

maize maze york
If you look carefully this is Sofia a million miles ahead telling us which way to go next as we walk around the maze.
heading up the stairs at york maze
Then of course, when you get to a section you go up the stairs and then you can see the numbers in the background so you can then find your way to the next maze stop. Without this, it really would be a needle in a haystack!
next clue at york maze
As you can see here, the next clue is in the distance and we know we are walking in the right direction. I also didn’t get lost as much as I do at other mazes so its easier than you think.

Then at the end there is a lady, giving you a sticker and congratulating you for completing the York maze.

You are now in the other section of York Maze and its home to more toilets (thank you so much for two sets of toilets its appreciated!), another eating area with snacks and ice cream and of course all the mini mazes, which I thought were a lot of fun!

For other mazes at the maze York you have sunflower maze, jurassic maze, illusions maze, music maze and a few others. Our personal favourite was the illusions maze which really did educate the kids, but all of them are well worth checking out.

the maze york music
Here is Jorge making some noise inside of the music maze. We thought this was the best of fun for the kids and they were lots of different sounds they could do as they walked around.
The dinosaur maze
We also found the Jurassic theme very good and there was a photo opportunity for the kids before they went in. Then lots of dinosaurs for them to spot as they walked around and they had to see if they could spot them all.
sunflower maze york maze
On the sunflower section they also had the chance to get their fingers a little coloured, match themselves to a colour combo and then have their own action assigned such as barking like a dog, call for the pigs or stick out your tongue.
york maze illusions duck or rabbit
Then in the illusions section the kids had fun checking out each of the different themes, though the duck/rabbit illusion was our favourite. How your brain reads the writing vs seeing the picture. Now tell me do you see a duck or a rabbit? 

Then after the various little mazes (we ran out of time so didn’t manage them all) the kids enjoyed the climbing wall and then the volcano.

maze york volcano
The volcano is seriously hard work for the kids climbing up it and then sliding back down. We noticed that the kids did the best when they went on it without their socks on!

Then after the volcano we had well and truly worn them out and we did the 45 minute drive home.

York Maze Reviews

We loved our trip to the York Maze, but the food was awful, and we feel like it would have got 9/10 if the food was edible. Overall, we loved the facilities at York Maze and would recommend going each year to see that years theme. We would recommend if visiting you bring your own picnic and avoid the food.

This Yorkshire maze is brilliant and well worth the price that we paid to visit.

We also really enjoyed the other themes throughout such as the climbing wall, corn themed quads and the sleigh ride.

How Long Do People Spend At York Maze?

I read that you only need 90 minutes to enjoy the facilities of York Maze, yet others told me you can easily spend a full day there.

We looked at the time we arrived until when we left and we personally spent 7 hours here, but felt we didn’t do it all, but the kids were really tired by then.

Personally, we recommend a full day at this York maize as there is just so much to do.

York Maze Visitor Information

  • Where in York is York Maze? York Maze is not located in York city centre, instead York maze is on the outskirts of York. York Maze address is elvington lane York YO19 5LT. The York Maze is also very close to the Grimston Bar stop of York Park & Ride.
  • York Maze Postcode. If using a Sat Nav or Google Maps the post code for York Maze is YO19 5LT.
  • York Maze prices. The prices for York Maze are £24.50 each though we managed to get a special early bird deal. Thanks to the early bird deal our York Maze tickets were £18.50 each making it much cheaper.
  • What age is York Maze suitable for? We recommend going to York Maze if you have kids between aged 3 and 10.
  • Is York Maze open all year around? No, York Maze markets itself as a summer attraction plus Halloween. It opens for the summer in mid-July and then closes early September, making it available for the best weather.
  • What is Maze York opening times? The maze at York is open from 10am to 6.30pm. We recommend getting there for 10am so that you have time to make the most out of the cost for going.

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