Hole In Wand York Mini Golf Review + Photos

The Hole In Wand is a York Mini Golf experience to the theme of Harry Potter. It is located in York City Centre in North Yorkshire and is perfect to add to your day out in York itinerary.

If you love mini golf, you will love this York mini golf. Totally different to most crazy golf experiences and you will leave thankful that you tried it out.

Hole In Wand York Minigolf Review

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Crazy Golf York

I mentioned last week that we had told the kids it was either The Deep or the Hole In Wand for a day out and that we chose The Deep because it was closer.

Well six days later we are heading to the beautiful city of York and doing the Hole In Wand as part of our cheap York day out. We love York and always feel like a city that is less than an hour away from our home, just doesn’t get visited enough.

Of course, like the naughty parents we are, we informed our Harry Potter obsessed 21 year old that doesn’t live in England about this and got the middle finger emoji. Now that is not very nice Kyle, just because we don’t love Harry Potter as much as you!

What Is The Hole In Wand?

The Hole In Wand, is a themed mini golf based inside of an old shop in York City Centre. Its over two floors and is a 9 hole crazy golf set around Harry Potter and general wizard style themes.

Because it’s a fun mini golf, you don’t have to be a HUGE Harry Potter fan to enjoy it and its much cheaper compared to many things to do in York.

Getting To The Hole In Wand?

Okay, York City Centre freaks out most people including us. You just don’t want to be stuck trying to get into the city centre and everything going wrong, so we highly recommend the York Park & Ride.

It then takes you to almost across the road from where you access the York Crazy Golf.

Finding Hole In Wand
This is the view from across the road as we wait for the park and ride back home. Where you see the bike that is the side road you go down to enter the street where the crazy golf is on. Just look out for the big queue for the Jovik as the golf is directly opposite.

Arriving at Hole In Wand York

When you arrive, you queue outside by the door. This is because once inside there is not that much space. And as you don’t want to be on top of the person in front of you, it creates an ideal queuing system and allows people not to feel as rushed.

Though of course, one playing golf like with most mini golf venues there is always the time when you are waiting for those that are in front of you.

Then once you enter and they have booked you in, you get your golf ball, there is a little wait and then you go to the section to the left of the shop where your photo is taken and they are very good with kids if you are bringing little ones with you.

Sofia Checking For Her Magic
Sofia checking to see if she has magic powers. She was really taken with this and you could see that she had got into the zone.
The Green Screen For Pics At The Hold In The Wand
And this is the green screen where you have your photo taken. You have a broom each to pose with and it’s a bit of fun. For prices for buying your photos we thought it was very reasonable.

You are then given your clubs and are all set and ready for your mini golf experience.

Let’s Play Harry Potter Golf

The first of the holes that we see, is the one that I find the most fascinating and has a really good theme to it.

It has a table set up and you place the ball into one of the drinking cups on the table. Then it comes out below the table and that is where you start putting the first ball in from.  

Harry Potter Golf York
Here is a view of the table and the various cups you can start from. The kids loved this theme but it took them a while first to figure out where the golf ball goes!
Hole In Wand On Hole 1
Jorge celebrates as he finishes the first hole. He beat his mum a LOT lets say!
Crazy World York Hole 1
Then this is the view under the table of where the hole is to put it into. I just love this table set up and such a lovely theme throughout the mini golf.

I have read many reviews about the Harry Potter Golf York being a bit too advanced for the younger kids. Well, can I be that younger kid? With each one you do, each person has 7 goes to get it in. If not they pick up their ball and move on. Well there was a few that I missed and also ones that Sofia missed. Though Jorge the youngest among us at 6, did very well and came 2nd to his Dad.

Mini Golf York Difficulty Level
Here is one of them, that I though was difficult. It was all about the speed and I just couldn’t manage it lol.

Heading Upstairs For More Hole In The Wand

Holes 4 To 9 Are Upstairs
Then once you have done the first holes, downstairs, its time to head upstairs and carry on with the next ones.
The Easiest Of The Holes
There were more themed holes upstairs and we found that this one was the easiest of them all. We all managed this one and it still had a lovely background so that you could admire the theme as you waited for your turn.
Harry Potter Golf Hardest Hole To Put
This was the hardest one of them all. It was the theme of a Harry Potter movie style house and you had to get the ball from one side of the house to the other. It was a lot harder than it looked and I didn’t stand a chance!

Plus, I don’t think we were alone with this as it took the family in front of us a long time to do this hole. And the mums and dads were getting a bit frustrated as they failed to a) get the ball over the top of the house then b) get it to the right section on the other side to get it near to the hole.

Though the final hole was also very difficult and in the end, mine went in the wrong place and Jorge had to climb and get it. But it was still great fun and we did have a lovely time.  

Jorge Taking On The Mini Golf York Final Shot
Here is Jorge happily taking on the final shot and proud of how well he has done as we have gone around the mini golf.

Magic Potions Tavern

The fun doesn’t end when you finish your last hole. You then head downstairs, and they have your photo up on screen and you can choose whether to buy it or not. We did with 2 different backgrounds and were surprised by how good it looked.

You are also asked to hand over your score cards and then the magic potion drinks are handed out. They grab a drink based on your score, meaning that each of us got a different drink. Of course, we all tried each other’s and were fascinated by them.

Plus, it was a really warm day when we went to York golf so it was nice to have a refreshing drink at the end.

The Potion Drinks At Hary Potter York
These are our potion drinks lined up on the counter ready for us to try them. My favourite was Jorge’s cream soda. They were also given in glass bottles so we could take them home and keep them as a souvenier along with some hole on one badges we received.

Then you could get a bite to eat if you wanted, there was a little seating and then there was a toilet to use before you headed out of the door and on with your next adventure.

Mini Golf York – In Photos

Because they have done such a great job of theming it to the style of Harry Potter and created an amazing Harry Potter golf experience, I thought I better share with some more photos 😊

The Hole In The Wand York Decor
There are plenty of paintings on the wall and lovely décor that really reminds me of the wizard theme we had when we visited Orlando.
Glow In The Dark Golf
There were a few areas in the upstairs section that had a lot of darkness. You could take a picture of the golf balls and they would glow in the dark.
Unicorns At Hole In The Wand
We also loved the glow in the dark unicorn theme that was going on during one of the holes. It didn’t even bother me and my epileptic brain.
Selfie At The Harry Potter Golf York
Time for a selfie and to take in the view behind me. Every wall and every surface was perfectly decorated and if you want themed mini golf nothing beats this.

Hole In The Wand York Review

We just LOVED the theme at The Hole In Wand and you could see the amazing attention to detail to make this place the perfect venue for anyone that is into mini golf or Harry Potter.

But we felt that the actual holes were not as good as we have experienced at other mini golf venues.

But its like a lot of places you go, you are there for the experience of the theme, over the activity.

If you are looking for a cheap day out in York, I recommend combing this with walking the York walls and having a picnic in one of the great parks.

Harry Potter Mini Golf York Visitor Information

  • Where is the Harry Potter mini golf? The Harry Potter inspired mini golf is located in the city of York, in the north of England. It is across the road from the famous York Museum The Jovik. The full address is 14-16 Coppergate Walk, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 9NT.
  • York Parking. We highly recommend the park and ride service for York as its so busy in York and it’s a cheap way to get in and out of the city for a day trip.
  • How long does it take to do The Hole In The Wand? We checked out phone and did a time stamp for how long we were there and it took us 1 hour and 5 minutes. Though note you will need to allocate another 25 minutes for wait time for coming in and if the people that are in front of you are slower or are a bigger family.
  • Do you need to book The Hole In The Wand? Yes, you do. Its one of those places that is quite small and they can only have so many people in at once. Plus, add to this all the Harry Potter fans that come into York everyday and you can understand its huge popularity. Then when you book the hole in wand, you get a time slot and have to be there 5 minutes before your slot.
  • What time does The Hole In Wand open? The Hole In Wand opens at 10am and then closes at 5.30pm. You could have it as something for the start of your day, or maybe end your day out here.
  • Hole In Wand Prices. We thought for somewhere to visit in York that this golf in York was very cheap. The prices for photos were cheap compared to elsewhere and entry was £6.99 for kids and £8.29 for adults. So, for a family of four it works out at £30.56 and remember this includes a drink each too.

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