Trip Meets Travel Newsletter

Trip Meets Travel Newsletter
Welcome to our travel adventures or as we like to call it when trip meets travel. This picture was taken on our favourite beach in the Algarve when I was pregnant with Sofia.

We have so many great trips to share, so many great travel stories to tell, and a huge collection of tips, tricks and hacks that will help you plan for your next trip better.

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If you are new to Trip Meets Travel here is a little more about us and why you will LOVE our monthly newsletter.

We wanted to create a travel blog for families, that want a real life take on what great places are like that we have visited. From amazing days out to road trips to bucket list worthy holidays in the sun.

We have completed three amazing road trips, we lived in the beautiful Algarve and are currently planning our second trip to Disney World.

We also love saving money on our holidays too and we want to share with you a few hacks that can make it easy to save money along the way and exactly how we do things.

We also have a mix of cheap days out vs a more expensive holiday. We will show you how to pack for a caravan holiday to how to save BIG on your trip to Disney World.

Our weekly travel tips are sent out every Friday morning subscribe today and we will it over to your inbox.

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Why Should You Subscribe? 

  • Our TMT Monthly Newsletter is a bit more personal and fun, than many newsletters and is NOT just about notifying you of the latest blog post. Instead, I share what’s happening in my life, what days out and holidays are currently inspiring me and generally just what I’m loving lately, be it new travel accessories, days out that have amazed me or what I am currently planning.
  • The TMT Newsletter also includes all the new videos and blog posts that we have added over the past month, so you’ll always stay up to date on what’s happening on Trip Meets Travel.
  • The TMT Newsletter almost always includes exclusive discounts and freebies for subscribers, so you’ll save the pounds!
  • The TMT Team Are Well Travelled. We have travelled around Europe, lived in The Algarve, done lots of road trips, been to Mexico, been to Disney World and we love to share our experiences with you.

You Can Personalise Your Travel Plans:

  • Our Travel Stories. Laugh, smile and cry with us as we share our travel stories. Both since we started TMT and our holidays and days out before then. They arrive in your inbox every Friday morning.
  • Tailored Newsletters. We also have newsletters specific to the different trips and travel you want to make. No point me sharing Disney World with you when you are only interested in days out in Yorkshire or trips to Benidorm.

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Love Sam, Dom, Kyle, Sofia & Jorge x