Best Places To Eat In Beverley

You will love our list of the best places to eat in Beverley. All are family friendly. All are delicious and personally tested by us and all are easy to get to from the main car parks of Beverley.

With a bit of everything our restaurants and cafes of Beverley have been put together over several eating out experiences and reflect why eating out in Beverley is so popular that many come into Beverley for the food. 

cheeseburgers at mirage beverley

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Eating Out In Beverley

We moved to the beautiful historical market town of Beverley in the summer of 2021. Then on our daughter Sofia’s 8th birthday in the November of 2022 we bought our house in Beverley.

We love to cook, so we don’t eat out as much as others do, but we also had a mission of eating out at as many of the recommended restaurants in Beverley as possible.

Every now and then someone would post in one of the Beverley Facebook Groups asking for restaurant recommendations and I would copy and paste over, every suggestion, then with a big list to go at, we slowly made our way around the different restaurants.

If we feel a restaurant or a café weren’t great, then they didn’t make this list.

Then we scored them in order of our favourite and best experience first, then trimmed off the bottom half, to create a great list of the best places to eat in Beverley. Next time you are in Beverley or maybe you live in Beverley too, you can work your way through this great list.

Places To Eat In Beverley For Lunch

I should also mention that the majority of the restaurants in Beverley mentioned below are suitable for lunch and not just for evening meals.

Quite often Me & Dom will go somewhere together for lunch during the week when the kids are at school, love it so much that we take the kids there on the weekend for lunch too.

Plus, because Beverley gets a lot of visitors during the day, they do a big trade at lunchtime, so if you are on a day trip to Beverley, consider lunch too.

Top 10 Beverley Places To Eat


#1 Chamas

If you just want a plan for dinner tonight, then stop scrolling and go to Chamas. Chamas is by far the best Beverley restaurant. It is a Brazilian barbecue style restaurant and they have a great buffet for all the sides and then they bring you delicious perfectly cooked meat to your dinner table.

dips to choose from at chamas
This is just a small part of the salad bar at Chamas. Though don’t fill yourself up too much on it, because there is a lot of great meats to try.

The honey pork is out of this world AMAZING and everyone loves cheesy steak. Though we always look forward to the garlic bread and the meal always finishes with some cinnamon crusted roast pineapple.

serving the meat at chamas
Here is the meat carved at your table. They give you tongs to grab the meat with and its just so tender and with so many different meats you might struggle to choose a favourite.

Its not the cheapest place to eat out, but because you are getting meat after meat after meat, its like 4 steak dinners by the time you are done.

Location: Chamas is located on Wednesday market in Beverley, as it meets Railway Street. It is also across the road from Boyes.

#2 Mirage

This is Chamas another popular eatery in Beverley. It is just two doors away from Chamas and just think a happening cocktail bar that sells wine bar style food.

When you eat at Chamas you get a voucher for Mirage which you can use for £5 off a cocktail. We spent a long time, with our full tummies heading next door to chamas for a cocktail before heading home.

We did this many times and never ate at Mirage.

Then once I took the kids when I was out birthday shopping for Dom and fell in love with their food. The kids love the virgin cocktails and the burger and wraps and we find its less lively at lunchtime with the kids.

wraps at mirage beverley
This is one of the wraps I ordered. It was huge and me and Sofia never managed to finish it. It’s a good thing because we spend less sharing a meal.
cheeseburgers at mirage beverley
This is a burger I bought Jorge when we visited just before Christmas. He loves a burger over any other food when we eat out. Plus, he had some leftover to take home.

You can enjoy a delicious meal at Mirage with cocktails and you wont be disappointed.

Location: Mirage is located two doors away from Chamas on Wednesday market in Beverley and is also across the road from Boyes.

#3 Tomahawk

We have been to Tomahawk a few times. Both with and without the kids and we have found that it has always been perfect every single time.

I love the style of the food at Tomahawk and even though the prices are higher than some of the other places in Beverley, for the quality of the food you still feel like you get good value for money.

I just love how it is all plated together and how good it tastes. I often have the Brazilian rump cap which is so delicious. But there are some other great choices too. You usually choose your main and then add your sides a bit like how you choose your food at Nandos.
tomahawk desserts
Then OMG the desserts. I had the chocolate that once hot melts over the dessert. Its just so good and well worth trying next time you are at Tomahawk.

Location: Tomahawk is located on Flemingate, close to the entrance for East Riding College. There is also a playground outside for the kids.

#4 Vanessas

This is shop with amazing produce meets restaurant. Downstairs you will find cuts of meat, high quality cheeses, a butchers, and a good selection of deli products for you to buy. This is the kind of little cute shop that I could spend an hour in.

Then you head upstairs, and you have a delightful café and a lot of the food served is using the ingredients they sell downstairs.

We pre-booked for 11.30am because it gets busy very fast, yet we thought the service was spot on for its level of busyness.

reserving a table vanessas beverley
I loved this. They had a little plate marked that this was the reserved table and that it had a few bookings for the day on it. I thought it was so cute compared to the usual reserved marker.

I had the most amazing halloumi salad. I can’t believe a salad can taste this good. And my friend Julie who was with me had a lovely jacket potato with cheese.

vanessas cafe upstairs
This was the lunch that we had. That halloumi salad was huge, and I never did manage to eat it all. But it ticked all my usual boxes such as sauteed veggies, croutons, and delicious dressing.

You could visit for lunch or why not come earlier and have a delicious brunch?

I will certainly be back, and the service and the food were amazing.

Location: Vanessas is located on Saturday market in Beverley, at the far end of the town centre and also faces on to where the Saturday market is located.

#5 Kavanaugh

This is another gem in Beverley Town Centre and one that we found when we were hungry walking through Beverley.

I was meeting a friend for lunch, and we thought we would see if there were any tables spare. Just our look that after a couple of minutes we managed to get a table.

I had the most amazing hunters chicken and my friend had a cheese toastie.

The food in Kavanaugh is very nice and the service is spot on.

hunters chicken
This is the hunters chicken I had at Kavanaugh. I have also heard that they do afternoon tea and have a lot of other things on the menu to choose from.

Location: Kavanaugh is located in the centre of Beverley on Toll Gravel. Its easy to get to among the various shops and you can park your car at Butcher Row car park for easy access.

#6 Starbucks

Okay, so Starbucks is my guilty pleasure. I love the thick frappe without the coffee, a blueberry muffin and I am so in love with the egg bites.

Over the autumn months you will see me there more frequently getting excited over pumpkin spice especially the pumpkin spice cookies and pumpkin spice drinks.

Starbucks is on my favourites list because its an easy walk into town and also across the road from the Jump which makes it perfect for before or after. They also do great warm sandwiches for the kids when they have been walking for a while and feeling tired.      

starbucks brunch in beverley
When we fancy some brunch before doing some shopping me and Sofia will share a warm croissant along with a blueberry muffin.

Location: Starbucks is located on Flemingate in Beverley, and is across the road from Jump Inc. In fact, you can see Jump through the Starbucks window.

#7 Elwell’s At East Riding College

Close to the location of Starbucks in Beverley and to the left of the main East Riding College building is Elwell’s.

This restaurant in Beverley is by the college students on the catering courses. Made up of a mix of level 1, level 2, and level 3 students and they are doing a fine job. All whilst the catering school teachers monitors them and assesses them.

Its such a pleasure to watch them in action and they are so polite, and some are quite shy too, so patience is required.

On arrival we were soon seated in what is quite a small room but still plenty of room for the tables needed and a bar area.

We were then given the menus and I had carrot soup for starter, falafel burger with sweet potato wedges for main and then lemon cheesecake for dessert.

carrot soup at elwells beverley
This was my carrot soup that I had. It was so delicious and the nicest carrot soup I have ever had made for me. I just wish it came with some bread.
falafel burgers at elwells
Then for my main course I had this delicious falafel burger + sweet potato wedges + a delicious coleslaw. I had to take a picture just to show Jorge what he was missing out whilst he was at school as his 2 favourite foods are chickpeas and sweet potatoes.
lemon cheesecake at elwells beverley
Then for dessert I had a delicious lemon cheesecake. A wonderful end to the meal and I can never say no to cheesecake.

Dom had plaice goujons for starter, roast pork with Yorkshire pudding and veggies for mains and then chocolate fondant with cream and fruit for dessert.

plaice goujons at elwells
These are Dom’s plaice goujons because I was writing a review of course I had to try one and they were so crispy and flavoursome.
chocolate fondant in beverley east yorkshire
I also managed to get a picture of Dom’s dessert. He had the chocolate fondant with cream and fruit, and it was so good. I love how they presented it on the plate.

There was a couple of hiccups because of course they are in training, like I didn’t receive bread and Dom did and the drinks took a while and they brought the wrong ones, but we really didn’t mind as they are training to be the next chefs and one day work in a restaurant that we will eat at.

Plus, Dom is a former chef from East Riding College (and so was my mum) and we get how hard they will have worked.

And OMG they can mess my drink up every time for that price as it was just £38 for the two of us for 3 delicious courses + I had a Malibu & Coke and he had a 7up.

elwells east riding college menu when we visited
This was the menu when we visited with prices. Its like been back in Portugal with prices this low.  I also found my portion quite big that I never did manage any of the veggies that were included.

They are also only open during term time and there are just 3 meal sittings a week. Two at lunch time and 1 evening, so you do need to book in advance.

We went for the Thursday lunch and they also do Friday lunch and Thursday evenings.

Location: Elwell’s is located on Flemingate in Beverley, and is almost opposite the playground and to the left of the main college building. We recommend parking in Flemingate or its close to the train station if you have visited from another town.

#8 Polly’s Cafe

Polly’s café in Beverley is in a brilliant location in the town centre. Off a side street near the front of Marks & Spencers its on a cute little street with a little outdoor seating with seating inside over two floors.

pollys cafe
Polly’s Café is in such a beautiful location and not far to walk if coming by train or parking in Butchers Row. Plus, a good stopping point close to M&S and other shops you might be visiting in Beverley.
pollys cafe beverley takeaway
You can also have a takeaway and get a discount by doing so compared to eating in prices. Why not get a sausage bap and walk around Beverley eating it on a Saturday morning on your way to the market.

It was one of four cafes in Beverley that were recommended to me for breakfast and Me and Sofia & Jorge went there one day for breakfast before some town centre shopping.

First impressions weren’t great because I was shown to a table, sat down for a while waiting to be served on the 2nd floor, before someone told me I needed to go back downstairs to order. I wish I had known this first as would have ordered first, got a seat second. I also noticed some elderly customers were struggling with their pots of tea on the stairs and could have done with a waitress to carry them up for her.

But once we had ordered, it was like blink and our breakfast was there. Jorge who has a HUGE baked beans addiction had beans on toast, I had a sausage bap and Sofia had a sausage and bacon bap.

breakfast at pollys cafe
This is our food at Polly’s Café. Jorge is only 6 and still ate his full portion of beans on toast. Though he did look a bit full afterwards. His baked beans addiction started when he had them at school with his school dinners and now he jumps for joy whenever he sees them.

The food was delicious, and now we know how their system works, we would certainly visit again for breakfast.

Location: Polly’s is located on a little side street near the front of M&S. Its only a 2 minute walk from Butchers Row car park. We recommend parking in Butchers Row or its close to the train station if you have visited from another town.

#9 Turpin’s Cafe

This is our favourite cute little no frills café in Beverley and was also the first café we ate out at in Beverley and one we have returned to many times.

turpins cafe beverley
Turpin’s is located next to The Refill Jar down the side street that connects Butchers Row carpark with M&S. It is fantastic for when you just arrive or just before you head home.

I am a little boring when I go here and have their delicious jacket potatoes and the kids and hubby love the toasties.

The hubby and his bestie also love the place and on their last visit Dom had a burger (I don’t think he eats anything else!!!) and Pete had the curry with rice.

turpins lunch in beverley
Here is Dom & Pete’s lunch at Turpin’s. Looks lovely though those chips are too pale for me. Maybe I have been air frying for too long!

Then for dessert – as expected (I know what these two love) Dom had a sponge pudding and Pete had a crumble.

You will also find a specials board here and its good for choosing one of the many daily meal deals.

Location: Turpin’s café is located on a little side street next to the Refill Jar in the through road that you usually head through to connect Butchers Row Carpark to the shops.

#10 The Crafty Coffee Shop

This is a café that I have walked past a zillion times but never ever gone into. It looks so beautiful and it’s a place you can do your knitting or other crafts whilst you eat or have a coffee.

But on a hot day in Beverley, it also sells Mr Moo’s Yorkshire ice cream, and we went in for ice cream and its so nice inside and I can’t wait to go back again and again.

They have a lot of flavours to choose from and I had white chocolate and raspberry along with banoffee and of course, being British there was a flake in there too.

the crafty coffee shop beverley sells mr moos
This was Sofia’s ice cream which looked so cute. She always has strawberry or vanilla and always chooses the best cone.

Location: Crafty Coffee Shop is located near the Refill Jar and is on the corner of the street as you go from Butchers Row Carpark to the shops. Because of its beautiful bright logo its very easy to spot.

My Top #3 Favourite Places To Eat Out In Beverley

  1. #Chamas
  2. #Vanessa’s
  3. #Elwell’s

Popular Pubs In Beverley To Eat

Drive through Beverley on a Sunday and its busier than a Saturday, which is amazing to say of a market town.

Most will be dressed up ready to hit the pubs on a Sunday for a Sunday roast.

The beauty of Beverley is that it has a lot of pubs to eat in and the food is amazing. I have listed all the pubs I have recently had a pub Sunday lunch at, but there are plenty more.

#1 Queens Head

The Queens Head has a brilliant location in the town centre and the food is amazing. We have had a Sunday carvery there and OMG the amount of food they gave you is huge. I could have fasted for 3 days afterwards.

the queens head beverley
The Queens Head on Wednesday Market. In a cute town centre position and easy to get to. The staff are very friendly and many of the staff also have kids at the same school that Sofia and Jorge are at so it was familiar faces for us.

Ask a local of where they like to eat out, and they will tell you to get to The Queens Head.

Plus, with it being in a pub lots of refreshing drinks to help wash down your carvery.

Location: Queens Head is located on Wednesday Market close to Chamas and Mirage. It is also only a couple of minutes walk from Butchers Row carpark as well as the train station.

#2 The Molescroft Inn

Another popular pub that serves food in Beverley (especially among the locals) is the Molescroft Inn.

Located in popular Molescroft, it is quite a small pub compared to some of the others in Beverley, but the food is worth a visit.

We had a lovely meal at The Molescroft Inn just before Christmas when they were doing their Christmas dinner menu.

christmas lunch at the molescroft inn
This is Dom’s Christmas dinner at the Molescroft Inn. We love to do a few pub meals in the run up to Christmas when they have a special on.

Location: Molescroft Inn is located on molescroft road in Beverley. Because its not located in the town centre and is in a residential area, we would recommend visiting this pub if you are coming by car.

#3 The Dog & Duck

The Dog & Duck is another favourite among the locals and always gets mentioned across social media. It has a beautiful pub atmosphere, with a great car park out the back, though note a bit of a hill to walk back up after you have eaten too much lunch!

We visited The Dog & Duck during a busy Sunday lunch and the staff were brilliant and very fast to seat us and bring us the menu and our drinks.

We all had the roast dinner with a smaller kids portion for the little ones. We tried the 4 meat option and also the smaller portion option. But OMG even on the smaller plates were big and none of us finished. And that poor broccoli got forgotten about, as we tried to finish the mash because that mash is amazing.

dog and duck walkington sunday dinner
This is the roast dinners we had served. Sofia had lamb, I had beef, Jorge had turkey and Dom had the 4 roast special. The Yorkshire Puddings were delish and those roasties I couldn’t say no to.

Then for desserts, we had a brownie, a cheesecake, black forest mess and some ice cream and all were fantastic.

desserts at dog and duck beverley
This was our desserts. It was hard to choose the best one. Though I did love Sofia’s cherry flavoured ice cream that she had.

Then for price, it was just over £80, and this included 2 rounds of drinks, our roast dinners and our desserts and slightly cheaper than what we paid at The Molescroft Inn.

Location: The Dog & Duck is located In Walkington which is a gorgeous village on the outskirts of Beverley. We recommend driving your car to Walkington and then as you drive through the little village you will see the pub and they have parking at the back.

#4 The Kingshead

A lot of locals have recommended the Kingshead to me, but a work colleague didn’t think much of it when she stayed when coming to Beverley to work with me.

I then tried to book a table and only got one when I sent a follow up 3 days after trying to book the table.

But I still visited with open eyes and without prejudice and the food was okay, but the service was not very good, and we left before dessert.

sunday lunch at the kingshead beverley
Dom had the sirloin roast beef, with homemade Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, red cabbage, carrots, parsnips, and gravy. Whilst I had the pork rack with the same sides.
kids half portion at kingshead
This is what the kids portion size was like. We liked this for a kids portion and they both had the roast chicken option. Though Sofia turned down the Yorkshire pudding because it wasn’t like my air fryer ones!

Our main takeaway from Sunday Lunch was that the food was well presented, but for the price which we thought was rather high, would put it at the bottom compared to other pubs in Beverley that offer Sunday lunch.   

The portion sizes are also lower compared to other pubs and restaurants in the area. Its fine if the prices were lower but for higher prices you expect better service and better portions or better choices of sides.

Then for the service. OMG it was so bad that when we left, they told us that they had a long way to go to improve.

We timed it and we left without dessert after 20 minutes of waiting for them to clear our plates and offer us dessert which they never did. So, we went ourselves to go and pay and leave and then went elsewhere for a sweet treat.

Normally when you go somewhere they will come over and ask how the food is, but they never did.

Also for what is a pub with a restaurant they don’t stock Malibu or Archers. Which are my two go to drinks when we eat out.

It’s disappointing though because the KingsHead Beverley has such a prime location right in front of where they have the Saturday market and there is a real opportunity for it to become spectacular.

Location: The Kingshead in Beverley is in a prime location looking out onto Saturday market where they have the weekend market. We park at Butchers Row carpark and then walk all the way up the road to the pub. Its less than 5 minutes walk and then you can slowly walk back on your full tummy taking in the local shops as you do.

#5 The Bay Horse In Cherry Burton

The village of Cherry Burton which is 5 minutes drive outside of Beverley town centre has a pub called The Bay Horse. It’s another one of the village pubs near Beverley that has good parking to the rear and is easy to get to.

We went for a Sunday roast dinner with the kids and were surprised by how quiet it was and how few tables were in for their Sunday lunch.

The customer service was brilliant, and we had a roast dinner each followed by a dessert. Some of it (in our opinion) tasted very much like processed rather than homemade though the Yorkshire Puddings were definitely homemade. But its hard to know for sure whats homemade and what isn’t these days in pubs. But overall the food was great.

One thing we noticed was in most roast dinner pubs in Beverley they have just have steamed veggies whilst here we also got some broccoli cheese which was a nice bonus.

All in all, we had a lovely meal and would gladly return to the Bay Horse.

kids turkey dinner at bay horse cherry burton
We were very pleased to be offered a smaller kids roast dinner. Both Sofia & Jorge had the turkey dinner with mash, gravy, roasties, Yorkshire pudding and stuffing.
roast ham dinner at bay horse cherry burton
Dom had the roast beef and then I had the ham. I thought after trying the meats that the beef was the nicest. Then if you take a closer look at the picture, you can see the broccoli cheese!

Then for dessert Sofia had the sundae with loads of cream on top and she was very pleased with it.

Though I thought the boy’s dessert looked the best. Jorge had a brownie with chocolate ice cream, Dom had a chocolate fudge cake with cream. Whilst I had apple crumble and custard.

The biggest shock though was when we paid. It cost us less for the four of us with desserts + alcohol than at Kingshead Beverley with just mains and no alcohol + no desserts. That for me is a big difference.

Location: The Bay Horse is located In Cherry Burton which is a gorgeous village on the outskirts of Beverley. There is amble parking in the carpark behind the Bay Horse and then a back entrance into the pub.

My Top #3 Pubs For Sunday Lunch

  • #1 The Queens Head
  • #2 The Dog & Duck
  • #3 The Bay Horse

Afternoon Tea In Beverley

Me & Dom always call Beverley “small York” that is because in so many ways it reminds us of York just a smaller version. Lovely locals. Lovely culture. Lovely places to eat. And just like with York, Beverley has plenty of places to go for afternoon tea.

#1 The Queens Head Takeaway Afternoon Tea

Now this is an interesting idea. You have a day out planned or maybe even a party or a barbecue and you want a quick supply of afternoon tea style food.

Well, The Queens Head offers a takeaway service that needs to be booked at least 24 hours ahead.

You can also choose sweet only, savoury only, though we went with 3 servings of each so that we could get a real taste for it.

The Queens Head Takeaway Afternoon Tea
The afternoon tea at The Queens Head is loved by many locals and we are excited to try it for the first time after enjoying an amazing carvery here previously.

If you do order the savoury then its more the savoury style scones with lots of sausage rolls, quiche, pork pies etc.

Then the sweet afternoon tea is more sweet treats, fruit scones and so forth and both sets come with sandwiches.

We booked our afternoon tea pick up in advance and then picked it up in the afternoon for the evening because we were taking it with us for an outside cinema experience at Burton Constable to go and see Mama Mia.

Though beware the portion sizes are big and were much bigger than we expected, so we ate their afternoon tea for breakfast and supper the day after too.

Location: Queens Head is located on Wednesday Market close to Boyes and Chamas. For picking up takeaways we recommend parking at Butchers Row carpark and then walking around to the pub.

#2 Ferguson Fawcett

We’re a bit late to the Ferguson Fawcett afternoon tea and we constantly see pictures of it on social media and people telling us how amazing it is.

Well, we finally booked ourselves in for afternoon tea at Ferguson Fawcett. Me & Dom for a Friday lunch whilst the kids are at school.

It’s in Walkington so not too far of a drive from central Beverley. We love Walkington and its one of those beautiful little villages with a great atmosphere and

When we arrived for afternoon tea, we received our tea and then our afternoon tea treats arrived.

We had cute little sandwiches, a fruit scone and cream and jam each, sausage roll and pork pie each and a middle layer of sweet treats.   

The sweet treat favourite was the raspberry and white chocolate traybake. Though I would have loved the rocky road they had as you walked in, in the afternoon tea.

ferguson fawcett afternoon tea
I made the mistake of not asking for nut-free so unfortunately couldn’t eat the carrot cake. But there was still plenty of food to go at. Those egg mayo sandwiches were my favourite.

The service at the Ferguson Fawcett also came with a smile and they were very quick to serve you.

Location: The Ferguson Fawcett pub is located In Walkington which is a gorgeous village on the outskirts of Beverley. We recommend driving your car to Walkington and then as you drive through the little village you will see the pub and they have parking at the back. Then some steep steps down to the entrance.

#3 Café V Afternoon Tea

I am a big fan of the location of Café V as it is near the bus station and is like the first spot when you walk into town, or your last spot leaving. This means if you are a 20 minute walk into town this breaks down your day brilliantly. Plus, it is also close to Tesco’s if having lunch before going shopping.

The three of us (2 kids and 1 adult) went for afternoon tea at lunch time on a Saturday afternoon.

The service was lovely even though the owner was training up new staff and what we loved is that it was bottomless drinks with the afternoon tea.

We paid just £15 each including any drinks, and this meant we could have diet coke, or a sprite knowing that most afternoon tea establishments its just tea, coffee or wine.

We would give the afternoon tea food a 6/10 and not as good as some other afternoon tea Yorkshire options but still worth a stop.

afternoon tea special plates
These were the beautiful plates we had for the afternoon tea. The kids were totally in love with them and wanted to take them home.
cafe v afternoon tea
This is the savoury afternoon tea we received. Note this was for three people and a good portion. The scones were very nice and there were also quiche, and sausage rolls.
cafe v beverley afternoon tea sandwiches
Here is the sandwiches close up – our favourites was the egg mayonnaise and the cheese and pickle.
afternoon tea in yorkshire cafe v
Then there were some lovely desserts. Blueberry cheesecake was so tasty and creamy.

Location: Café V is located just a minute from TSB bank on Saturday market as if you are walking out of the town. It is also a straight walk down from the bus station giving it the perfect central location.

Fish & Chips In Beverley

Fisherman’s granddaughter here as well as an uncle who was a fisherman and another grandad that was in the Navy. Growing up in a seaside town like Bridlington and of course, the fish and chip shops was everywhere, and I had many favourites growing up.

Here in Beverley, its not in the same league as Bridlington but there is still a lot of choice and on a Friday night for Friday fish supper you will see the queue going down the street for Stuarts Of Driffield as people get their Friday night supper.

For the fish and chips in Beverley people seem to be either Stuarts of Driffield fans or they love Deep Blue Sea.

deep blue sea beverley
Deep Blue Sea in Beverley also has a lot of their food served in the takeaway in boxes which makes it easy for transporting. BUT because of their location, its very difficult to get parked close by when everyone is heading to the same place.
stuarts of driffield in beverley
Stuarts of Driffield just off Norwood is our favourite. Though ask the locals and with several in the town they all have a favourite.
beverley fish and chips
This was us on the day we all moved into our first house in Beverley. It was a Friday night and there was plenty of fish and chips and chips and scraps getting eaten. Plus, Kyle had just arrived from The Algarve and getting his fish and chips fix too.

We have had many from both, but Stuarts Of Driffield WINS BECAUSE they provide a good portion of scraps. I think there was a few times when we ordered from Deep Blue Sea and didn’t get any scraps at all!

And I do fish and chips and just like chips and scraps so it can be gutting when you get home and have no scraps.

Beverley Eating Out Visitor Information

  • Beverley Carparking. There is a big car park on Flemingate for visiting Starbucks, Tomahawk etc then you have Butchers Row car park which is perfect for any town centre restaurants.
  • Do you have to pre-book to eat at restaurants In Beverley? For most restaurants in Beverley, they are popular and need to be pre-booked. Sometimes you can get away with a walk in. But if you have your heart set on a particular restaurant or café, best to ring a couple of days before your visit. 
  • Best way to get to Beverley? When I lived in Bridlington and ate out in Beverley, we would get the train through. If you are on the main train line that connects with Beverley, then we highly recommend making use of it. Its only a short walk from the train station to the town centre or to Flemingate.

Pin Eating Out In Beverley For Later!

Well, that’s a wrap, do you have any questions then do ask below and if you want to refer back, to this later for planning your meals out in Beverley then don’t forget to pin it to your travel board or eating out board on Pinterest.


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