York Park And Ride Information + Review

If you are visiting the beautiful historical city of York and don’t want to lose an hour looking for a car parking space, then we highly recommend you use the York park and ride.

Here we have information of the park and ride at York, the different options available, park and ride cost, park and ride drop off points and so much more.

Park and Ride York

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York Park And Ride

I remember first going on the York Park And Ride with my mum when I was in my teens. It would have been way back in the 90’s and clearly, I am showing my age!

She would bring me into York for my birthday and we would do shopping + Betty’s Tearooms and the park and ride made it so much easier.

Now fast forward all these years later, and Me & Dom love the park and ride to do a bit of shopping or York sightseeing and then hop back on the bus at the end of a busy day.  

There are of course many park and ride services on the outskirts of York and we can help you choose one and make sure your day out in York goes smoothly.

What Is A Park & Ride?

A park and ride is a service offered mainly in cities, though sometimes in busy towns, that allow you to park your car on the outskirts of an area, then use the bus into the main location.

You then get the bus back to the car park and it means you don’t spend a couple of hours, lost in a big city centre, trying to figure out where to park your car.

You simply park and then you ride!

Is There A Park And Ride In York?

Yes, there is not just one but seven popular park and ride options on the outskirts of the city centre.

The park and ride near York that we use the most is what they call grimston bar park and ride York.

If you put park and ride York into your Google maps or your sat nav, you are likely to find lots of results. That is because there is not just one park and ride for York and given its size it needs several.

Park and Ride Grimston
This is the screenshot from our phone of the different park and ride at York. We like the Grimston option because its easy to get to for you to get parked and drops you off at a great location.

We have been on different days of the week and still found it to be quite busy, so imagine if they only had one park and ride option.

Grimston Park And Ride York

The first thing you will notice from the Sat Nav is that Grimston Park & Ride doesn’t say Grimston and is simply known as park and ride York. Though its 1 hull road if you are confused over which is which. Or scroll right in on your Google Map and it then names it as Grimston bar.

When you arrive at the Grimston Park & Ride you can park up and then make your way straight to the bus stop and wait for the next bus or head to the toilets.

Toilets At Grimston Bar Park and Ride
Mum of two means that we do the toilets first and then the bus second. For toilets used by many people coming in for buses we are always surprised by how nice and clean the toilets are.
Waiting For A Bus At York Park and Ride
Then you can queue up and wait for the next bus. We have never waited more than 10 minutes for the park and ride. I do recommend you allocate 40 minutes for park and ride in case you have something pre-booked in York.
York Park and Ride Rules
Also note, there are rules. For example, you can’t just use the facility to dump your car and then not be using the service. Or for parking overnight or even for sleeping at the premises.  Sorry motor homers you will have to find somewhere else!

The York Park and Ride cost in my opinion, is very reasonable for the great service you are getting. For us, it takes a lot of the stress out too and once you have done park and ride (for any city) there is no going back.  

The price we paid for our park and ride was £7.20 for a day return for Me & Dom and the kids went free.

York Park and Ride Prices
This is the price list for the park and ride at Grimston Bar as you can see they are very reasonable and a great way to get into York.

York Park & Ride times suit us too. They run from 5am in the morning until 9.15pm at night and then on a Sunday it starts later at 9.30am through to 5.50pm. Giving you plenty of time to have a nice day out in York.

Also, depending on where you want to be, there are six main stops on the park and ride service. We were visiting Hole In Wand which is across the road from the Jovik Centre making Piccadilly the perfect stop for us.

York Park and Ride Opening Times
This shows the opening times for the park and ride as well as exactly which stops it does so that you can plan your day. We love the fact that there is choice and its not just York City Centre.

Then when you are done for the day, you can go to any of the main stops on the route and then hop back on and head back to your car.

Askham Bar York Park & Ride

During day 1 of our 3 day use of the York Pass we used the York Askham Bar park and ride. Its weird when you have used the same one all the time and try another, but we quite liked the Askham bar service.

Askham Bar York Park and Ride
This is what the Askham bar park and ride looks like. It looks very similar to the Rawcliffe option though, but is very similar in service to Grimston.

What is brilliant about it is that it does offer a race course option when the races are on. Plus, it stops at Tower Street which is ideal for Clifford Tower and for York Castle Museum.

Askham Bar Park Ride and Stops
This is the York park and ride stops. Perfect for race day, national railway museum and of course tower street.

Just like the other park and rides there is a ticket system and it’s the same price and has nice clean toilets.

Rawcliffe York Park & Ride

This is the 3rd park and ride we have tried for York. Though it is also the most disappointing too. Its right on the outskirts so coming from East Yorkshire it’s a longer drive, but ideal if you are coming from Manchester, Leeds, or Harrogate.

Rawcliffe Bar Park N Ride York
This is blue bus you get with the Rawcliffe park and ride. Unlike the others that are double deckers this has an extension on the end that makes it double the size and its amazing how many people fits on it. It was really busy when we came home on it and yet it was not full.

The toilets were not very nice with writing on the doors and a lot of water on the floor.

Then the park and ride locations were a lot more limited at Rawcliffe compared to the other two. With the only main city centre one being tower street, though they do have a good drop off for the national railway museum.

Rawcliffe Bar Park and Ride Stops
This is the bus stops for the Rawcliffe Bar park and ride. I felt like it could have really done with a good city centre one like Grimston Bar has.

Best Park & Ride York

So, we have been on the Grimston park and ride a lot, and tested out the Rawcliffe park and ride and Askham park and ride to see how they differ.

Well, firstly the price is the same and the park and ride opening times are very similar, so it comes down to the routes on offer.

Grimston park and ride is the best for going to the shops. It is also located across from the Jorvik museum and Hole In The Wand and is our preferred option and also the quickest to get to from where we are travelling from.

The best park and ride to get to York railway museum is Rawcliffe as it drops you off outside vs Askham Bar which takes you to the train station and is not quite as close.

If you are heading to DIG I would recommend using Askham Bar park and ride. Though its still an easy walk from the city centre if you are doing multiple things in York.

Park And Ride In York Visitor Information

  • Can you just park at the park and ride York? No, you need to be a paying customer on the park and ride service. Its not somewhere you can just park, leave your car and go without paying.
  • Can you park overnight at York park and ride? No, you can’t. We noticed signs that you would be fined if you stayed overnight. Also, if you need your car after they have closed for the night you will also be fined.
  • Is park and ride free in York? No the park and ride in York is a paid service. Though we find that for what you get, it’s a very reasonable price for you to park hassle free for your York day out.
  • How much is York park and ride? The park and ride York cost is £3.60 for a day return by adult. This includes keeping your car at the park and ride facility for the day and your bus to and from your preferred stop.
  • How do I pay my park and ride in York? We found a guy with a machine taking the payments for the park and ride whilst we were waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive. He was very friendly and had a laugh and a joke with Jorge.  
  • What time does York park and ride close? The last park and ride for York is 5.50pm giving you chance to have a fantastic jam packed day out in York.

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Well, that’s a wrap, do you have any questions then do ask below and if you want to refer back, to this later for planning your day trip to York then don’t forget to pin it to your travel board or days out board on Pinterest.

Our Day Out Doing York Park and Ride

Why You Should Use The York Park _ Ride
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